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Scott Miller



General membership and Steering Committee

28 July 2010

Nashville, TN


Date: July 28, 2010

To: Scott Miller, LPTC Chairman

From: Don Sargent, Secretary

Subject: Minutes - Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee,

JPC Meeting, July 25 - 28, 2010, Nashville, Tennessee

Chairman Scott Miller called the meeting to order at 1800 hours on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at the JPC conference in Nashville, TN. The agenda for the LPTC meeting is included as Attachment 1. Forty-two members or alternates, including two by teleconference, were in attendance (Attachment 2 is the attendance roster).
Action Items completed or closed during the course of the meeting are in Attachment 3A. Action Items established during the course of the meeting have been added to outstanding action items from previous meetings, and are listed in Attachment 3B.
The LPTC Steering Group meeting took place beginning at 1730 hours on Monday, July 26th, prior to the full committee meeting. Fifteen attendees, including one by teleconference, are indicated on the Attachment 2 attendance roster. Steering group minutes were taken and the topics covered were discussed again in the general meeting.
Key points and discussion from the general membership meeting follow:
Opening Remarks / Introduction
Scott Miller started the meeting with welcoming remarks. The agenda for the meeting was also reviewed.
Scott then presented and discussed the following topics. Attachments 4A through 4G and 9B are reproductions of Scott’s presentation materials used in his opening remarks:

  • An organization chart of the Propulsion and Energy Committee (Attachment 4A)

  • The proceedings (summarized in Attachment 4B) of the Propulsion and Energy Committee meeting that he had attended on Sunday, July 25th.

  • A chart (Attachment 9B, also discussed in the Membership subcommittee report) showing the LPTC organization and committee assignments.

  • The purpose and objectives of the LPTC (Attachment 4C).

  • The metrics criteria for a Technical Committee and a chart showing the metrics summary for the Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee (Attachment 4D).

    • The total metric for the LPTC was 77.0%, which is up 10% in the last two years.

  • The 2009-2011 LPTC Goals (Attachment 4E).

  • The announcement promoting the Liquid Propulsion Short Course, given at the Nashville JPC, July 29 – 30, 2010 (Attachment 4F).

  • A Message from the Chairman, in the LPTC Summer 2010 Newsletter (Attachment 4G).

Old Business

  • Don Sargent presented the minutes that had been prepared by David Perry (the retiring Secretary) of the LPTC January 2010 General Membership meeting in Orlando.

  • The status of the action items was reviewed. Attachment 3A lists the continuous or old action items were completed or closed during this meeting. Attachment 3B lists the continuous or old action items that were carried forward during this meeting.

  • New action items generated during this meeting are included in Attachment 3B.

  • No comments or corrections to the minutes of the January 2010 meeting were received, and the minutes were then approved as written by voice vote.

JPC Conference Updates

  • 2010 Nashville, TN - Michael J. Nusca, the Liquid Propulsion Technical Area Organizer, prepared material on the 2010 JPC (see Attachment 5).

    • Mike presented a summary of the statistics for the 32 LPTC sessions, with120 accepted papers.

    • The LPTC held a lively discussion of issues, with suggestions for remedial actions for future JPC sessions.

  • 2011 San Diego, CA - Chip Sauer prepared material on the 2011 JPC (see Attachment 6)

    • A focus on ITAR is planned for the 2011 JPC.

  • 2012 Atlanta, GA – Ivett Leyva prepared material on the 2012 JPC (see Attachment 7).

    • A workshop is planned to provide K-12 teachers with materials to explain the aerospace industry and to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.

New Business

  • Election of new LPTC Vice Chairman

    • Scott Forde was nominated, seconded, and elected by acclaim

    • The new Vice Chairman will receive training at the 2011 Aerospace Sciences Meeting, and becomes LPTC Chairman in May 2013

Subcommittee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report (Mike Meyer)

    • Mike Meyer prepared the charts shown in Attachment 8, but was not present for this meeting.

    • The projected balance for August 2010 is $3,700.

    • The projected balance for December 1, 2010 is $3,100.

    • The treasurer’s report was approved by voice vote.

  • Membership Subcommittee Report (Scott Forde)

    • Three new members were selected for LPTC membership in 2010, bringing the total to 44 members, after accounting for David Perry’s retirement (after 17 years) from the TC. See Attachment 9A for details.

    • Included among the 44 members are 7 international members and 10 young members. Therefore, there are 8 eligible openings {35 - (44-7-10)}.

    • Scott Miller and Scott Forde reviewed the LPTC subcommittee assignments, which are shown in Attachment 9B. The following new Subcommittee assignments were made:

      • Justin Locke to the Publications Subcommittee

      • Dan Kirk to the Membership Subcommittee

      • Tom Kmiec to the Membership Subcommittee

    • Attachments 9C and 9D graphically show the membership breakdown (respectively) by affiliation and by AIAA membership status.

    • The detailed LPTC membership roster was passed around the room for any updates (to address, phone number, e-mail, etc.) to be made by the members.

