Summary cv of Mr Vicente San Miguel Maza

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SUMMARY CV of Mr Vicente San Miguel Maza

Mr. San Miguel who has a degree in telecommunications engeneering from the UP of Madrid joined Telefónica in 1987 (1987-1993 Telefónica Sistemas) holding diferent responsabilities in the development of Telecommunication systems for Entreprise customers.

Afterwards (1993-1995 Telefónica Sistemas de Satélites) he worked as Director of Technology and Business Development of private satellite networks in Europe and Latinoamérica.
After that, he joined for the first time Telefónica de España (1995-1997) with diferent responsabilities in the technical development of voice and internet international services, and later on development of national services based on platforms (voice mail, intelligent networks, etc).
In 1997 (1997-2000 Telefónica Corporation) he became Director of Telefónica Corp to participate in the creation of the Advanced Purchasing System (SAC) for Telefónica Group with global purchasing responsabilities over all the wireline and wireless infrastructures in more than 30 Telefónica companies.
In 2000 (Telefónica de España), he returns to Telefónica de España, to take responsability of Technology & Network Planing where he actively participate in the model change to develop broadband Networks & Services including Imagenio (IPTV).
Since January 2005 he extended his responsabilities to include also the Network Deployment including budget allocation and engeneering activities with a team of over 1300 people.
Since November 2008 he became GCTO of Telefonica Corp with responsabilities in Network & IT Evolution for all the Telefónica foot print.

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