Sue hartfree plant list abbreviations: p perennial / s shrub / t tree / c climber / a annual

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ABBREVIATIONS: P - perennial / S - shrub / T - tree / C - climber / A - annual
SYMBOLS: * Tender / ** Half-hardy / *** Hardy
SIZE: Eventual height x spread

  1. Abutilon megapotamicum *** S - Semi-evergreen with slender, arching stems. Throughout summer & autumn produces unusual, pendant, bell-shaped flowers of red, yellow & purple. Ideal trained against a warm wall. 2m x 2m. Sun / part shade.

  2. Acaena microphylla *** P - Evergreen & mat-forming with spherical summer flowerheads followed by attractive red burrs. 3cm x 90cm or more. Sun / part shade.

  3. Adiantum venustum *** P - Superb evergreen Maidenhair Fern. Slowly spreads by creeping rhizomes to form excellent ground cover. 20cm x 90cm. Part / full shade.

  4. Adromischus bicolor * P - Neat, compact succulent with tightly clustered, thick, fleshy leaves. Has small, tubular, greenish flowers, mainly in summer. Perfect for conservatory or sunny windowsill. 10cm x 15cm. Sun.

  5. Ajuga reptans ‘Braunherz’ *** P - Excellent evergreen ground cover with deep purple leaves & lavender-blue flower spikes in spring. 10cm x 90cm. Part shade.

  6. Alonsoa warscewiczii ** P - Super! Evergreen, bushy & compact with masses of non-stop spurred orange-scarlet flowers through summer & autumn. 60cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  7. Allium carinatum subsp. Pulchellum *** P - Lovely member of the onion family with unusual pale lilac flowerheads in summer. 45cm x 10cm. Sun / part shade.

  8. Arabis procurrens ‘Variegata’ *** P - Mat-forming with attractive evergreen cream & green variegated leaves & white flowers in spring. 5cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  9. Arrhenatherum elatius subsp. Bulbosum ‘Variegatum’ *** P - Superb grass! Attractive grey-green & white striped leaves & oat-like spikelets from summer - autumn. 45cm x 30cm Sun / part shade.

  10. Asarina procumbens *** P - Lovely trailer / scrambler with hairy, kidney-shaped leaves & ‘snapdragon’ type flowers - pale yellow with purplish markings & deep yellow throats - through summer & autumn. Excellent in rock gardens or as ground cover, 5cm x 60cm. Part shade.

  11. Asclepias curassavica * P - Wonderful bi-coloured flowerheads of orange-red and deep yellow. Excellent butterfly plant. 75cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  12. Ballota pseudodictamnus *** P - Mound-forming with evergreen, soft, felted grey-green leaves and white woolly stems. Small pinkish-white flowers in spring & summer. Excellent ground cover. 40cm x 60cm. Sun.

  13. Berberis julianae *** S - Evergreen & spiny with yellow flowers in spring followed by black fruit. 2.5m x 2.5m. Sun / part shade.

  14. Buddleja davidii ‘Harlequin’ *** S - Semi-evergreen with stunning cream & green variegated leaves & fragrant, rich magenta flower spikes from summer - autumn. 2.5m x 3m. Sun / part shade.

  15. Buxus sempervirens ‘Marginata’ *** S - Variegated Box. Evergreen with small, cream-edged dark green leaves. Ideal for hedging & topiary. Slow-growing to 2.5m x 2.5m. Sun / shade.

  16. Calceolaria mexicana * A - Very rare & quite delightful with eye-catching bright yellow flowers in summer. Self-seeds. 30cm x 20cm. Sun / part shade.

  17. Callistemon citrinus ‘Splendens’ *** S - Bottle-brush. Evergreen with pinkish-red young shoots & crimson bottle-brush flowers in spring & summer. Approx. 2m x 1.5m. Sun & some shelter from cold wind.

  18. Callistemon salignas *** S - Evergreen, pale green foliage & lovely white (sometimes mauve, pink or red) bottle-brush flowers in late spring & early summer. Approx. 4m x 2m. Sun & shelter from cold wind.