  • Publications (Geoff Reber)

    • Geoff presented the material shown in Attachment 10.

    • Inputs will be solicited for the Year in Review issue of Aerospace America.

  • Webmaster (Gary Grayson)

    • Gary presented the webmaster report shown in Attachment 11A.

    • Gary also displayed the construction of our current website, shown as an exploded view in Attachment 11B.

  • Awards (Alfredo Lopez)

    • Alfredo prepared the material shown in Attachment 12.

    • Selections were made for the LPTC Best Paper Award, the LPTC Student Award, and the LPTC Young Professional Award.

    • The 2010 Wyld award recipient was Russell Ellis.

    • The Awards Subcommittee is considering two additional awards: a Lifetime Achievement Award and an AIAA Service Award.

  • Education Report (Alan Frankel)

        • Alan prepared the material shown in Attachment 13.

        • The 2010 Liquid Propulsion Short Course has 27 registrants from the U.S. and from seven other countries.

        • The LPTC should pick up approximately $2,800.

  • History (Kent Pugmire)

    • Kent presented the material shown in Attachment 14.

    • Six speakers participated in presenting the 2010 history session, “Legacies – Liquid Propulsion Pioneers”.

      • Two additional invited participants were unable to attend.

    • Adequate video and sound equipment is now available for filming at history sessions.

    • DVDs of previous history sessions from 2004 to 2010 are now available.

    • The biggest challenges are how to fund retiree’s JPC travel, and how to obtain conference passes for invited speakers.

    • Kent proposed alternative tokens of appreciation, perhaps LPTC mugs, rather than books.

  • Liaison Reports

    • Coordination with ASME Propulsion TC (Tom Giel) – Attachment 15.

    • Liquid Hydrogen Liaison (Mohammad Naraghi)

      • The NASA investigative report: “Hydrogen Hazards Assessment Protocol for Components and Systems”, WSTF-IR-1117-001-08, December 17, 2008, was made available in PDF format.

      • Mohammad provided a road map for accessing this report via the AIAA Standards Committees web site.

    • Foreign Liaison (Dieter Preclik).

      • Dieter listed upcoming propulsion -related conferences in Europe (Attachment 16).

    • Two new liaison assignments were made:

      • Mohammad Naraghi to the AIAA Green Propellants TC.

      • Geoff Reber to review the AIAA Storable Biprop Hazards Standards.

    • The action items assigned in the meeting were reviewed and agreed upon. See Attachment 3B for the final action item list/status.

    • Scott Miller adjourned the meeting at approximately 22:00 hours.


AIAA Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee (LPTC)

General Membership Meeting Agenda

6:00 Welcome Miller

6:05 Introductions/Opening Remarks Miller

6:15 Technical Activities Committee (TAC) Business

Propulsion & Energy (P&E) Report Miller

6:25 LPTC Organization and Metrics Miller

6:35 Review Old Action Items Sargent

6:45 Review and Approve Prior Meeting Minutes Sargent

6:50 Conference Updates

2010 JPC – Nashville Nusca

Summary and Lessons Learned

2011 JPC – San Diego Sauer

Planning Status

2012 JPC – Atlanta Leyva

Planning Status

7:20 Committee Organization and Issues Miller/Forde

Review TC Subcommittees, Place New Members

Elect Next LPTC Vice-Chair

7:40 Subcommittee Reports

Treasurer’s Report Meyer

Membership Forde

Publications Reber

Website Grayson

Awards Lopez

Education Frankel

History Pugmire

8:40 Liaison Reports

JANNAF Liquid Propulsion Cohn


Liquid Hydrogen Naraghi

Foreign Preclik

AIAA Electric Propulsion Meyer

Other Recommendations for Liaisons

MMH and NTO Standards

Green Engineering Program Committee

8:55 New Business Miller

9:10 Action Item Review Sargent

9:15 Adjourn Miller


AIAA Liquid Propulsion Technical Committee (LPTC)

General Membership Meeting and Steering Group Meeting Attendance List

Action Items Completed or Closed During General Membership Meeting

2010 Joint Propulsion Conference, Nashville, TN


Action Item


Due By

Send short course suggestions to Alan Frankel




Create a newsletter from the remainder of the Aerospace America Highlights inputs

Geoff Reber



Write thank you letters for members that have left

Scott Forde



Send reminders to members who have not attended lately. Then create a list of members that will lose their status as LPTC members.

Scott Forde



Change LPTC Charter as required to create new title of webmaster

Scott Miller



Create criteria for the Peoples Choice Best Paper Award

Alfredo Lopez



Gather information for procuring new LPTC T-shirts

Scott Miller



To assist in the advancement of two people from Associate Fellow to Fellow

Scott Forde



Talk to Betty to determine the reason of the high alcohol costs in Denver. Ask for an itemized list.

