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Scott Miller



General membership and Steering Committee

5 January 2010

Orlando, Florida


Date: January 5, 2010

To: Scott Miller, LPTC Chairman

From: David Perry, Secretary

Subject: Minutes - Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee, ASM Meeting,

5 January, 2010, Orlando, Florida

Chairman Scott Miller called the meeting to order at 1800 hours on January 10, 2010 at the JPC conference in Orlando, Florida. The agenda for the LPTC meeting is included as Attachment 1. Twenty eight members or alternates and one visitor were in attendance (Attachment 2). Action Items established during the course of the meeting have been added to outstanding action items from previous meetings, and are listed in Attachment 3. Attachment 4 is a reproduction of the presentation material used by Scott Miller in the meeting.
The LPTC Steering Group (attendees are indicated on the Attachment 2 attendance roster) met prior to the full committee meeting (the meeting took place on January 5, between 1500 hours and 1715 hours); minutes were taken and the topics covered were discussed again in the general meeting.
Key points and discussion from the meeting follow:
Opening Remarks / Introduction
- Scott Miller started the meeting with welcoming remarks. The agenda for the meeting was also reviewed.
Old Business

  • David Perry asked if there were any comments or corrections to the minutes of the LPTC General Membership meeting in Denver on August 2009. No comments or corrections were received, and the minutes were then approved as written by voice vote.

  • The status of the action items was reviewed (see Attachment 3 for details). New items of note included:

    • Item 09JPC-06 & -07 was accepted by Scott Forde. Scott is to prepare letters of thank you for members who have left and reminder letters for members who have not attended the last few sessions. Once the members have been notified of their lack of attendance, then a list is to be created to remove these members if required.

    • Item 10ASM-01 was accepted by Alfredo Lopez to determine which LPTC members would qualify as a sustaining AIAA member. Suggestion was made for Kent Pugmire.

    • Item 10ASM-02 was accepted by Scott Forde to assist in the advancement of two people from Associate Fellow to Fellow. Suggestions were made for Kent Pugmire and Brian Winters.

    • Item 10ASM-03 was accepted by Scott Miller to talk to Betty Guillie of AIAA TAC to determine the reason of the high alcohol costs in Denver and ask for an itemized list.

    • Item 10ASM-04 was accepted by Gary Grayson to send to all members a link to the minutes on the LPTC website.

    • Item 10ASM-05 was accepted by Ivett Leyva to create a list of names for a “special person session”, such as George Sutton, Bob Sackheim, and George Sutherland.

    • Item 10ASM-06 was accepted by Gary Grayson to prepare a ½ hour special topic on non-toxic propulsion for the short course.

JPC Conference Updates

  • 2010 Nashville, TN, Michael J. Nusca prepared material on the 2010 JPC (see Attachment 11)

  • 2011 San Diego, CA, Chip Sauer prepared material on the 2011 JPC (see Attachment 12)

New Business

  • Nominations and Confirmations were nominated and voted in by voice vote

    • Don Sargent was approved as the new secretary by oral vote

    • Creation of a new position of Webmaster will be filled by Gary Grayson and this required a LPTC charter change, the charter change was approved by oral vote.

    • Other assignments to various subcommittees can be seen in Attachment 7 under the heading LPTC Membership Assignments.

Subcommittee Reports

  • Publications and Website (Geoff Reber and Gary Grayson)

    • Geoff and Gary presented the material shown in Attachment 5.

    • Inputs for the 2009 Aerospace America Highlights article are solicited (see Action Item in Attachment 3). Inputs are due shortly after JPC.

  • History (Kent Pugmire)

    • Kent Pugmire presented the material shown in Attachment 6.

  • Membership (Scott Forde)

    • Scott Miller presented the charts shown in Attachment 7.

    • Eight new members were selected for new LPTC membership in 2009 and all eight were accepted by oral vote, and 3 new members were presented and accepted by oral vote, see Attachment 7 for details.