  19. Carex comans - Bronze Form *** P - Evergreen grass with beautiful, glossy, bronze foliage & brown flower spikes in summer. 35cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  20. Carex morrowii ‘Variegata’ *** P - Superb evergreen grass with attractive cream & green striped leaves & cream flower spikes in summer. 30cm x 35cm. Sun / shade.

  21. Carex siderosticha ‘Variegata’ *** P - Lovely, broad, cream & green striped leaves & brown flower spikes in summer. 30cm x 40cm. Sun part shade.

  22. Centradenia inaequilateralis ‘Cascade’ * P - Luxuriant, trailing, red-purple foliage & lovely lilac-pink flowers. A splendid container plant! 75cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  23. Chelone lyonii *** P - Very unusual! Hooded dusky pink flowers with furry yellow beards in summer & autumn. 90cm x 60cm. Part shade.

  24. Codonopsis tangshen *** C - Herbaceous, twining stems & exquisite, cream bell-shaped flowers in summer & autumn. 2m. Sun / part shade.

  25. Convolvulus althaeoides *** P - Ideal scrambling through a shrub. Also good ground cover. Finely cut, silvery-grey foliage & pink funnel-shaped flowers in summer & autumn. 1m x 1m. Sun.

  26. Cornus ‘Norman Hadden’ *** T - Spreading & semi-evergreen with masses of green, early summer flowers, surrounded by attractive cream bracts which turn pink. These are followed by large strawberry-like fruits. 8m x 7m. Sun / part shade.

  27. Corydalis flexuosa ‘Pere David’ *** P - Delightful! Finely cut glaucous foliage & pale blue tubular flowers from spring to early summer, after which, dormancy sets in & lasts until autumn. 30cm x 30cm. Shade.

  28. Crassula sarcocaulis ‘Alba’ *** P - Interesting, bushy succulent with fleshy stems & branches. Has starry white flowers in summer & autumn. 30cm x 30cm. Needs a well-drained, sheltered spot. Sun.

  29. Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus * P - Bulbous with lance-shaped, bright green leaves & tubular, bright orange-red flowers throughout the year. 30cm x 10cm. Sun.

  30. Dianthus crinitus *** P - Very rare variety with heavily scented white flowers - some with a red central ring. 30cm x 30cm. Sun.

  31. Diascia cordata x ‘Lilac Belle’ *** P - A gem! Mat-forming/trailing & smothered with dainty lilac flowers in summer & autumn. 15cm x 50cm. Sun.

  32. Dicliptera suberecta * P - Very attractive! Soft, velvety, silvery-grey, evergreen foliage & stems & a profusion of tubular, orange flowers through summer & autumn. 60cm x 45cm. Sun.

  33. Dierama ambiguum *** P - Evergreen, grey-green, grass-like leaves &, in summer, tall graceful stems bearing pink bell-shaped flowers. 1m x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  34. Digitalis lutea subsp. australis *** P - Unusual with branching spikes of small pale yellow flowers in summer. Excellent bee plant. 60cm x 30cm. Part shade.

  35. Digitalis purpurea gloxiniflora *** P - Very rare variety with extra large flowers of pink or white, heavily splashed with deep purple. Beautiful! 90cm x 30cm. Part shade.

  36. Erodium x variabile ‘Album’ *** P - Evergreen & mat-forming with dainty, saucer-shaped single white flowers from spring to autumn. Lovely! 8cm x 15cm. Sun.

  37. Erodium x variabile ‘Flore Pleno’ P - Delightful! Mat-forming evergreen with virtually non-stop, double, pink flowers from early spring to autumn. 8cm x 15cm. Sun.

  38. Eryngium variifolium *** P - Clump-forming with attractive, evergreen, white-marbled leaves. In summer has pale blue flowers with silvery-white, pointed bracts. 45cm x 30cm. Sun.

  39. Eucomis bicolor ** P - Large rosettes of glossy, strap-like leaves & stunning central spikes of purple-edged cream flowers from summer to autumn. 60cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  40. Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Purpurea’ *** P - Beautiful evergreen foliage, heavily tinted with reddish-purple. Acid yellow flowers from spring to early summer. 60cm x 45cm. Part shade.

  41. Euphorbia corallioides *** P - Evergreen & clump-forming with profuse bright yellow flowers in spring & summer (often well into autumn). 45cm x 30cm. Part shade.