Scott Miller



Send to all members a link to the minutes on the LPTC website

Gary Grayson



To prepare a ½ hour special topic on non-toxic propulsion for the short course

Gary Grayson


General Membership Meeting Action Item List

Updated After Deleting Completed or Closed Items and Adding New Items

2010 Joint Propulsion Conference, Nashville, TN


Action Item


Due By

Continuous Action Items

Submit or update single page resumes and pictures to Scott Forde


11 ASM

Provide inputs for Aerospace America Highlights to Geoff Reber


11 ASM

Provide inputs for the LPTC Newsletter to Geoff Reber


11 ASM

Provide nominations for Wyld Award to Alfredo Lopez


11 ASM

Old Action Items


Send an email to Carl Engelbrecht on the history of the Wyld Award

Kent Pugmire

11 ASM


Update conference paper no-shows, names, country, %, topic etc. Send results to Mike Nusca.

Dan Kirk/Alan Frankel

11 ASM


Create criteria for the selection of the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the AIAA Service Award

Alfredo Lopez

11 ASM


Request TAC funds for transcribing the history videos

Kent Pugmire

11 ASM


Determine which LPTC members would qualify as a sustaining AIAA member

Alfredo Lopez

11 ASM


To create a list of names for a “special person session”, such as George Sutton, Bob Sackheim, George Sutherland

Ivett Leyva

11 ASM

New Action Items (Assigned on 07/28/2010)


Investigate acquiring additional LPTC shirts for newer members

Scott Miller

11 ASM


Investigate acquiring LPTC laser pointers for tech sessions

Dan Kirk

11 ASM


Summarize discussion of LPTC posters for next JPC and make recommendation from Publications to LP Committee

Geoff Reber

11 ASM


Investigate acquiring LPTC mugs as a token gift to History Session presenters

Kent Pugmire

11 ASM


Contact Scott Glubke to inquire about membership status

Scott Miller

11 ASM


Query AIAA membership database to sort by Liquid Propulsion identified interest area to get a larger distribution for the LPTC newsletter

Geoff Reber

11 ASM


Send photo to Geoff Reber of AIAA award presentation to Kent Pugmire.

Scott Miller

11 ASM


Provide writeup to Geoff Reber of AIAA award presentation to Kent Pugmire.

Silvio Chianese

11 ASM


Publish LPTC awards in Aerospace America.

Geoff Reber

11 ASM


Publish AIAA award presentation to Kent Pugmire.

Geoff Reber

11 ASM


Reschedule LPTC Steering and General Membership meetings to avoid last evening of ASM or JPC meetings. Perhaps schedule both meetings back-to-back on Monday or Tuesday.

Scott Miller

11 ASM


Handout from Scott Miller
P & E Organization


Handout from Scott Miller
Propulsion & Energy Meeting Summary

  • TAC P&E leadership met Sunday 7/25/2010

  • JPC Locations and Sponsors Update

    • 2000 Huntsville

    • 2001 Salt Lake City (ATK)

    • 2002 Indianapolis (Rolls Royce)

    • 2003 Huntsville

    • 2004 Ft. Lauderdale (Pratt & Whitney)

    • 2005 Tucson (Raytheon)

    • 2006 Sacramento (Aerojet)

    • 2007 Cincinnati (GE)

    • 2008 Hartford (Pratt & Whitney)

    • 2009 Denver (LM)

    • 2010 Nashville (NASA, AFRL, Jacobs Technology, ATA, Dynetics, GE, LM)

    • 2011 San Diego (no sponsors yet)

    • 2012 Atlanta (ATK)

    • 2013 San Jose

    • 2014 Cleveland

  • Conference Issues

    • JPC 2011 has no sponsors yet

      • AIAA has assigned a person specifically to solicit sponsors

      • Minimum sponsorship is $15K, need at least $90K total to run the conference

    • ITAR session(s) at JPC

      • Much discussion on this topic

      • Will be seriously considered for JPC 2012 – technical chair Dave McGrath will be investigating the details

      • No action required on our part

  • Funds available in 2009 from AIAA

    • TAC funds: $400 per TC to grow AIAA awareness/ participation

    • Director funds: $4400 at P&E level or approximately $300 per TC

    • LPTC Options: T-shirts, mugs, History session recording materials


Handout from Scott Miller
LPTC Purpose and Objective
From the Charter:

The purpose of the LPTC is to act as an open forum regarding the current status and emerging technology needs for liquid propulsion applications.


  • To ensure and maintain an active, continuous membership on the LPTC which is representative of the liquid propulsion community including members of government, industry, and academia (both United States and international) organizations;

  • To coordinate with the appropriate organizations and agencies to determine the future needs for liquid propulsion systems;

  • To encourage and support technical interchange between the appropriate government agencies, universities, and contractors to improve liquid propulsion technology; and

  • To encourage and support the implementation and improvement of liquid and related propulsion education.


Handout from Scott Miller
LPTC Metrics Summary (Up 10% in last 2 years!)


Handout from Scott Miller
2009 – 2011 LPTC Goals

  • Reinvigorate the Liquid Propulsion Short Course – starting at 2010 Nashville

    • 21 students are signed up! GREAT JOB EDUCATION!