  • Awards (Alfredo Lopez)

    • Prepared the material shown in Attachment 8.

  • Education Report (Alan Frankel)

        • Prepared the material shown in Attachment 9.

        • Alan has the difficult and critical job of defining and creating the Liquid Propulsion Systems short course. All members should be prepared to give Alan full support in this effort.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Mike Meyer)

    • Mike Meyer presented the charts shown in Attachment 10. The treasurer’s report was approved by voice vote.

    • The action items assigned in the meeting were reviewed and agreed upon. See Attachment 3 for the final action item list/status.

    • Scott Miller adjourned the meeting at 21:25 hours.


AIAA Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee (LPTC)

General Membership Meeting Agenda

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
6:00 Welcome Miller

6:05 Introductions/Opening Remarks Miller

6:15 Technical Activities Committee (TAC) Business

Propulsion & Energy (P&E) Report Miller

6:25 LPTC Organization and Metrics Miller

6:35 Review Old Action Items Perry

6:45 Review and Approve Prior Meeting Minutes Perry

6:50 JPC 2010 Conference Update Nusca

7:10 LPTC Charter Revision and Approval Miller

7:15 Nominations for LPTC Secretary Miller

7:25 Subcommittee Reports

Treasurer’s Report Meyer

Membership Forde

JPC 2012 Technical Area

Organizer Nomination

Publications Reber

Website Grayson

Awards Lopez

Education Frankel

History Pugmire

8:15 Liaison Reports

JANNAF Liquid Propulsion Cohn


Liquid Hydrogen Naraghi

Foreign Preclik

AIAA Electric Propulsion Reber

Other Recommendations for Liaisons

8:30 New Business Miller

8:40 Action Item Review Perry

8:50 Adjourn Miller


AIAA Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee (LPTC)

General Membership Meeting Attendance List

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 5, 2010







Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc.


Austin *


IN Space, LLC

765-775-2107 2

Bates T


Aerospace Testing Alliance


Besnard *


California State University, Long Beach




Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems


Cohn **




Engelbrecht *T


Johns Hopkins University / APL


Forde *T


Aerojet, Sacramento


Frankel *


AMPAC In-Space Propulsion






Grayson T*T


The Boeing Company




German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Space Propulsion

+49 6298 28214



Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne




Florida Institute of Technology






Lopez T*T


The Boeing Company


Meyer *


NASA Glenn Research Center


Miller *


Aerojet, Redmond Operations

425-885-5010 x4504



Manhatten College, Dept of ME


Nusca *


US Army Research Laboratory


Perry *


The Boeing Company, NASA Systems


Pourpoint *


Purdue University


Preclik **




Pugmire *


Spincraft/Standex International


Reber T*T


The Aerospace Corporation




Federal Aviation Administration


Weiss T


Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Winters *


Orbital Sciences Corporation


* Indicates attendance at Steering Committee meeting, ‘T’ Tied in by telecom

** Nils Sedano represented Rich Cohn and Oliver Knab represented Dieter Preclik

Ashwani Gupta was a visitor


AIAA Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee (LPTC)

General Membership Meeting Action Item List

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010


Action Item


Due By

Continuous Action Items

Submit or update single page resumes to Scott Forde


10 JPC

Provide inputs for Aerospace America Highlights to Geoff Reber


11 ASM

Provide inputs for the LPTC Newsletter to Geoff Reber


10 JPC

Provide nominations for Wyld Award to Alfredo Lopez


10 JPC

Send short course suggestions to Alan Frankel



Old Action Items


Send an email to Carl Engelbrecht on the history of the Wyld Award

Kent Pugmire

10 JPC


Update conference paper no-shows, names, country, %, topic etc.

Dan Kirk/Alan Frankel

10 JPC


Create a newsletter from the remainder of the Aerospace America Highlights inputs

Geoff Reber

10 JPC


Write thank you letters for members that have left

Scott Forde

10 JPC


Send reminders to members who have not attended lately. Then create a list of members that will lose their status as LPTC members.

