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A1 W-8 Jan 2009 / MC



Read the text. Choose from the list below A-E the sentence which fits each gap.
Ads. Video or Television?
Manufactures have various ways of advertising products. For example, customers see advertisement in magazines and newspaper. They often see television ads or head ads on radio. 1.___. It is not unusual for people to get advertisement in the mail. However, manufactures are always looking for the best form of advertising. They know the best ads demonstrate products.

Customers want to see action. They want to see a moving car. Or they might buy breakfast cereal after they see a famous athlete eating the cereal.2.__ .They also use videos to advertise products. Television advertising has several problems, however.

3.__. Another problem is that not every home has a television set. Not enough customers see the ads. Furthermore television has many channels. So advertisers do not know the people who see the ads. They cannot send their ads only to people who might buy their products. Also, televisions ads are short. Customers see the product for less than a minute. In contrast video advertising has several advantages over televisions. A television ad is 30 to 60 seconds long, but a video ad can be four to seven minutes long. The customers have more time to see the product.

The advertiser can give more information about the product.4.__. Furthermore, manufacturers can send the video advertisement to people who may buy their products. They send Video ads of trucks to farmers.5.__. They know this kind of advertising is very effective. Advertisers send the videos directly through the mail or they may give them to customers. For example, when people buy skis, they get a video about a ski resort. Then the manufacturer usually calls the customer on the phone. Manufacturers know that they have a good opportunity to sell their product. The customer has learned about it on the video. The manufacturer often makes a sale.

  1. Another advantage is that video ad usually costs less than a television ad.

  2. Therefore, manufacturers want their advertisements on television.

  3. Signs along roads are also advertisements.

  4. They might send video ads of a ski resort to people who have skis.

  5. Advertising on television is very expensive.

What is the main idea of the article? Choose the correct one.

  1. Televisions ads are expensive.

  2. Manufacturers use video for advertising.

  3. Video advertising is often more effective than television advertising.


Read the text carefully and answer the questions.

1 Bang Crash! Drrng! We are at a heavy metal concert. The audience and the band wear strange clothes. Everyone wears black leather jackets, chain belts, blue jeans and black boots. Everyone has very long hair. The audience shake their heads and jump up and down. The music is very loud but no one can understand the singer. Sometimes we hear words like ‘’die’’, ’’destroy’’ or ‘’kill’’. Heavy Metal music and fans are different so many people do not like them.

6 Heavy Metal music is unusual. It is usually loud and the lyrics (words of the song) are violent. The songs are often about death, destruction and war. Heavy Metal music is different from other Pop Music. Heavy Metal fans hate pop songs because they are all the same. Pop singers always sing about love and peace. Heavy Metal fans find them boring.

10 Heavy Metal fans are sometimes unusual too. According to many people, these fans are different because their clothes and hair are strange. Many people are afraid to Heavy Metal fans because they look dangerous. Other young people like clothes and fashion. They change their clothes every year. Sometimes they wear tight trousers. The next year they wear loose trousers. They spend a lot of money on these. Shopkeepers love these kinds of young people. However, Heavy Metal fans do not want to be fashionable. They never change their kind of clothes. They look the same as each other but different from other people.

17 In fact, Heavy Metal fans are very like other young people. They like to meet their friends and talk about their favourite bands. They lend and borrow tapes. Most Heavy Metal fans do not like violence or fighting. Many young people love the loud Heavy Metal music. The clothes and music are different but not bad. What is good music? What is bad music?
Part 1 What do the underlined words in the text refer to?

  1. (Line 6) It :____________________ 4 (Line11) they:_____________

  2. (Line 8) they:__________________ 5 (Line 17) their : ____________

  3. (Line 9) them:__________________

Part 2 Read the statements below and write True(T) or False (F) next to the sentences. Correct the false statements.

  1. Heavy Metal fans hate pop songs because they are exciting, different and have interesting lyrics. ___

  2. Heavy Metal fans are different because they like loud music, have long hair and sing about death and destruction. _____

  3. Most young people like clothes and fashion.____

  4. Heavy Metal fans like fashion. ____

  5. Heavy Metal fans look different from each other but the same as other people. ____

Part 3 Read the sentences or questions below and choose the right answer.

  1. Heavy Metal songs are about:

a- life b- love c- peace d- destruction

  1. People are afraid of Heavy Metal fans because:

a- they shake their heads b- they look dangerous c- their hair is long

d- they jump up and down

  1. Heavy Metal fans always wear:

a- colourful shirt b- suits c- black boots d- skirts

  1. Other young people like

a- fashionable clothes b- loud music c- chain belts d- black leather jackets

  1. Most Heavy Metal fans do not like

a- life b- peace c- fighting d- love
A - Complete the following indirect questions.
1. How tall is this building?

Do you know ___________________________________________________________ ?