  • Improve committee performance in the areas of outreach, publications, and awards using TC metrics as a guide

    • Local chapter outreach increased

    • TC newsletter published Summer 2010! GREAT JOB PUBLICATIONS!

    • Two new TC awards being considered (non-monetary)


Handout from Scott Miller
Announcement Promoting Liquid Propulsion Short Course


Handout from Scott Miller
Message from the Chairman, in the LPTC Summer 2010 Newsletter


Handouts from Dr. Mike Nusca, Liquid Propulsion Technical Area Organizer

2010 Joint Propulsion Conference, Nashville, TN

July 25-28, 2010

    • Statistics:

    • Sessions: 32 (Feed=3, Components=7, Modeling=9, Systems=10, History=2, Special=1)

    • Papers accepted: 120 [130 submitted; 8 self-withdrawn when asked for clarification, 2 self-reassigned], (92%)

    • Papers withdrawn or no-show: 14 (12%)

      • US=9, Japan=1, Germany=1, China=2, Russia=1

      • Two cases of substituted Young Professional Presentations

    • Oral presentations: 11 (Taurus, History-1, and History-2)

      • Some cancellations and substitutions made on site for History.

    • LPTC members chairing sessions: 33 out of 42 (2009 roster); 78%

    • Overall LP part of JPC went very well: excellent cooperation from LPTC, good cooperation from AIAA, high quality papers and presentations.

    • Issues:

    • ScholarOne conference software

    • Steep learning curve for TAOs and AIAA was at times overwelming!!

    • AIAA overlaid new with old AbstractCentral & ManuscriptCentral (MC).

    • Allowed Technical Area Organizers to change database past period of data dump to MC so some session chairs did not get emails, papers accepted late slipped through.

    • Session renumbering in final week led to lots of confusion (source ??).

    • Rooms: LP had large rooms:(1) 2008/2009 LP attendance, (2) Center did not have a group of “medium” sized rooms together. JPC Technical Chair wanted to put LP together is possible.

    • History Sessions:

    • 2010 sessions organized in the program like regular sessions with timeslot format rather than continuous “banner” format; implied to participants that a 30-min slots were going to be followed and that a 30-min break had to be taken.

    • Problems traceable to software, AIAA staff overburdened by manual changes to program, and late final setup of History sessions.

    • Have generally have had 30-min break “assigned” and non-sequential session numbers; different format used in 2010.

    • 2008: 106-LP18 (1300-1500); 128-LP-22 (1530-1700) – BANNER

    • 2009: 105-LP-18 (1300-1500);116-LP-20 (1530-1700) – BANNER

    • 2010: 142-LP-21 (1300-1500);145-LP-24 (1530-1700) – SESSION

    • Other issues ?

    • Mike said “THANKS EVERYONE !!!!!!”

    • “I am pretty tired….I think that I’ll go home now”


Handouts from Chip Sauer, Liquid Propulsion Technical Area Organizer

Planning Update for 2011 Joint Propulsion Conference, San Diego, CA

July 31 – August 3, 2011

  • Sponsors: TBD

  • Executive Chairs: Lt Gen John T. Sheridan

          • Elon Musk

  • General Chairs: Wayne Harwitz – Northrop Grumman

          • James Kenyon – Defense Research & Engineering

  • Exhibit Chair(s): Geraldine Kimball – PWR

  • Technical Chair: Dr. Donald Malloy – ATA

  • Deputy Technical Chair: Anthony Watts – Dynetics

  • San Diego Convention Center

    • Same Number of Rooms as 2010 (~20)

    • Exhibits Located on Ground Floor

  • Convention Hotel

    • San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina

    • 333 West Harbor Drive

    • San Diego, California 92101 USA

    • Phone: 1-619-234-1500

  • Preliminary Event Planning

    • 2011 Dates: 31 July – 3 August (Sunday – Wednesday)

    • Monday Exhibits Reception (No Sunday Reception)

    • No Off-Site Event

    • Monday – Wednesday Keynote/Panel

    • Wednesday Awards Luncheon

    • Thursday/Friday Regional Leadership Conf, Tours

    • Accompanying persons program

    • Education activities

    • Other Executive or special events tbd

  • Themes

    • Theme: (Overall)

    • “Design, Test, Fly: Turning Propulsion Ideas into Reality”

  • Tentative Themes for Days 1-3

    • Monday – Space

    • Tuesday – Aeronautics, Public Policy

    • Wednesday – Commercial, Education

  • Keynote/Panel Sessions to Follow Day Themes

    • Keeping Afternoon Break in Schedule (for Exhibitors)

    • Three Panel Sessions: AM, PM #1, PM #2

    • Trying to Attract Executive Level Attendees

  • No Speaker at Awards Lunch due to Time Constraintson

  • Abstract Review

    • Conference admin system will be used for abstract review

      • Minimum 2-3 reviewers for each abstract

ATTACHMENT 6 (continued)

Handouts from Chip Sauer, Liquid Propulsion Technical Area Organizer

Planning Update for 2011 Joint Propulsion Conference, San Diego, CA

July 31 – August 3, 2011

  • 2011 JPC Planning Milestones

    • July 2010 Call for Papers in Aerospace America

    • 12-Month Planning Meeting, Nashville

    • August 2010 Abstract Submission Opens

    • October 2010 Identify Abstract Review Team & Preliminary Session Chair List

    • 23 November 2010 Abstracts Due

    • 15 December 2010 Abstract Review Complete

    • min 2 reviewers each!!

