Taking Responsibility – Developing Diversity

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Taking Responsibility – Developing Diversity
KfW Stiftung was founded in October 2012 and is a non-profit foundation with an operational role. It engages directly with the major challenges facing our society – globalisation, environmental and climate protection and demographic change.
The foundation supports initiatives questioning established patterns, identifies alternative strategies and offers platforms for cross-border exchange.
In doing so, KfW Stiftung encourages pioneering ideas, creates a diverse economy, environment, society and culture and takes responsibility for the world we live in.
The foundation focuses on the following areas:

Responsible Entrepreneurship

KfW Stiftung promotes responsible entrepreneurial thinking in the economic sector that engages with the future challenges of our society, creating the necessary structures.

Social Commitment

KfW Stiftung aims to make our society fit for the future by decisively developing projects that help create responsible and strong communities. One of the central issues is empowering people to be included and to take part in society - this is the key to promoting a responsible and strong community.

Environment and Climate

KfW Stiftung promotes environmental and climate protection with a focus on biodiversity. The local, national and international projects supported by the foundation contribute to the preservation of the diversity of species. They are prime examples of people’s responsible commitment and of the necessary interdisciplinary dialogue in our society.

Art and Culture

The focus is on intercultural dialogue in today’s global world. KfW Stiftung creates platforms for international contemporary art forms to bolster creativity, freedom of expression and discursive capacity, all with the intention of promoting artistic diversity. The foundation aims to support local projects and international programmes that foster exchange with art producers from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.



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