  42. Euphorbia milii * P - Known as ‘Crown of Thorns’. Evergreen with fleshy, thorny stems & non-stop flowers ( all year) with bright red bracts. An easy, ideal house / conservatory plant. 60cm x 45cm. Sun.

  43. Euphorbia milli ‘Koenigers Aalbaumle’ * P - As above but slightly smaller, more compact & with creamy-white flowers.

  44. Felicia amelloides Variegated * P - Delightful! Bushy with variegated green & white foliage & yellow-centred, lavender-blue, daisy-like flowers in summer & autumn. 30cm x 30cm. Sun.

  45. Festuca glauca *** P - Dense, tufted, evergreen grass. Wonderful blue foliage & blue-green spikelets. 30cm x 25cm. Sun.

  46. Fragaria ‘Pink Panda’ *** P - Very useful as evergreen ground cover. A member of the strawberry family with bright pink flowers from spring to autumn & occasional fruit. 10cm x 75cm or more. Sun / part shade.

  47. Fuchsia boliviana * S - Absolutely superb! Large, velvety, reddish-veined leaves ( 20cm long ) & pinkish-red stems coated with tiny, soft hairs. In summer, clusters of long, slender, crimson flowers, followed by cylindrical, dark red fruit. 2m x 1m. Part shade.

  48. Fuchsia x colensoi *** S - Bushy with pale green leaves & tubular, yellow flowers with a red tint. 90cm x 90cm. Part shade.

  49. Fuchsia paniculata * S - Bushy & upright with clusters of small, pale pink flowers followed by purple fruit. 1.5m x 1m. Part shade.

  50. Fuchsia procumbens *** S - A little gem! Mat-forming/trailing with tiny rounded leaves & upward-facing flowers of yellow & purple with bright blue pollen! 10cm x 60cm. Part shade.

  51. Fuchsia thymifolia *** S - Red stems, tiny glossy, thyme-like leaves & masses of non-stop, miniature, single flowers of cherry red from May until first severe frost. A delight! 60cm x 60cm. Part shade but tolerates more sun than most fuchsias.

  52. Geranium phaeum *** P - Excellent evergreen perennial with masses of nodding, deep purple-black flowers in late spring & early summer. With dead-heading they will continue in smaller numbers until autumn. Wonderful bee plant. 60cm x 45cm. Part shade / shade.

  53. Geranium versicolor *** P - A must for every garden! Evergreen leaves with maroon markings & a profusion of purple-veined white flowers from spring to autumn. Good for bees. 60cm x 90cm. Sun / shade.

  54. Hebe parviflora var. angustifolia *** S - Narrow evergreen leaves & masses of white flower spikes in summer. Bees love it! 90cm x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  55. Hebe ‘Purple Queen’ *** S - Very attractive evergreen leaves, glossy & purple-tinted, together with a profusion of purple flowers through summer & autumn. 1m x 1m. Sun / part shade.

  56. Hebe recurva *** S - Excellent! Compact with slim, slightly curved, evergreen blue-grey leaves & smothered with white flowers in summer. 45cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  57. Hebe ‘Red Edge’ *** S - Attractive evergreen, grey-green leaves with red margins & pale lilac summer flowers. 45cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  58. Helictotrichon sempervirens *** P - Sculptural evergreen grass. Stiff blue leaves & cream spikelets in summer. Perfect! 1m x 60cm. Sun.

  59. Impatiens auricoma * P - Very rare! Unusual non-stop bright yellow flowers for most of the year (with heat in winter). Wonderful! 90cm x 60cm. Part shade / shade.

  60. Impatiens hians * P - Another very rare variety with exquisite red flowers throughout the year (with winter heat). 45cm x 45cm. Part shade / shade.

  61. Impatiens niamniamensis ‘Congo Cockatoo’ * P - Very unusual bright red & yellow flowers for most of the year (with winter heat). 90cm x 20cm. Part shade / shade.

  62. Impatiens pseudoviola * P - Masses of dainty, viola-like, lilac-pink flowers virtually all year (with winter heat). Delightful! 45cm x 30cm. Part shade / shade.