    • 15 December 2010 Special/Panel Sessions Defined/Chairs Selected

    • 15 December 2010 Site visit – Preliminary Program Layout

    • January 2011 Final Technical Program - Tech Area Chair

    • Planning Meeting, Orlando

    • February 2011 Author Notification of Acceptance

    • April 2011 Program Layout in Aerospace America

    • July 2011 Final Manuscripts Due

    • July 31 – Aug 3 2011 47th JPC – San Diego, CA


Handouts from Ivett Leyva, Liquid Propulsion Technical Area Organizer

Planning Update for 2012 Joint Propulsion Conference, Atlanta, GA

July 30 – August 1, 2011

  • Sponsor: ATK lead + TBD

    • Lead Sponsor – Alliant Techsystems, Missile Products Group

  • Executive Chair:

    • Industry: Bart Olson, President ATK Missile Products

    • Government: TBD

  • General Chair:

    • Industry: Mike Lara, VP Programs, ATK Missile Products

    • Government: TBD

  • Technical Chair:

    • David McGrath, ACM Chief Engineer, ATK Prop. and Controls

    • Deputy: TBD

  • Academic Chair: TBD

  • Exhibit Chair: Ms. Geraldine Kimbal (Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne)

  • Atlanta Conference Center at the Hyatt Regency

    • Twenty JPC meeting rooms plus 5 for IECEC

  • Preliminary Event Planning

    • Dates: July 30 – August 1, 2012 (Sunday – Wednesday)

    • Sunday night registration reception

    • Monday AM Plenary Speaker

    • Tuesday off-site dinner/entertainment

    • Wednesday Awards Luncheon & Guest Speaker

    • Thursday/Friday Regional Leadership Conf.

    • Accompanying persons program

    • TBD – Education event

    • Other Executive or special events tbd

  • Passport to the Future Teacher Workshop

    • Objective is to provide K-12 teachers materials to explain the aerospace industry and demystify math and science for their students,

    • Concurrent sessions will focus on hands-on standards based activities.

    • Participants can network with other educators from across the country and share ideas on how to inspire your students.

    • This event was created for teachers who are interested in astronautics and aeronautics and want to learn about the technical side of hands-on activities.

    • The grade level focus is from kindergarten to grade 12.

    • Teachers may attend technical exhibits, plenary session and technical sessions.

    • Contact: Lisa Bacon at (AIAA Manager, Pre-College Outreach/Student Activities

ATTACHMENT 7 (continued)

Handouts from Ivett Leyva, Liquid Propulsion Technical Area Organizer

Planning Update for 2012 Joint Propulsion Conference, Atlanta, GA

July 30 – August 1, 2011

  • 2012 JPC Planning Milestones – for reference

    • July 2010 24-Month Planning Meeting, Nashville

    • January 2011 18-Month Planning Meeting, Orlando

    • May 2011 Call for Papers, Final

    • July 2011 Call for Papers in Aerospace America

    • 12-Month Planning Meeting, XXX

    • August 2011 Abstract Submission Opens

    • October 2011 Identify Abstract Review Team & Preliminary Session Chair List

    • November 2011 Abstracts Due

    • December 2011 Abstract Review Complete

    • min 2 reviewers each!!

    • December 2011 Special/Panel Sessions Defined/Chairs Selected

    • December 2011 Site visit – Preliminary Program Layout

    • January 2012 Final Technical Program - Tech Area Chair

    • Planning Meeting, Orlando

    • February 2012 Preliminary Program to Editor

    • Author Notification of Acceptance

    • April 2012 Program Layout in Aerospace America

    • June 2012 Final Manuscripts Due

    • July 2012 48th JPC – Atlanta, GA


LPTC Treasurer’s Report

2010 Joint Propulsion Conference, Nashville, TN

July 25-28, 2010

  • LPTC Account Activity

  • Activities for 2010

    • 2010 Starting Balance $ 3,941.69

    • Withdrawal

      • January Meeting - $200.00 1/31/2010

      • Young Professional Award - $1000.00 on 7/2010

      • Student Award - $1000.00 on 7/2010

      • July Meeting -~ $400.00 7/2010

    • Deposits

      • LP Short Course Planned for JPC in Nashville - > $ 2400.00 on 8/7/2009

    • August 2010 Projected Balance – $3700

  • Projected Activities for 2011

    • Withdrawal

      • Meeting expenses (Jan/July) ($600)