Scott Forde

10 JPC


Create criteria for the selection of the Lifetime Achievement Award, AIAA Service Award and the Most Valuable Contribution to LPTC

Alfredo Lopez

10 JPC


Request TAC funds for transcribing the history videos

Kent Pugmire

10 JPC


Change LPTC Charter as required to create new title of webmaster

Scott Miller

10 JPC


Create criteria for the Peoples Choice Best Paper Award

Alfredo Lopez

10 JPC


Gather information for procuring new LPTC T-shirts

Scott Miller

10 JPC

New Action Items (Assigned on 08/04/09)


Determine which LPTC members would qualify as a sustaining AIAA member

Alfredo Lopez

10 JPC


To assist in the advancement of two people from Associate Fellow to Fellow

Scott Forde

10 JPC


Talk to Betty to determine the reason of the high alcohol costs in Denver. Ask for an itemized list.

Scott Miller

10 JPC


Send to all members a link to the minutes on the LPTC website

Gary Grayson

10 JPC


To create a list of names for a “special person session”, such as George Sutton, Bob Sackheim, George Sutherland

Ivett Leyva

11 JPC


To prepare a ½ hour special topic on non-toxic propulsion for the short course

Gary Grayson

10 JPC


Handout from Scott Miller

General Membership Meeting

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
P&E Organization
12 Technical Committees


Handout from Scott Miller

General Membership Meeting

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010

Propulsion & Energy Meeting Summary

  • TAC P&E leadership met Sunday 1/3

  • 2010 Joint Propulsion Conference Issues (Nashville)

    • JPC 2010 has five $15K sponsors, with two more likely

    • Because of decreased sponsorship funding (and no prime sponsor), there will likely be no offsite social event and no or reduced scope Sunday night social

    • Abstracts submitted are again lower than the previous year (640 this year as opposed to 717 last year) although we have 130 in Liquid Propulsion (most of any area)

  • 2011 Joint Propulsion Conference Issues (San Diego)

    • No general chair, no executive chairs (although soon to be confirmed)

    • No sponsors

  • AIAA is looking at a number of ways to reduce costs in general

    • Co-location of conferences

    • Conferences self-contained in large hotel properties

    • No dinner or drinks at the P&E Meeting (!)

  • Joint conference approach with IECEC appears to be providing increased overall attendance and synergy

  • NOTE: JPC is the 2nd most profitable conference for AIAA (1st is ASM) while IECEC is the worst (money loser)

  • Funds available in 2010 from AIAA

    • TAC funds: $400 per TC to grow AIAA awareness/ participation

    • Director funds: $4400 at P&E level or approximately $300 per TC


Handout from Scott Miller

General Membership Meeting

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
JPC Locations Update
2000 Huntsville

2001 Salt Lake City (ATK)

2002 Indianapolis (Rolls Royce)

2003 Huntsville

2004 Ft. Lauderdale (Pratt & Whitney)

2005 Tucson (Raytheon)

2006 Sacramento (Aerojet)

2007 Cincinnati (GE)

  1. Hartford (Pratt & Whitney)

  2. Denver (LM)

  1. Nashville (NASA GRC, Jacobs Technology/ATA, NASA Marshall, NASA Stennis, LMC)

  2. San Diego (no sponsors yet)

  3. TBD Atlanta, New Orleans (down selections)

  4. TBD San Jose, Minneapolis (down selections)

  5. TBD Cleveland (city has presented a proposal

LPTC Purpose and Objectives
From the Charter:

The purpose of the LPTC is to act as an open forum regarding the current status and emerging technology needs for liquid propulsion applications.


  • To ensure and maintain an active, continuous membership on the LPTC which is representative of the liquid propulsion community including members of government, industry, and academia (both United States and international) organizations;

  • To coordinate with the appropriate organizations and agencies to determine the future needs for liquid propulsion systems;

  • To encourage and support technical interchange between the appropriate government agencies, universities, and contractors to improve liquid propulsion technology; and

  • To encourage and support the implementation and improvement of liquid and related propulsion education.