2. What’s that girl’s name?

I’d like to know _________________________________________________________ .

3. What time does the last bus leave?

Could you tell me_______________________________________________________ ?

4. How long does the flight to Rome take?

I’d like to know _________________________________________________________ .

5. How much does this dress cost?

Could you tell me _______________________________________________________ ?

6. Was the train delayed?

I wonder _____ _________________________________________________________ .

B - Complete the following sentences in your own words.

  1. I wonder whose ___________________________________________________

  2. Jane had a lot of homework yesterday so _______________________________

  3. Can you tell me how much __________________________________________ ?

  4. Terry was very excited ______________________________________________

  5. Trains are better than buses because ___________________________________

  6. I am going to the supermarket to ______________________________________

C- Rewrite these sentences without changing the meanings.

  1. Did John talk to the manager about his promotion? (wonder)

I __________________________________________________ about his promotion.

  1. Mary started working as a secretary ten years ago. (became)

Mary _______________________________________________ ten years ago.

  1. I have never seen such an intelligent woman before. (most)

She ____________________________________I have ever seen.

  1. The teacher hasn’t finished reading our reports yet. (still)

The teacher________________________________________our reports.

  1. ‘Why is everybody staring at me?’ (why)

I wonder __________________________________________________

  1. Making a reservation isn’t necessary in this restaurant. (to)

You ____________________________________ in this restaurant.

  1. Meat isn’t as healthy as vegetables. (than)

Vegetables are ________________________________________ meat.

8. Maria is a bad cook when she isn’t in a good mood. (cooks)

Maria _______________________________ when she isn’t in a good mood.

    1. Mary’s decided to give a party for her friends next weekend. (going)

Mary ______________________________ a party for her friends next weekend.

    1. I have never met a friendlier person than Rita! (ever)

Rita is ____________________________________________________!

    1. She saw nobody in the street last night. (not)

She ________________________________in the street last night.

    1. They always studied together for the exams when they were at high school. (used)

They _________________________________________ when they were at high school.

    1. Mary is a slow runner. (not)


D- Write only ONE word in the blanks.
I’m only seventeen years old but I ___________ noticed that my life has changed _______ lot in the past ten years. When I ___________ seven years old, I _________ to spend most of my time playing __________ my friends. Now that I’m in my last year at school, I am studying a lot ____________ I want to do well at school and enter the university of my choice. I used _________ have so much free time ten years __________.Nowadays I only buy books to solve tests in them. I feel really exhausted and sometimes I think of giving ________ everything. Some of my friends want to have a successful career in the future and they spend more _____________ five hours solving tests.

E. Choose a, b, c or d.
1- Mr. Johnson can’t speak to you at the moment. He ___________ lunch.

a. is having b. has c. having d. had

2- Karen came ________ than I expected.

a. early b. earlier c. earliest d. the earliest

3- You should eat _______ if you want to lose weight.

a. much b. more c. less d. the least

4- I am really looking forward ____________ from you.

a. to hearing b. hear c. heard d. to hear

5- At university I ___________ articles for a magazine.

a. use to write b. use to writing c. used to write d. used to writing

6- I want to know _______ you can speak English.

a. who b. that c. which d. if

7- _____ Pacific is ____ largest ocean and ___ Everest is ___ highest mountain in the world.

a. the/ - / the/ - b. the/ the/ -/the c. - / the /- /the d. the/ the /the /the
F- Choose a, b or c

Dear Diary,

A strange thing happened today. As I 1______home from basketball practice, something suddenly 2________out in front of me. It was like a small child but it 3________a huge head and bright, orange eyes. A group of old men 4_________on a wall nearby and they saw it, too. One of them was shouting ‘The Demon, the Demon’. 5_________the creature heard him, it disappeared into the forest. Some people said it was an alien, but I 6________ think so. Whatever it was, it scared the life out of me!
1- a- walked b- was walking c- walk

2- a- jumped b- was jumping c- jumps

3- a- has b- was having c- had

4- a- were sit b- was sitting c- sat

5- a- While b- When c- As

6- a- don’t b- didn’t c- wasn’t

G- Circle the correct words
Yesterday Kevin lazy / lazily got out of bed and looked at his watch. “Oh, no! I’m late for school again! I must try to wake up earlier” he thought. He ate his breakfast quicker / quickly and left. He running / was running to the bus stop when he saw something on the road. It was a gold watch. He put it in his pocket and went / was going to the police station.

Kevin was telling / told a police officer about the watch when he heard a voice behind him. “That’s my watch!” said a man and asked “Where were you find / did you find it?”

“On the road,” said Kevin

“Thank you, young man. You did good / well. “I’m very happy now because this watch is very important for me.” he said and gave / was giving Kevin £100. “Come on, let me drive you to school I will explain everything to your teacher.” the man said.

Kevin smiled happy / happily and walked out of the police station

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