  63. Impatiens sodenii * P - Tall stems with whorls of glossy leaves & spectacular, long-spurred flowers of the palest of pinks with magenta central markings. With winter heat they are produced all year. 1.5m x 30cm. Part shade / shade.

  64. Impatiens sulcata * A - A real rarity! Slender with frilly flowers of pink-flushed white. Superb! Easily grown from seed year after year. 60cm x 15cm. Part shade / shade.

  65. Impatiens velvetea ‘Secret Love’ * P - From a plant given to me by the original grower, an amazing new introduction! Lush, dark green velvety leaves with prominent pink mid-ribs & exotic white flowers, beautifully marked with orange and red. These are produced all year (with winter heat) but the foliage alone is wonderful. 45cm x 45cm. Part shade/shade.

  66. Iochroma australe * S - Bushy & spreading with leathery leaves & trusses of beautiful, trumpet-shaped, deep violet flowers in summer. 2m x 1.5m. Sun / part shade.

  67. Iochroma cyanea * S - Wonderful, large, softly-hairy, pale green leaves & clusters of deep purple tubular flowers in summer. 2m x 1.5m. Sun / part shade.

  68. Isoplexis canariensis * S - Dark green leathery leaves & eye-catching, tubular flowers of bright orange-yellow in summer. A lovely plant! 1.5m x 1m. Sun / part shade.

  69. Isoplexis sceptrum * S - Stunning! Above the spreading evergreen leaves, straight spikes of densely packed, bell-shaped, orange flowers are produced in summer. 1.5m x 1.5m. Sun / part shade.

  70. Jasminum humile *** S - Bushy, evergreen & free standing with fragrant bright yellow flowers in late spring & summer. 2m x 2.5m. Sun / part shade.

  71. Jasminum officinale ‘Argenteovariegatum’ *** C - Twining stems with very attractive leaves of grey-green, cream & deep pink! Clusters of fragrant white flowers in summer. 6m. Sun / part shade.

  72. Kalanchoe tomentosa * P - Lovely foliage plant! Soft, furry, silvery-grey leaves, often with reddish-brown edges. Flowers are purple-tinged yellow & bell-shaped. 50cm x 30cm. Ideal on a sunny windowsill or in a conservatory. Sun.

  73. Lathyrus vernus *** P - A delight! Clump-forming with lilac-pink flowers in spring. 25cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  74. Lathyrus vernus ‘Alboroseus’ *** P - As above but with dainty pink & white flowers.

  75. Lobelia x gerardii ‘Vedrariensis’ *** P - In summer & autumn, spikes of beautiful, deep violet flowers rise from leaf rosettes. Very elegant! 1m x 30cm. Sun / part shade. Not too dry.

  76. Lobelia laxiflora var. angustifolia *** P - Bushy with long narrow leaves & unusual tubular flowers of orange & yellow. A little winter protection gives a marvellous summer display. 60cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  77. Lopezia racemosa * A - Rare, new & delightful! From late spring until autumn produces masses of very unusual non-stop flowers - each shaped like a giraffe’s head (with his tongue out!) Self-seeds. 1.5m x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  78. Lotus creticus *** P - Very rare! Trailing, with pretty, silvery foliage & clusters of yellow, pea-like flowers in summer & autumn. Ideal in a sheltered rock garden. 30cm x 30cm. Sun.

  79. Lotus hirsutus *** S - Evergreen, soft, silvery-grey foliage & pink-flushed white flowers in summer, followed by russet seed pods. Very attractive. 75cm x 75cm. Sun.

  80. Lotus maritimus *** P - A lovely rarity! Trailing/scrambling with grey-green foliage & simply masses of soft yellow pea-like flowers all summer & autumn. Good in exposed spots & coastal sites. Superb! 75cm. Sun / part shade.

  81. Lysimachia ciliata ‘Firecracker’ *** P - Beautiful burgundy foliage & yellow starry flowers in summer. 1m x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  82. Lysimachia clethroides *** P - Eye-catching! Fresh green leaves, paler underneath, & dense curved spikes of white flowers, similar to Buddleja, in summer & autumn. Good for butterflies & bees. 90cm x 90cm. FS/PSH.