Handout from Scott Miller

General Membership Meeting

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010


Handout from Scott Miller

General Membership Meeting

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
2009-2011 LPTC Goals

  • Reinvigorate the Liquid Propulsion Short Course – starting at 2010 Nashville

  • Improve committee performance in the areas of outreach, publications, and awards using TC metrics as a guide

    • AIAA service award

    • Lifetime achievement award

    • TC newsletter

    • Local AIAA chapters and community outreach


LPTC Publications and Website Subcommittee

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
Aerospace America ’09 year-in-review article published

  • No significant issues—thank you submitters!

  • Fewer submissions than last year

  • Possibly because we discussed space restrictions at JPC

  • Only had to cut ~100 words

  • Complaints? Email:

Publications subcommittee DID NOT publish a newsletter in Fall ‘09

  • Almost all of the submitted highlight material was published in the Aerospace America article

  • Personal time constraints kept me from organizing the subcommittee to work on the newsletter

  • …so, will publish Spring ‘10

  • Mid year highlights

  • Pitch the LPTC short course

  • Whatever else I can get out of subcommittee members (who will be emailed after the ASM)


LPTC Publications and Website Subcommittee

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
09 Year In Review Article Summary Data

Action Item Response

  • Action to investigate publishing a standard for design, development, and test of liquid engines

    • AIAA relies on external parties (e.g. Air Force) to fund

      • Participating authors expected to work pro bono or with funding from their own organizations

      • AIAA would be able to provide meeting space and some administrative support

      • Talked with I-Shih Chang and Selma Goldstein to understand the process for AIAA standard publication

    • Aerospace Chief Engineer & Air Force have sponsored similar standards through AIAA

      • Need written outline/draft before they would consider funding

      • Aerospace Propulsion Dept. has some starting material

  • If the committee is still interested, I’ll take volunteers to assemble an outline & 1st draft

LPTC Webmaster Report
Highlights Since JPC:

  • Member list updated.

  • Resumes updated.

  • Awards announcement posted.

  • JPC meeting minutes posted.

  • Received a “reprieve” of new AIAA sharepoint format thus allowing us keep our customized and colorful site free from ads and “whitespace.”

  • Great thanks to Betty Guillie!


LPTC History Subcommittee

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010

Invited Session - August, 2009

Liquid Propulsion History I: Not Necessary to Remake Our Mistakes

  • Dale Fester: Martin Marietta Contributions to Liquid Propulsion Technology; Martin Marietta - Retired

  • John McCarty: Lessons Learned from the Space Shuttle Main Propulsion Engine; NASA Marshall - Retired

  • Keith Hamlyn: Cassini Propulsion System - Lessons Learned; United Launch Alliance

  • Vic Moseley: What Wrong, What Right. Evolution of Satellite Propulsion ; AF, TRW, Bell, Ford/Loral, Consulting

  • Ralph Dergance: Martin Marietta - Retired

  • J. Michael Murphy: Lessons Learned - Space Shuttle Orbiter Reaction Control Tanks

Recorded History Sessions

• Hydrazine History Session JPC - 2006 Recorded by Aerojet

2 DVD set available - $20 (LPTC)

• Apollo - Saturn Propulsion Session JPC - 2004 Recorded by NASA

4 DVD set available, special order - $20

• Legacies - Liquid Propulsion Pioneers JPC – 2007 Recorded by LPTC

DVD available 7-08 - $10 (LPTC)

• Legacies - Liquid Propulsion Pioneers JPC – 2008 Recorded by LPTC

DVD available 7-08 - $10 (LPTC) Being reworked

• Liquid Propulsion History - Not Necessary to Remake Our Mistakes JPC - 2009 Recorded by LMC

DVD available- $10 (LPTC)
History Report LPTC

CHALLENGE: How to fund retiree's JPC travel if original company not willing (able) Nashville is difficult. AIAA refused complementary conference passes for invited speakers

Spincraft provided ‘Exhibitor badges’ and lunch tickets last year. Spincraft not exhibiting this year, need assistance of other attending companies.