      • Young Professional and Student Awards - $2000.00 on 7/1/2011

    • Deposits

      • Short Course Proceeds for JPC in 2011 - $2000.00 on 8/1/2011

    • Dec 1, 2011 Balance ~$3100

ATTACHMENT 8 (continued)

LPTC Treasurer’s Report

2010 Joint Propulsion Conference, Nashville, TN

July 25-28, 2010

  • Account Procedure

    • To Request a Check

      • Treasurer Sends a Check Request to Staff Liaison

      • Staff Liaison Sends Check to LPTC Chair

      • Checks Cut on Tuesdays and Thursdays

      • Checks Can Not Be Made out to LPTC Chair

    • Staff Technical Activities Liaison

      • Betty Guillie

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

1801 Alexander Bell Drive

Suite 500

Reston, VA 20191

Telephone: 703/264-7573

Fax: 703/264-7551


LPTC Membership Subcommittee Report

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • LPTC Roster Has Been Updated

    • As of July 2010, there are 44 total members on the committee

    • The LPTC Charter limit is 35 members

    • International members do not count against this

    • Committee has 7 International members

    • Age 35 and younger members do not count against this

    • Committee has 10 young members

    • Therefore there are 8 open eligible spaces

  • Added 3 New Members in 2010

    • Mr. Thomas Kmec, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, Huntsville, AL

    • Mr. Justin Locke, Penn State

    • Dr. Nobuihiro Yamanishi, JAXA

  • David Perry retired from LPTC after 17 years

  • International Members

    • Japan: Hideshi Kagawa, Japan Exploration Agency; and Nobuhiro Yamanishi, Japan Exploration Agency

    • Germany: Dieter Preclik, EADS Space Transportation, Propulsion & Equipment; and Oskar Haidn, German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Space Propulsion

    • France: Patrick Alliot, SNECMA

    • Netherlands: David Perigo, ESA/ESTEC

    • Australia: Briggs Gordon, Australian Reaction Motors

  • 35 Years Old or Younger Members

    • BJ Austin, IN Space LLC

    • Silvio Chianese, Northrop Grumman

    • Timothy Hinerman, PWR

    • Justin Locke, Penn State

    • Alfredo Lopez, Boeing

    • Timothee Pourpoint, Purdue

    • Geoffrey Reber, Aerospace Corp.

    • Dr. Richard Truesdell, Aerospace Corp.

  • New Subcommittee assignments were made

    • Justin Locke was assigned to the Publications Subcommittee

    • Dan Kirk was assigned to the Membership Subcommittee

    • Tom Kmiec was assigned to the Membership Subcommittee

  • The Membership Subcommittee would like additional LPTC members to apply for AIAA Associate Member and Fellow status.

    • One LPTC member, Brian Winters, agreed to apply for Fellow status, and one declined.


LPTC Membership Subcommittee Report

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010


LPTC Membership Subcommittee Report

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010
Current Membership Status in LPTC


LPTC Membership Subcommittee Report

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010
Revised Breakdown of AIAA Membership Status


LPTC Publications Subcommittee

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • Newsletter completed 1+ month before JPC

    • Thanks to Scott, Dieter, Mike, David, Mike, Bogdon, and Chip for providing material

  • Considerations for next newsletter:

    • Employment opportunities section

    • Non-LPTC mailing list

    • Will include highlight material that doesn’t fit into our Aerospace America article

  • Aerospace America Article

    • You will be asked in about a month to provide material for the Year In Review issue of Aerospace America

      • Typically, we have room for ~50 words from each organization represented on the LPTC

      • Expect this year will be the same

      • If you provide more words, I may have to edit to provide an equitable representation of work in the LP field


LPTC Webmaster Subcommittee

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • Since the last report at ASM 2010, the website has been updated as needed.

      • ASM meeting minutes from ASM in Orlando posted.

      • Awards announcements and evaluation forms posted on time.

      • Updated charter posted.

      • Over 30 resumes and photos were updated. Please verify your info on the website for accuracy.

      • Began advertising on our front page for the short course and newsletter.

      • We continue to keep our website format even though most of the TCs have migrated to the blah SharePoint format. Thanks Betty Guillie!

      • New Software Systems TC webmaster (Mannepalli) liked our web site format and asked to copy it.

ATTACHMENT 11B – Our Current Website

LPTC Webmaster Subcommittee


LPTC Awards Subcommittee

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • Best Paper Award

    • 20 papers were reviewed by subcommittee

    • Papers, evaluation form and evaluation criteria were made available for review at LPTC website

    • 2009 LPTC Best Paper: AIAA 2009-5130: NASA Ares I Launch Vehicle Roll and Reaction Control Systems Design Status

      • Adam Butt and Chris G. Popp (MSFC)

      • Hank M. Pitts (Qualis Corporation, ESTS Group)

      • David J. Sharp (Jacobs Engineering, ESTS Group)

  • LPTC Student and Young Professional Award

    • Scope – Internal to LPTC

    • Two (2) $1,000 Awards

    • Nomination deadline extended to March 1, 2010

  • Student award

    • 4 nominations

    • Stanford, CSULB, CSU Fresno, U of Tennessee

    • 2010 Student Award: Christopher Bostwick (CSULB)

  • YP Award

    • 7 nominations

    • U of Tennessee, Boeing (2), CPIAC, MSFC, NGC

    • 2010 YP Award: Dr. Silvio Chianese (NGC)

  • Wyld Award

    • "For significant improvements to solid and liquid nozzle reliability and performance through introduction and demonstration of innovative design concepts incorporating new composite materials."

