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TATRA Corporate & Allied Health Training Services R E G I S T R A T I O N F O R M
I would like to attend ‘Evidence Based Techniques for Treatment of Resistant Anxiety, Worry, Panic and Insomnia,’ presented by Jennifer Abel, PhD
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12 October 2015

14 October 2015

16 October 2015

19 October 2015

21 October 2015

23 October 2015

Sydney: Wesley Conference Centre. 220 Pitt St, Sydney

Canberra: Hellenic Club Woden, Matilda St, Woden

Melbourne: Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre. Cnr Bell St & St Georges Rd, Preston

Brisbane: Broncos Leagues Club. 98 Fulcher Rd, Red Hill

Adelaide: Balyana Conference Centre. 46 Strathcona Ave, Clapham

Perth: Wollaston Conference Centre. 5 Wollaston Rd, Mt Claremont

Time: 9.15 am – 4.30 pm

Early Bird rate (before 12 August 2015)

Standard rate

Student rate (self-funded & full-time only & not in any employment)

$299 per person

$335 per person

$270 per person (before 12 August 2015)

# Prices include GST. Payment is required to secure registration.

# Only cancellations in writing will be accepted. No refund will be given for cancelling less than 5 working days before each seminar. Cancellation policy is final and not negotiable. TATRA regrets difficult personal circumstances that prevent participants to attend, however the logistics of event management prevent TATRA from assuming responsibility for these contingencies. Registrations are transferable to another person in full.

# TATRA is unable to accept responsibility for the failure of the presenter to appear due to extreme weather conditions and/or flight cancellations.

# Morning/afternoon tea and lunch will be provided.

# A certificate of attendance will be issued after the workshop via e-mail.

# All courses are run subject to minimum numbers.

To Enrol:

1. Select the course you wish to attend (tick boxes above).

2. Complete the registration details below.

3. Send this form with the correct payment (cheque, money order or credit card details) to TATRA Corporate & Allied Health Training Services.

4. Should you require an invoice in order to make your payment then please make sure that we have correct details of your Manager or Accounts Payable Dept. You will need to submit this registration form to TATRA first in order for us to issue an invoice.

5. If you wish to pay via EFT please return this form to us first, we will then issue an invoice with our banking details attached. Remittance notice MUST be forwarded to TATRA upon your EFT payment. We will not secure your booking unless we are advised that payment has been made. Please leave your invoice number as a reference when making your payment so we are able to identify it.

6. Credit card payments incur a 1.5% surcharge.

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Tel: _____________________ Email: ___________________________________________________
Tax Invoice to be sent to (provide name and address of contact person, e.g. manager, finance dept. details, etc.):

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TATRA Corporate & Allied Health Training Services ABN: 52 173 802 185 23 Morgan St, South Brighton SA 5048

Tel: (08) 8221 6668 Fax: (08) 8221 5033 E-mail: Info@tatratraining.com www.tatratraining.com

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