Are there Short Course teachers possible for History?

Assess transcription options of recorded History Presentations for publication.
Legacies - Liquid Propulsion

Invited & Possible Participants:

  • Michael Popp -P&W Rocketdyne European Development Review

  • Amos Alexander CAES, Kirk Sneddon ARDE’ Pressure tank evolution

  • Ron Wetmore, Mark Bryant LMC - External Tank

  • NASA MSFC Reflections - Contributions

  • AEDC Reflections - Contributions

  • Stennis Space Center Contributions

  • AF RPL Reflections - Contributions


LPTC Membership Subcommittee Report

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
2009 Roster Modifications

  • Added as New Members in 2009

    • Dr. Vineet Ahuja, Combustion Research and Flow Technology

    • Mr. BJ Austin, In Space, LLC

    • Mr. Briggs Gordon, Australian Reaction Motors

    • Dr. Oskar Haidn Oskar, DLR

    • Dr. Ivett Leyva, AFRL Edwards

    • Dr. Bogdan Marcu, PWR

    • Dr. Timothee Pourpoint, Purdue University

    • Mr. Pike Saunders, Jacobs/NASA SSC

  • Four are currently young members (under age of 35 as of 1/1/10)

  • Barney Gorin and Gaspare Maggio retired from LPTC

LPTC Roster Has Been Updated

  • As of December 2009, there are 42 total members on the committee

  • The LPTC Charter limit is 35 members

    • International members do not count against this

      • Committee has 6 International members

    • Age 35 and younger members do not count against this

      • Committee has 9 young members Currently

      • Two upcoming birthdays - will be down to 7 young members by JPC

  • Therefore there are 6 open eligible spaces

International Members

  • Japan

    • H. Kagawa, Japan Exploration Agency

  • Germany

    • D. Preclik, EADS Space Transportation, Propulsion & Equipment

    • O. Haidn, German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Space Propulsion

  • France

    • P. Alliot, SNECMA

  • Netherlands

    • D. Perigo, ESA/ESTEC

  • Australia

    • B. Gordon, Australian Reaction Motors


LPTC Membership Subcommittee Report

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
35 Years Old or Younger Members

  • BJ Austin, IN Space LLC

  • Silvio Chianese, Northrop Grumman

  • Timothy Hinerman, PWR

  • Alfredo Lopez, Boeing

  • Timothee Pourpoint, Purdue

  • Geoffrey Reber, Aerospace Corp.

  • Chip Sauer, Orbitec*

  • Pike Saunders, Jacobs/NASA SSC*

  • Dr. Richard Truesdell, Aerospace Corp.

*Will Be 35 Years Old in 2010

Six LPTC Nomination Forms for 2009 Have Been Received

  • Membership Subcommittee Chair Recommendations Approval for Membership the Following Nominations:

    • Tom Kmiec, PWR Huntsville

      • No Current PWR Huntsville Representation on Committee

    • Justin Locke, Penn State University – Young Member

      • No Current Penn State Representation on Committee

    • Dr. Nobuhiro Yamanishi, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

      • Have a Current JAXA Representation but International Membership is Always Hard to Get

  • On the Fence for the Following – Depends on Full LPTC Steering Committee Decision:

    • Charles Zakrzwski, NASA/GSFC

      • Nominated by Scott Glubke (as his replacement?) – no resume included from Scott

      • Membership Subcommittee Chair Endorses Charles’ Nomination if Replacement for Scott


LPTC Membership Subcommittee Report

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010

  • Of the total 42 members, only 29 total members count against the charter membership limit of 35

  • Breakdown of 42 member LPTC


LPTC Membership Subcommittee Report

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010


LPTC Awards Subcommittee Report

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010

  • Chair: Alfredo Lopez (Boeing)