    • This award was made with 2/3 majority consenting.

    • Selection Criteria

      • Significance of the technical contribution of the candidate to the development and/or application of rocket propulsion systems. (50%)

      • Sustained contribution to the field (40%)

      • AIAA Service (10%)

    • 4 TC’s: Liquid (Chair ’11), Solid, Electric (Chair ’10) & Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion

    • 2010 Wyld Award Recipient: Russell Ellis

ATTACHMENT 12 (continued)

LPTC Awards Subcommittee

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • Proposed LPTC Awards

    • Lifetime Achievement Award

      • “thank you for your sustained service to the LPTC over these last 10+ (??) years” good – should cover both longevity and quality of contribution

    • AIAA Service Award

      • “you’re really contributing to the LPTC, keep it up” this one could also include service to the AIAA beyond just the LPTC, perhaps for one or more recent significant contributions

    • Award #1 and 2 as plaques (or similar) that is presented to individuals at the JPC history session (no monetary award).

      • These awards would only be presented if there is a qualified candidate (would not need to be presented every year).

      • Plan forward: Refine criteria.


LPTC Education Subcommittee Report

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • 2010 Short Course Planning Sequence

    • TC Members provided contact info for engineering manager / AIAA provided contact information for past attendees

    • Letter transmitted to engineering managers and prior attendees requesting input on subject matter

    • Industry input consolidated – 8-10 responses received – approximately 15% response rate

    • Draft course outline generated – finalized with input from subcommittee members

    • Each subcommittee member undertook section of course either as presenter or coordination with outside presenter

  • 2010 Short Course Topics

    • Propulsion Fundamentals (Leyva)

    • Thrust Chambers/Nozzles (Haidn)

    • LV Engines & Systems/Staging Optimization (Alliot/Ballard)

    • Open Expander Engines (Japan, MHI)

    • S/C Prop System Design and Requirements Drivers (Wang)

    • Design Considerations for Man-Rating Systems (NEW, NASA-MSFC))

    • Engine Testing & Measurement Uncertainty (NEW, Pourpoint))

    • Combustion Instability (NEW, Gloyer)

    • Instability Phenomena (Japan, IHI)

    • Owing to a full curriculum, a special topic on non-toxic propulsion was not included for this year’s short course.

  • 2010 Short Course – Final Status

    • 27 Registrants at present

    • Attendees from Japan, Netherlands, Germany, France, Turkey, Italy, Nigeria, U.S.

    • Honorarium to LPTC - $2,313 at 22 attendees

    • TC should pick up ~ $2,800

ATTACHMENT 13 (continued)

LPTC Education Subcommittee Report

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • 2011 Short Course Planning

    • Notification received from AIAA that LP Short Course has been approved for 2011 in San Diego

    • Obtained commitments from several speakers for 2011

    • ECAPS – Dev/Flight Experience green propellant for Prisma

    • G.P. Purohit (Aerospace Corp) – subject TBD

    • Michael Popp (PWR) – subject TBD

    • Planning process will follow similar approach to current course and will seek to formalize the course outline by end of year

    • Goal for 2011 is to somewhat standardize presentation format and broaden offering

  • Subcommittee Initiatives

    • K-12 STEM

      • Develop high school level propulsion activities

      • Develop teacher in-service training for one day in conjunction with San Diego

      • Ground testing short course


LPTC History Subcommittee

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • Invited Sessions - July, 2010

    • Legacies – Liquid Propulsion Pioneers

      • Experiences of individuals and organizations that have contributed to successful space flight

  • Invited Participants

    • Chuck Ehresman, Professor Emeritus Purdue University, “Lessons Learned in the Early Days of Liquid Rocketry"

      • Detonation is not preferred.

      • B47 ATO, Aerobee, BOMARC, Curtiss-Wright XLR25 on Bell X-2, liquid fueled RATOs.

      • Unable to attend due to illness. Will attempt to tape at home.

    • Kirk Sneddon, Grumman Aerospace, ARDE’ - P&W/Rocketdyne

      • High Pressure Gas Containment, A Historical Perspective.

      • Unable to attend due to work load and illness.

  • Speakers Attending

    • Randy Galloway, SSC’s Engineering & Test Directorate Manager,

      • 'Propellant and Purge System Contamination, ‘2007: A Summer of Fun ‘ Lessons Learned’.

