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1211 E. FRANCIS SPOKANE, WA 99208 (509) 487-3308 www.saabspokane.com

2007 Spring Discounts: Feb. - March & April

Tips & Service $pecials for your SAAB

2007 Greetings to all our “Saabie” Friends!

This time of year is our “slow season”, and a good time for us to cooperate with our customers for needed improvements on their Saabs at a discounted price. With the warmer weather approaching, this is also a good time to Review your Maintenance Records, and make an appointment for any service or repair work due. For the remainder of February, March and April, receive 10% Discount on most Inspections & Labor charges, and most Parts.

KEEP YOUR SAAB RELIABLE FOR OUT OF TOWN TRIPS: Of the three most common problems we see affecting reliability, Serpentine Pulley failures top the list. 900 & early 9.5 owners: Upgrade your system to a shorter belt which bypasses the center idler pulley, making it more reliable than before. ($83 - $117 + $52 pulley if needed + supplies + tax).

ALL MODELS: Remove & Inspect Serpentine system ANNUALLY. A pulley or belt failure will completely disable your Saab.

Fuel Pump failures are inevitable. If your Saab is over 100,000 miles or 10 years old, and you drive out of town, you should consider replacing the fuel pump. SPECIAL OFFER: 1990 & later classic 900’s & 9000’s, and All GM 900’s 9.3’s & 9.5’s:

Most models require fuel tank removal, and most out-of-town repair shops won’t be able to do the job well. The Saab fuel pump ‘assembly’ is prohibitively expensive, so we replace only the pump with our special tooling, at nearly half the cost. With 10%: $310 - $385 + supplies + tax, if fasteners are not corroded or a dead pump. Bring Saab with low fuel in tank.

Direct Ignition failures are also a concern. Carry a Spare: we have spare DI’s for $125. (Or you can look on Ebay).

Now is also a good time to take care of lingering repair needs such as seeping Water pumps, worn CV axle Boots, semi-rotted Mufflers & Pipes, and worn Suspension components and Motor Mounts... or to take advantage of the Discounts to catch up on Major Service items such as Fluid and Filter changes, etc. We should review your service records.

Some of our other repairs already save up to 40% off many Saab list prices, such as Brake Pad & Rotor replacements, cooling hoses, and Exhaust systems. We will do our best to extend the 10% discount to most of these repairs on a case by case basis. Nearly everything we install is purchased for OEM quality. Some items we believe are better, such as our Brake Pads. We usually give a “common sense” 4-year pro-rated warranty on most of these OEM replacements, including labor. You can help our ability to discount to you by paying with cash or check instead of credit card, though we do accept M/C & Visa.

NEW OIL SERVICING STRATEGY THIS YEAR: We are changing our Oil Servicings to include a Major Oil Service and a Minor “Interim” Service for our regular customers who drive at least 10,000 miles a year. The Major Service will cost $141+ tax and the Minor Service $90. Both use Full Synthetics, are more inclusive than Saab’s major and minor servicings, and cost less.

Call for a Review of your Records. If you are a new- or occasional-repair customer, gather any service records you may have and we can discuss them with you. In most cases, a 5000 mile Oil, Filter & Inspection Service & Road Test combined with a Review of your service records gives us the best picture of your Saab’s needs. This will take approximately 1.25 hour’s time. For more information, visit our website and download the flyer “Welcome to Swedish” or any other Oil Servicing Info Flyers.

We continue to pay special attention to the problem of sludge build-up in 1994 -2003 models, when Saab was not specifying full synthetic oils. We have used full synthetics since 2000, and provided many important articles on our website regarding sludge and the safeguarding against catastrophic engine-damaging sludge. WITH EVERY OIL CHANGE, the oil should be drained into a screen and the sump probed for sludge and carbon to monitor your engine’s condition. We do this every time!

Other oil change facilities do not do this. For many Saabs, Spring is also the time to change to a higher viscosity engine oil.

If you plan on traveling out of town this summer, there are other model & mileage-specific items that we should check or discuss which may prevent out-of-town traveling breakdowns. See the list on Page 2. Every year we see many of the same preventable failures, and have learned to pay special attention to them. We inspect many other items specific to your model.

Be aware that the best Preventive Maintenance is not found in Saab’s maintenance book.

In our opinion, the minimal service recommendations found therein have many critical items omitted. Nearly half of the inspections and maintenance that we have learned to be essential are missing or too infrequently performed, often causing costly major repairs, breakdowns and increased long term wear. Unless you trade in every 3-4 years, Preventive Maintenance is essential and cost effective for reliability and longevity.

We refer to factory published maintenance requirements as “short-term” or “warranty” maintenance.

