Synchronising Microsoft Outlook with Raiser’s Edge

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Synchronising Microsoft Outlook with Raiser’s Edge
The Raiser’s Edge can be synchronised with Microsoft Outlook. It is important that this is set up so that you can create actions on RE for incoming email correspondence and emails that you are sending to constituents. This guide assumes that you are using Outlook 2007.
You now need to log into Raiser’s Edge from the following website The CRM Officer in IDEA will have provided you with a username and password.
As the Raiser’s Edge database is hosted online, a copy of your emails has to be opened online too for the two programs to integrate correctly.
Setting up Outlook inside Raiser’s Edge for the first time

  1. After logging into Raiser’s Edge select Tools from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Choose Mail Configuration. In this box enter your network username e.g. pr32 and click OK

  2. From the Tools menu now select Microsoft Outlook. The will open up the sign on screen for Outlook:

  1. In the username box enter your network username following napier-mail\

  2. Enter your current password

  3. You may have to repeat steps three and four a couple of times.

Saving an email to a constituents record as an action
Any incoming email can now be saved to any Raiser’s Edge record as an action.

  1. Open the email which is to be saved as an action.

  2. On the tabs at the top of the message select Add-Ins, then click Create Action.

  3. A box will open for you to search and click on the correct consitutent to save the action to.

Creating an action/email message from a RE record

  1. Click on an email address within RE.

  2. If you have already opened up the hosted Outlook then a new email message will open and you can proceed. If you have not opened Outlook within RE then you will need to sign in before the new message is opened.

  3. Create the message and send as usual. After closing, fill in the required fields on the action and enter a new notepad with a description.

Have Outlook remind you and others of outstanding tasks from an Action Track
(Please see the Raiser’s Edge procedure document on Action Tracks)
If you wish to add a reminder to Outlook while setting up the action in Action Tracks this should be done by:

  1. Ticking the “Auto-Remind” checkbox (while completing Step 2 and 4 of the procedure document)

  1. Clicking on “Notify”. This window gives you an opportunity to include yourself and any other users of the Raiser’s Edge into the reminder. It also allows you to choose between reminding the users in Raiser’s Edge, Outlook or both.

  1. After clicking OK it is possible to select from the Auto-Remind section a time before the task is due to be completed to remind the users.

This can be repeated for all dependent actions in the action track.

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