    • Peter Wilhelm, Director, Naval Center for Space Technology

      • The History of Spacecraft Propulsion Developments at NRL.

    • Mike Popp, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, formerly MBB/Deutsche Aerospace, Munich, Germany, Günter Langel, EADS - Astrium Launcher Propulsion, formerly MBB/Deutsche Aerospace, Munich, Germany

    • Myron (Mike) Pessin, Chance Vought Aircraft, Chrysler Corp Space Division, NASA MSFC, United Space Alliance, Consultant Jacobs ESTS

      • “Saturn Stages & Building the Super Light Weight Shuttle AlLi External Tank.

    • Sam Dougherty, Boeing North American (retired), Jacobs

      • Simulated Altitude Liquid Rocket Testing at Arnold Engineering Development Center - AEDC

      • Atlas/ Mercury, Titan/Gemini, Saturn/Apollo, Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Ares/Orion.

  • Liquid propulsion history presentations – collection and archive

    • Filming at History Sessions - Adequate equipment now

    • Available for recording both video and sound.

    • All films and non published presentations (9) delivered to CPIA for reference and access.

    • REQUEST - E-mail recommendations from LPTC members.

ATTACHMENT 14 (continued)

LPTC History Subcommittee

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • Challenge

    • How to fund retiree's JPC travel if original company not willing (able). Nashville was difficult.

    • AIAA refused complementary conference passes for invited speakers

    • Spincraft provided ‘Exhibitor badges’ and lunch tickets last year. AMPAC provided badges and lunch tickets this year. (Thank you Alan.)

    • Possibility: Donations for copies of taped sessions to be applied to the possible expense.

    • Assessing transcription options of recorded History Presentations for publication.

  • Recorded history sessions

    • Apollo - Saturn Propulsion Session JPC – 2004

      • Recorded by NASA 4 DVD set available, special order -

    • Hydrazine History Session JPC – 2006

      • Recorded by Aerojet 2 DVD set available - (LPTC)

    • Legacies - Liquid Propulsion Pioneers JPC – 2007

      • Recorded by LPTC DVD available - (LPTC)

    • Legacies - Liquid Propulsion Pioneers JPC - 2008

      • Recorded by LPTC DVD available - (LPTC) Reworked visuals.

    • Liquid Propulsion History - Not Necessary to Remake Our Mistakes JPC - 2009

      • Recorded by LMC DVD available- (LPTC)

    • Legacies – Liquid Propulsion Pioneers Experiences of individuals and organizations that have contributed to successful space flight JPC – 2010

      • Recorded by Jacobs DVD will be available shortly – (LPTC)

  • Thanks to those who provided support of History Sessions And Archival Efforts

    • Appreciation for the speakers and their willingness to share their time and experiences

    • Particular recognition for Mike Nusca’s efforts

    • B J Austin and associates for editing film & DVD duplication

    • Jacobs Technology Inc. for filming 7/10 Sessions

    • Special mention: The Jacobs HR Department

    • LPTC members for support of objectives of effort and willingness to obtain copies of taped material

  • Token of Appreciation

    • Possibility of having a LPTC, quality ‘mug’ with logo to give to individuals who deserve some token of our appreciation? Cost would be about $10 per mug.

      • Problem: Likely need order of 50 to 100.

    • Previously we have used books from AIAA bookstore, several hundred dollars.

    • Of late, we have scrounged give-a-ways from companies.


ASME Liaison Report

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • Coordination with ASME Propulsion TC

    • 13 Sessions organized by the ASME Propulsion TC

    • 5 Sessions, 20 Papers in the Advanced Propulsion Concepts(APC)Sessions

    • 8 Sessions, 27 Papers as part of System Concepts and Supporting Propulsion Technology(SCP) Sessions

      • Sessions organized in Controls, Seal Technology, Sensing and Measuring Technology, Health Monitoring

    • ASME Propulsion TC charter includes Liquid, Solid, Hybrid and Electric Propulsion

    • Coordination Process with ASME for sharing sessions of common interest

      • Will make ASME Propulsion roster expertise available to LPTC so that ASME Propulsion TC Members can be included in reviewing papers and chairing sessions of common interest

      • Members of LPTC whose expertise includes above mentioned topic can be included in chairing/organizing sessions of ASME Propulsion TC


Foreign Liaison Report

JPC – Nashville, TN

July 28, 2010

  • Propulsion-related Conferences in Europe

      • Italo-Sino Workshop on Methane Combustion, July 2010, Rome.

      • 25th Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems Europe, September 6-9, 2010, Brno, Tech Republic.

      • 6th International Workshop and Exhibition an Plasma Assisted Combustion, September 13-15, 2010, Heilbronn, Germany.

      • 7th International Colloquium on Pulsed and Continuous Detonation, October 4-8, 2010, St. Petersburg, Russia.

      • 4th European Conference on Aerospace Sciences, July 4-8, St. Petersburg, Russia.

      • 32rd International Electric Propulsion Conference, September 11-15, Wiesbaden, Germany.

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