If your Saab has had “prepaid” factory maintenance- it may be even further behind, because Saab usually only prescribed oil, filter and cabin filter replacements on their free service, with “quality checks” on some of the fluids.

These necessary replacements may be long overdue when the Saab is 60,000 miles and older. This is why many Swedish Motorcar customers regularly keep their Saabs 250 -300,000 miles, and others are not able to do so.

We have published our Preventive Maintenance and lubricant recommendations for years with our Website and Saab Flyers.

Our maintenance is similar to Aircraft Maintenance: Individual components are tracked for their service life or best frequency of service. It can double the life of your Saab, and is essential to a long-term maintenance strategy.

It is also more affordable and “budget-able,” because each component of the service (for instance, a fuel filter) can be done separately, and you can prioritize your Saab’s needs to work within your budget on an ongoing basis.

Check our website for other articles and SAABS FOR SALE: We currently have some refurbished and “Swedish Serviced” Saabs available. www.saabspokane.com Thanks for Reading. Best wishes for 2007! John & Brad

Swedish Motorcar Service

1211 E. Francis

Spokane, WA 99208



2007 pre - Spring Discounts

Most of these checks are included in our 5000 mile “Major” Oil & Inspection Service (100+ items)

  • Proper operation of all Lights, Oil pressure/Brake fluid warning, Backup & Brake; Ignition switch binding & Driver’s Seat Belt Latch. Pitted Headlights & Windshields reduce night vision. Dim Tail lights needing cleaning. Washer jets & wipers are among your most important safety equipment.

  • Test for Engine Sludge buildup in ’94& later 9000, GM 900’s, 9-3’s & 9-5’s, every 5000 miles. (Treatment add’l).

  • Review of Service Records for “Due” items such as Fuel, Air and Cabin Filters, Serpentine systems, Spark Plugs, Ignition Rotor, Coolant & Thermostat, Brake & Clutch Fluid, Gear box and Power steering Oils, Suspension lubrications & more.

  • Tears in Axle (CV) & Steering Boots. Spare Tire inflation (most we find are flat)

  • Fractured Belts - Swollen Coolant & Heater Hoses – Water pump leakage or rolling noises pointing to failure.

  • Automatic Transmission fluid must be kept fresh and clear. Oxidized Fluid will damage the transmission.

  • We Monitor Engine bearings and adjust Oil Viscosity to match.

  • Crankcase Ventilation System service is essential to long-term engine life and emissions. We FLOW TEST the Crankcase vent system to prevent Sludging.

  • Clutch Release Cable adjustment. Manual Transmission Fluid level checked if leakage is apparent (add’l chg.)

  • Overheated Cables, Voltage Regulator age, Alternator ground cable, loose Clutch Hose, Wiper trans. linkage.

  • Ball Joints or Track Rod End Freeplay at wheels - Exhaust system – Oil & Fluid Leakage from critical parts.

  • Fractures in lower suspension “A-Arms” on Classic 900’s

  • Trans & Power Steering fluid leakages are sometimes inexpensively addressed with additives.

  • Motor mounts and Torque Strut bushings. Shift Couplers for failing. Restricted Clutch hydraulic hoses.

  • A Broken transmission mount will allow engine to shift on GM900’s & 9-3’s, damaging alternator pulley, leading to Serpentine Belt failure.

  • Serpentine Belt systems should be removed & Inspected every year. Belts older than 45,000 and pulleys older than 30,000 miles are suspect. Failure will immobilize vehicle, disable Power Steering & overheat engine.

  • Serpentine Tensioner & Idler pulleys are more prone to failure than the belts. Broken belts or pulleys can damage other components. Engine overheating can cause catastrophic damage within minutes.

  • Stroboscopic and Stethoscope checking of the Serpentine Belt and accessible Pulleys for the best possible inspection.

  • Camchain and Balance Chain noises, indicating potential wear or failure.

  • Radiator Inlet prone to break; Upper Cooling & Heater Hoses swell and burst. We inspect & treat Headlight & Cooling fan relay wiring on 9000’s to prevent electrical overload and wiring damage.

  • AC Performance Tests & Compressor noises: ( Compressor failures may disable the Serpentine & Cooling systems. )

  • Cooling System: Pressure Cap & Cooling Fan operation critical during summer months.

  • Direct Ignition can fail on all 2.3 Liter models. Carrying a Spare and replacing spark plugs on time will help.

  • Fuel Pump evaluation or replacement beyond 120,000 miles. (Some can be Scope checked (add’l chg.)

  • Full Road Testing to check for Engine, Clutch, Transmission & Brake performance; Suspension, Tracking & Steering; Checks for engine and ancillary noises indicating potential problems. Notations of what we have observed and evaluated, future service or repair needs, and items to watch for. *** prices and servicing details may change without notice.

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