  83. Lysimachia congestiflora ** P - Stunning! Very bright golden foliage & clusters of cheery yellow flowers in summer & autumn. Perfect in a container - a pot of sunshine! 15cm x 30cm, Sun / part shade.

  84. Lysimachia ephemerum *** P - Evergreen glossy foliage & slender stems of charming white flowers in summer, followed by russet seed cases. 120cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  85. Mandevilla laxa * C - Twining, branching, deciduous climber with heavenly-scented white flowers through summer & autumn. 4 - 5m. Sun / part shade.

  86. Malvastrum lateritium *** P - A scrambler/climber. Has exquisite cup-shaped summer flowers of soft apricot, each with a golden centre surrounded by a deep rosy-pink band. 90cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  87. Metrosideros excelsus ** S - Unusual & spectacular! Glossy, evergreen, dark green leaves with white-felted undersides, together with a stunning summer display of bright crimson, tufted flowers. 3m x 2m. Sun / part shade.

  88. Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ *** P - A delightful grass to brighten your gloomy corners! Vibrant golden- yellow foliage & slender nodding spikelets of gold - which glisten if touched by an occasional sunbeam! 60cm x 30cm. Part shade / shade.

  89. Mimulus aurantiacus *** P - Scrambler/climber with glossy evergreen leaves, smothered with stunning, soft apricot flowers from late spring until autumn. Excellent! Looks really good in a container. Best in a sheltered spot. 90cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  90. Mimulus luteus *** P - Vigorous spreader with bright yellow flowers in late spring & early summer. 30cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade. Not too dry. Perfect for naturalising along watersides.

  91. Mirabilis jalapa ** P - Wonderful! Through summer & autumn, a profusion of fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers open daily in late afternoon, lasting until late on the following morning. Colours are intense - red, magenta, pink or yellow also white. Sometimes all on one plant! Self-seeds. 75cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade. Likes a sheltered spot. Dislikes winter wet.

  92. Miscanthus sinensis ‘Undine’ *** P - Excellent green & white striped grass with large, silky, pink spikelets, turning to silver, in late summer & autumn. 1m x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  93. Mitella breweri ***P - Lovely little evergreen cushion with stems of tiny, sulphur-yellow flowers in spring & summer. 15cm x 20cm. Part shade / shade.

  94. Molinia caerulea ‘Variegata’ *** P - Graceful grass with cream & green striped leaves & purple spikelets in summer & autumn. 45cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  95. Myrtus communis *** S - The common myrtle - although not so common nowadays! Glossy, evergreen, aromatic leaves & heavenly scented, fluffy white flowers in summer followed by black fruit. 2m x 2m. Sun.

  96. Myrtus communis subsp. tarentina HS - Quite delightful! A smaller, more compact myrtle. 1m x 1m. Sun.

  97. Nemesia denticulata *** P - Excellent ground cover with masses of mauve-white flowers all summer & autumn. 30cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  98. Olearia solandri *** S - Bushy & evergreen with miniature golden-green leaves ( new growth is very gold ) & fragrant, creamy-yellow fluffy flowers in summer & autumn. Good in windy or coastal areas. 2m x 1.5m. Sun / part shade.

  99. Onoclea sensibilis *** P - Very attractive, spreading fern with deeply cut, pale green fronds, pinkish-bronze in spring. Has black, bead-like spikes in late summer which persist through winter. 60cm x 3-4m. Part shade. Prefers a moist spot.

  100. Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ *** P - Evergreen, black, grass-like foliage & bell-shaped lilac-white flowers in summer, followed by black fruit. Slow growing at first. 20cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  101. Parahebe catarractae ‘Delight’ *** S - Delightful! Small evergreen leaves & a profusion of red-eyed, pale lilac, cup-shaped flowers which (if dead-headed) will continue from spring to autumn. 30cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  102. Pelargonium acetosum * P - Unusual, succulent variety with fleshy grey-green leaves & salmon-pink summer flowers. Trailing or can be grown upright with support. 45cm x 25cm. Sun .

  103. Pelargonium ‘Bird Dancer’ * P - Lovely dwarf variety with attractive, darkly marked, star-shaped leaves & single, starry, salmon-pink flowers. 20cm x 15cm. Sun.

