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Figure S1. Composite phylogeny of extinct, missing and rediscovered mammals from all centuries. Tree tips (species) are numbered consecutively from top to bottom, along with the names of families represented by each group of tips (except for the families tarsiidae, cheirogaleidae, atelidae, lemuridae, cercopithecidae, hylobatidae, and callitrichidae, which are grouped under the order ‘Primates’). Tree tip numbers corresponding to individual species are given in Dataset S1. Tips coloured black represent rediscovered species, and tips coloured gray represent missing or extinct species.

This composite phylogeny is based on the recent mammal supertree (Bininda-Emonds et al. 2007). We reduced branches containing ‘extinct’ and rediscovered species by pruning unwanted (never considered extinct) species from the tree. We used published phylogenies (Agnarsson & May-Collado 2008; Cardillo et al. 2004; Ford 2006; Gaubert et al. 2004; Grenyer & Purvis 2003; Jones et al. 2002; Ozawa et al. 1997; Weksler 2006; Zrzavy & Ricankova 2004) to add species not included in the supertree. We used the “ape” package for R to build trees (Paradis et al. 2002).

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