  • Members:

    • Eric Besnard (CSU, Long Beach)

    • Carl Engelbrecht (JHU/APL)

    • Donald Sargent (FAA)

    • Jeff Weiss (JPL)

    • Brian Winters (Orbital)

    • Scott Miller (Aerojet)

$1,000 Student & YP Awards

  • Scope – Internal to LPTC

    • Two (2) $1,000 Awards

    • Nominations were due Nov. 30, 2009

  • Student award

    • 2 nominations

    • CSULB, U of Tennessee

  • YP Award

    • 7 nominations

    • NGST, U of Tennessee SI, Boeing (2), CPIAC, NASA GRC, MSFC

  • Under review; selections to be forwarded to steering committee by end of Feb.


LPTC Education Report

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
2010 Short Course Planning

Planning Sequence – Completed Items

    • TC Members provided contact info for Engineering manager / AIAA provided contact information for past attendees

    • Letter transmitted requesting input on subject matter

    • Industry input consolidated by Education Subcommittee

    • Draft course outline generated

2010 Short Course – Subjects

  • Propulsion Fundamentals (incl Non-Toxic?) (1 hr)

  • LV Engines & Systems/Staging Optimization (2 hr)

  • S/C Prop System Design (2 hr)

    • (Look at integrating LV and S/C systems)

  • Design Criteria for Man-Rated Systems (1 hr)

  • Thrust Chambers/Nozzles (2 hr)

  • Combustion Instability (2 hr)

  • Engine Testing/Measurement Uncertainty (1 hr)

Lessons learned will be included in each presentation
Special Topics and Backups

  • Open Expander Engine Cycles (MHI) – Conflict?

  • Non-Toxic Propulsion Systems (Grayson?)

  • Deep Throttling Engines (NGC)

  • In-Space Refueling (NGC)

  • Instability of Liquid Engines (IHI) – Conflict

2010 Short Course – Approach

  • Subcommittee will define a presentation template with the essential elements

    • Ensure consistency and sufficient practical examples

    • References to other sources, including TC members, for further information

    • First step to LP Short Course Handbook to be used for future planning

  • Ultimate goal is to have TC members presenting Short Course so that we have control over content

  • One subcommittee member will be assigned to each presenter to ensure content and act as backup


LPTC Education Report

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
2010 Short Course – Subjects



Subcommittee Assignee

Propulsion Fundamentals (incl Non-Toxic?)

TC Member


LV Engines & Systems/Staging Optimization

Patrick Alliot/

Rick Ballard


S/C Prop System Design



Design Criteria for Man-Rated Systems

JSC, MSFC or Aerospace


Thrust Chambers/Nozzles

Oskar Haidn


Combustion Instability

Gary Flandro/Paul Gloyer

Tim Hinerman

Engine Testing/Measurement Uncertainty

WSTF (Kowalski)?

Timothee Pourpoint

2010 Short Course Planning

  • Planning Sequence – To Go

    • Finalize course outline with input TC Chair

        • Target – Jan. 15

    • Firm up presenters/backups and update course outline

        • Target – Jan. 26

    • Update program listing on AIAA site and produce e-mail ad for TC members to promote

        • Target – Feb. 3


LPTC Treasurer’s Report

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010
LPTC Account Activity






Beginning Balance




Refund JPC 06-overcharge on books




Philip Donatelli - Travel hist.




Dustin Wood - YP Award 08




Rebecca A. Gillespie - Student 08




Hartford Short Course Proceeds




ROSS HEWITT - Travel hist.




WILLIAM SCHATZ - Travel hist.