  104. Pelargonium ‘Meadowside Midnight’ * P - Eye-catching, with very darkly marked leaves & orange starry flowers. Dwarf. 20cm x 15cm. Sun.

  105. Pelargonium tetragonum * P - A rare, succulent variety with fleshy, angled stems & pretty, creamy-white flowers with purple markings. Fairly lax so best grown upright with support. 70cm x 45cm. Sun.

  106. Pelargonium ‘Urchin’ * P - A very unusual miniature variety with tiny leaves & stunning red star-shaped flowers. A little gem! 8cm x 15cm. Sun.

  107. Pelargonium ‘Vancouver Centennial’ * P - Lovely, bright golden, star-shaped foliage with reddish-purple markings together with bright orange, starry flowers. 20cm x 15cm. Sun.

  108. Penstemon glaber *** P - Masses of long-lasting, lavender-blue, tubular flowers from spring to autumn. Evergreen.45cm x45cm. Sun / part shade.

  109. Penstemon ‘Mother of Pearl’ *** P - Evergreen with superb, tubular flowers of pearly white, tinted with pink & lilac & with maroon throat markings, through summer & autumn. 75cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  110. Penstemon PCHA 148 *** P - A wonderful new variety from Mexico! ( From an area where temperatures drop to -30 degrees Celsius! ) Bushy & evergreen with masses of stubby, bi-coloured, tubular flowers of white & lavender over an extremely long season. 45cm x35cm. Sun / part shade.

  111. Penstemon ‘Purple Form’ *** P - Evergreen with wonderful deep purple flowers in summer. 75cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  112. Penstemon ‘Schoenholzeri’ *** P - Narrow evergreen leaves & masses of scarlet flowers from spring to autumn. Brilliant! 75cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  113. Phormium cookianum subsp. hookeri ‘Tricolor’ *** P - Makes a stunning focal point! Large,attractive, strap-like, evergreen leaves striped green, yellow & red & spikes of yellow tubular flowers in summer. 2m x 3m. Sun.

  114. Phuopsis stylosa *** P - Semi-evergreen & mat-forming/trailing with spectacular globular flowers of lilac-pink in summer. 15cm x 50cm. Sun / part shade.

  115. Phygelius aequalis ‘Yellow Trumpet’ *** S - Superb! Evergreen with masses of creamy-yellow tubular flowers all summer. 75cm x 1m. Sun / part shade.

  116. Phygelius x rectus ‘African Queen’ *** S - Evergreen with spectacular tubular flowers in summer & autumn - orange-red on the outside & yellow inside. A stunner! 1.2m x 1m. Sun / part shade.

  117. Phygelius x rectus ‘Salmon Leap’ *** S - Very similar to above but with curved flowers. The buds resemble salmon leaping - hence the name!

  118. Phygelius ‘Trewidden Pink’ *** S - Similar to ‘African Queen’ but flowers are a beautiful dusky pink with rich cream insides.

  119. Plectranthus argentatus * S - Gorgeous! Eye-catching, silvery-grey foliage & glaucous grey stems tinted pink-purple. In summer & autumn, spikes of charming blue-white flowers. 1m x 1m. Sun.

  120. Plectranthus madagascariensis ‘Variegated Mintleaf’ * P - Very attractive trailer with aromatic, cream & green leaves & lavender-tinted white flowers in summer. Perfect container plant! 90cm . Sun / part shade.

  121. Polygala myrtifolia * S - Bushy with unusual, purple-pink & white pea-like flowers which remind me of butterflies! 75cm x 75cm. Sun / part shade.

  122. Polygonum capitatum ‘Pink Bubbles’ ** P - Trailing & perfect for containers with prettily marked leaves & non-stop, pink spherical flowers from early spring until autumn. Superb! 45cm. Part shade.

  123. Potentilla atrosanguinea *** P - Dome-shaped with strawberry-like leaves & cup-shaped summer flowers of the richest, deepest red imaginable! Stunning! 45cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  124. Potentilla nepalensis *** P - Clump-forming with wiry stems & beautiful, saucer-shaped, deep pink flowers with dark - almost black - centres in summer. 45cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  125. Primula veris *** P - The lovely Cowslip with its fragrant yellow flowers held above evergreen leafy rosettes in spring & early summer. 25cm x 25cm. Sun / part shade.

