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Acquiring the Sub-Quantum Link device is the mission priority. All primary and tertiary intelligence methods of locating Dr. Perdix have failed. It is believed that he is using his three wives as intermediaries for his plans on Earth, so we will attempt to find him through them.

Time is not on our side, but excess haste may ruin our chances entirely. Circumstances may decide what methods become necessary to attain our objective.

Tip: The information here is just a baseline to set the stage of the adventure you want to play out. I can tell you up front that the third wife, Trixi, is the key but we won’t find her for a day or two. The other two wives are in contact with each other and with Trixi, but they have no idea where Perdix is. Only Trixi does. How your teams choose to spin out the subplot of finding the wives and finding out what they do or do not know or where they do or do not go, is entirely up to your team. You have two days of in-game time following “Room with a View” (Day 1, 2130 hours) to develop this as much as you like.

Tip 2: You can contact the base team directly (invite one or all of us into a JP with your team/character) or simply reference information ‘received’ from the base team in order to effect the course of your wife subplot.

Tip 3: You are not required to stay in the field for the entire 2 days. You can come and go from the base at the Bristol Hotel and interact with the base team or even the other field team.


Capt. “Pharaoh” Black – Commander

Ens. “Celeste” Collins - Technician

Maj. “Cyclops” Drago – Oversight


Cmdr. “Sandman” Eli – Team Leader

Dr. “Miranda” Maris – Medical

“Mercator” – Field Guide


Lcdr. “Spartan” Frost – Team Leader

“Mule” – Spec. X

“Lamplighter” – Field Guide

TANGO-1 (Field Team Gamma)
Name: Mixi
Age: 40
Physical Description: Tall, light brown skin. Dark blonde hair. Pale markings.

Overview: Dr. Perdix’s second wife, Mixi is the daughter of the Denobulan Trade Minister. Born wealthy, Mixi is known for her attachment to luxury and her extravagant tastes.

Threat Factor: Mixi benefits from her father’s connections in Government and Economic circles, providing an extremely useful set of benefits to Perdix’s mission.

Surveillance: Mixi spends most of her time shopping in high-priced boutiques. She has scheduled a hoverlimo to take her to Rue du Faubourg, Saint-Honor tomorrow.

TANGO-2 (Field Team Delta)
Name: Pixi
Age: 26
Physical Description: Light skinned, average height. Casual use of cosmetic pharmaceuticals means her hair, eye and mottling changes color frequently. This is not a reliable form of identification. Pixi does have a bioluminescent tattoo of a Scarran bird of paradise flower on her neck that is visible in the dark.

Overview: According to sources, Pixi was attracted to Dr. Perdix’s high profile and equally infamous fall from grace after the USS Phoenix debacle. A textbook rebel, she sought out the maligned doctor and ultimately became his third wife. Pixi is known to be a prolific user of alcohol and recreational narcotics, both legal and illegal as well as a self-professed ‘omnisexual’.

Threat Factor: While not a practiced criminal herself, Pixi is socially popular and has ties to numerous underground individuals and organizations. She moves freely through a world that is notoriously difficult to penetrate by law enforcement and intelligence agencies of any type.

Surveillance: Since arriving on Earth, any time not spent sleeping in her leased flat in the daytime has been spent in any number of clubs and bars in the night time. Pixi’s StarNet social profile suggests she plans to be at Club Supernova tomorrow night.

TANGO-3 (Undetermined)
Name: Trixi
Age: 44
Physical Description: Dark, olive skinned, black hair and black markings. Average height and weight. Dark green eyes.

Overview: Perdix’s first wife, Trixi served as his student and then research assistant in the early days of his meteoric career. She is the only one of the doctors’ wives to have a child with him, but intelligence has confirmed the child is staying with one of her other co-parents while on Earth.

Threat Factor: Known to be fiercely loyal to Perdix, she didn’t distance herself from him after the Phoenix debacle like Mixi did. Her education and scores suggests she is at or near the same intelligence as Perdix himself. Records show low-grade sociopathy in her psych profile, but not considered unusual in certain high-stress fields.

Surveillance: Trixi was briefly spotted on the Champs-Élysées two days ago but no other sign of her has been seen since.

Kurt Goring

GM – Star Trek: Deception

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