Teasha Cryer The Straight edge movement

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Teasha Cryer

The Straight edge movement.

My paper is going to be on the Straight edge movement. This topic interested me because I am straight edge and I would really like to know more about it. The stuff I’ll be writing about is why I became S.X.E, how the movement started, and why.

“’ It’s not like I’m not drinking because I’m a pussy, it’s because its fucking stupid! Uhg! Fuck you!’ If sobriety isn’t your thing Cormier jokes ‘Lets hit the beer pong!’” Emobucket.com said in their interview with some one who is straight edge. The reason I became straight edge is because I have tried drugs and stuff and I didn’t like how I felt when I was on them, I acted like a dumb ass. My life has totally taken a 180 since last year. I don’t mind being around drunk, but people who are on drugs kind of bug me.

This movement started in the 80’s because of a band called Minor threat, with the lyrics “I’VE GOT THE STRAIGHT EDGE!”. It grew into a very large movement in Reno, Boston, and Utah. When it started becoming big is when the cops started considering it a gang.

The cops started considering it a gang when some kids in Utah got into a fight on the side of the road and beat a kid to death. When it became a “gang” in Reno some kids were at the Hilton and they beat a juggalo with a shovel. The Reno P.D. shouldn’t consider it a gang because we are all good kids and we only fight when we have to.

The music is extremely good and I am in love with it. There are many different bands like Barcdia, Wolf city, and Recon. My favorite is Reign of Terror, because it’s like rap and hardcore mixed.

Straight edge is a brotherhood and a sisterhood where people can go and usually be accepted right away which is cool because a lot of people need friends like that, especially outcasts. There are only a few kids who aren’t liked and those are called sellouts. A sellout is when a person stops being straight edge and smoke drinks or does drugs these people suck.

There is usually no religion and I am happy for that. There are very few kids that I know that are straight edge and are religious, there are only 4 actually. I personally don’t believe in god but I respect people who do, or at least I don’t say anything. I believe in ghost and stuff like that which is called being agnostic.

So pretty much what I’m getting at id that straight edge isn’t a bad thing at all and more people should do it an not sellout. I’m glad I found out about it and I’ve found that all the kids are very supportive and it’s a good life for me to live.
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