  126. Pulmonaria rubra ‘Redstart’ *** P - Very early flowering. Cheery coral-red, bell-shaped flowers from mid-winter until mid-spring. 40cm x 90cm. Part shade / shade.

  127. Rhamnus alaternus ‘Argenteovariegata’ *** S - Very attractive all year. Evergreen, variegated leaves of grey-green & white, yellow-green summer flowers & bright red autumn berries which ripen to black. 3.5m x 2.5m. Sun / part shade.

  128. Rhodochiton atrosanguineus * C - Spectacular with very unusual flowers! From cup-shaped, rose-pink, papery calyces, long, tubular, deep purple - almost black - flowers are produced all summer & autumn. ( In winter too, with sufficient heat under glass.) 3m. Sun / part shade.

  129. Rosa glauca *** S - Superb! Deep red stems, greyish-purple leaves & clusters of single summer flowers of pink with white centres. These are followed by a profusion of large, dark red hips. 2.5m x 1.5m. Sun / part shade.

  130. Salix babylonica var. pekinensis ‘Tortuosa’ *** T - The contorted willow with its curiously twisted branches & leaves. Looks super - especially in winter! 15m. Sun / part shade.

  131. Salvia argentea *** P - Clumps of the most wonderfully woolly, silvery leaves - each can reach 30cm long - & spikes of white summer flowers. 60cm x 75cm. Drought resistant. Protect from winter wet. Sun.

  132. Salvia austriaca *** P - Unusual summer & autumn flowers of pale yellow with brown speckles. Strongly aromatic foliage. 90cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  133. Salvia barrelieri ***P - Evergreen basal clumps & stems bearing whorls of small purple flowers from spring to autumn. Good bee plant. 90cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  134. Salvia bulleyana *** P - Throughout summer, stems of unusual yellow & maroon flowers grow from basal leaf rosettes. 60cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  135. Salvia cacaliifolia * P - Spectacular! Bushy & slightly lax with triangular aromatic leaves & non-stop stunning royal blue flowers from early summer to autumn. 90cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  136. Salvia canariensis *** P - Strongly aromatic, grey-green, triangular leaves & white woolly stems bearing lilac flowers all summer. These have attractive pink bracts. Super! 90cm x 90cm. Sun. Dislikes winter wet.

  137. Salvia coahuilensis *** S - Bushy & strongly aromatic with glowing, deep violet flowers all summer & autumn. 90cm x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  138. Salvia coccinea * P - Bushy & upright with aromatic leaves & a profusion of brilliant red flowers all summer & autumn. Self-seeds. 75cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  139. Salvia darcyi ** P - First found in autumn 1991. Large, stunning, bright scarlet flowers through summer & autumn & strongly aromatic foliage. Superb! 90cm x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  140. Salvia elegans ‘Scarlet Pineapple’ ** P - Excellent! Bushy & spreading with leaves smelling very strongly of pineapple & bright red flowers in summer & autumn. Needs a sheltered spot. 60cm x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  141. Salvia forsskaolii *** P - Large leaved basal clumps & from early summer to autumn, wonderful speckled flowers of deep violet & white. Self-seeds. Excellent for bees. 90cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  142. Salvia fulgens * P - Magnificent! Bushy & aromatic with masses of bright scarlet, furry flowers from early summer to autumn. 90cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  143. Salvia guaranitica ‘Black & Blue’ * P - Beautiful, deep blue flowers set in almost black calyces from late summer through autumn. Upright & bushy. 2m x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  144. Salvia involucrata ‘Bethellii’ * P - Stunning! Red stems, very rich green leaves & unusual, dusky pink, tubular flowers with furry tips. These are produced from large spherical pink buds from mid-summer to autumn. 1.5m x 60cm. Part shade.