YP Award 09 - Alfredo Lopez




 Student Award 09 – Justin Locke




August LPTC meeting cost (Hyatt)







  • Activities for 2009

      • 2009 Starting Balance $ 6,747.69

      • Withdrawal

        • Young Professional Award - $1000.00 on 7/9/2009

        • Student Award - $1000.00 on 7/8/2009

        • Hyatt Regency Denver $805.80 8/31/2009

      • Deposits

        • No LP Short Course Planned for JPC in Denver - $ 0.00 on 8/7/2009

      • End of 2009 and Start 2010 Balance – $3941.89

        • (reported $ 4,747.69 at JPC)

  • Projected Activities for 2010

      • Withdrawal

        • Meeting beverages

        • Young Professional and Student Awards - $2000.00 on 7/1/2010 (Running Balance at 7/1/2010 $1941.89)

      • Deposits

        • Short Course Proceeds for JPC in Nashville - $2000.00 on 8/1/2010

      • Dec 1, 2008 Balance – $3941.89


LPTC 46th JPC Report

ASM – Orlando, Florida

January 4, 2010

Message from Mike Nusca

  • Abstract deadline of 19 November was extended a couple of days due to problems with ScholarOne being up/down that final week.

  • I was receiving requests for late abstract submittal up to 8 December (the ScholarOne permits the Technical Area Chair to grant this easily).

  • Received about 130 abstracts: highest of any JPC topic area.

  • Due to some pressing December commits at the Lab, and a bit of a steep ScholarOne learning curve, I did not get all of the abstracts assigned for reviews and emails sent until 28 December. Note: ScholarOne does NOT have a automatic email notification option !!

  • We have four topic areas in LP:

    • Liquid Rocket Engine & Propulsion Systems (SYSTEMS).

    • Liquid Rocket Engine & Prop. Systems Components (COMPONENTS).

    • Feed System Studies: Valves, Tank, Duct Flows (FEED).

    • M&S of Liquid Rocket Engines and Prop. Systems (M+S).

  • Statistics:

    • SYSTEMS: 42 abstracts (JPC09: 27 papers, 8 sessions).

    • COMPONENTS: 33 abstracts (JPC09: 52 papers, 14 sessions).

    • FEED: 13 abstracts (JPC09: 4 papers, 3 sessions).

    • M+S: 42 abstracts (JPC09: 11 papers, 4 sessions).

  • Statistics: JPC2009 we had 94 papers in 29 sessions.

  • Statistics: JPC2010 we could have 31 sessions (see last slide).

  • Based solely on LPTC member participation in session chair/co-chair for JPC09, I assigned 28 members abstract review duties, asking for warning on conflict of interest and review completion next week. May need some last minute assistance as January progresses.

  • Schedule for next few milestones:

    • 22 January 2010: all abstracts reviewed and sessions built.

    • 3 Feb 2010: Preliminary program finalized.

    • 25 Feb 2010: Author notification.

    • Mar/Apr 2010: Program published (web and AA).

  • Needs:

    • Complete abstract reviews ASAP: to date only 6 members (out of 28) have worked and/or completed the assigned reviews.

    • May need last minute second/third “tie break” reviews.

    • Session chair and co-chair volunteers. DO not need until after 22 Jan.

    • Please use volunteer forms available this evening.

    • I will also be emailing the LPTC membership to catch others.

  • Do we have any Panels or Special sessions?

    • Right now there are only two slots on the schedule available due to the venue and the record number of papers, etc.

  • Questions and Issues ?


LPTC 47th JPC Report

JPC – San Diego, California

January 4, 2010
JPC 2011 – 24 Month Planning Meeting

  • July 31 – August 3, 2011 San Diego, CA

  • Convention Center Reserved, Hotel TBD

  • Large Convention Center, Rooms and Exhibits in Central Area

  • No Sponsors Yet, Theme TBD

  • General Chair, Exec. Chair Not Identified

  • Technical Chair: Donald Malloy, ATA, Arnold AFB

  • Starting Coordination with IECEC

  • Commercial Space Group May Approach Us About Combining Their Sessions with Ours

  • Question if Tuesday Night Event Will Continue

    • Heavily Subsidized by Sponsors

    • Approx. 20% Participation Rate

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