  145. Salvia interrupta *** P - Very attractive, grey-green leaves & spikes of blue summer flowers. 1m x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  146. Salvia x jamensis ‘La Luna’ *** S - Lovely cream flowers, tinted apricot, are produced through summer & autumn. Aromatic, semi-evergreen leaves. 90cm x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  147. Salvia leucantha * P - Young stems are white & downy, foliage similar to a buddleja & amazing furry flowers of lavender & white from late summer , continuing through winter, with heat, under glass. 90cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  148. Salvia lyrata *** P - Very attractive foliage - bright green with maroon veins, turning completely maroon in full sun. Spikes of violet flowers in summer & autumn. 45cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  149. Salvia microphylla *** S - Bushy & semi-evergreen with leaves smelling of blackcurrant & bright pink flowers all summer & autumn. Excellent! 1m x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  150. Salvia microphylla ‘Cerro Potosi’ *** S - Absolutely super! Semi-evergreen, bushy, leaves smelling of blackcurrant, & masses of non-stop bright pink flowers from late spring until late autumn. 1m x 1.2m. Sun / part shade.

  151. Salvia microphylla var. microphylla *** S - Semi-evergreen with pale green aromatic leaves & stunning orange-red flowers from early summer to late autumn. A must! 1m x 1m. Sun / part shade.

  152. Salvia multicaulis *** P - Bushy with a profusion of small, glowing violet flowers with reddish-brown bracts in summer. 45cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  153. Salvia nemorosa *** P - Large crinkled leaves & stems of intense lavender flowers in summer & autumn. 90cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  154. Salvia nilotica *** P - Large-leaved clumps & spikes of lovely pale lilac flowers all summer & autumn. 90cm x 75cm. Sun / part shade.

  155. Salvia patens ** P - Spectacular! Bushy with large flowers of an amazingly intense royal blue in summer & autumn. Needs a sheltered spot. 60cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  156. Salvia patens ‘Chilcombe’ *** P - As above, but more hardy, with beautiful pale lavender flowers.

  157. Salvia przewalskii *** P - Excellent summer ground cover with clumps of large, sculptural, felted leaves & spikes of dusky, plum-coloured flowers. 90cm x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  158. Salvia uliginosa *** P - Graceful, slender stems with aromatic leaves & spikes of sky blue flowers from mid-summer until late autumn. Lovely! 1.5m x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  159. Saxifraga cuneifolia ‘Variegata’ *** P - A little gem! Small rosettes of yellow spotted green leaves & stems of white spring flowers. Evergreen & mat-forming - but not a thug! 10cm x 30cm. Part shade / shade.

  160. Sisynchrium striatum ‘Aunt May’ *** P - Very attractive, iris-like, evergreen foliage - cream & green striped - & stems bearing creamy-yellow cup-shaped flowers in summer. 45cm x 30cm. Sun / part shade.

  161. Solanum jasminoides ‘Album’ *** C - The queen of climbers! Evergreen, fast-growing & smothered with clusters of white flowers from late spring until late autumn. Magnificent! Excels on a south facing wall. 6m. Sun.

  162. Solanum laciniatum * S - Everything about this super plant is unusual! Attractive, deeply cut, large leaves; beautiful, golden-centred violet flowers in summer & shiny, bright orange fruits in autumn. Wonderful! 2m x 1m. Sun / part shade.

  163. Stachys coccinea *** P - Bright green leaves & stunning scarlet flowers from late spring until autumn. Prefers a sheltered spot. 45cm x 30cm. Sun.

  164. Stipa tenuissima *** P - Graceful, fine grass with fluffy cream spikelets in summer. Reminds me of a fibre optic lamp! Delightful! 45cm x 45cm. Sun / part shade.

  165. Teucrium flavum *** S - Bushy & evergreen with creamy-yellow, summer flowers. 60cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  166. Teucrium x lucidrys *** S - Evergreen, aromatic leaves with felted undersides. Lovely rosy-purple flowers in summer. Good ground cover & excellent for bees.. 30cm x 40cm. Sun / part shade.

  167. Thalictrum flavum subsp. glaucum *** P - Very attractive with blue-green foliage, purple stems & frothy, sulphur-yellow, summer flowers. 2m x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  168. Tradescantia x andersoniana ‘Isis’ *** P - Dense clumps of strap-like leaves & lovely, deep blue, triangular flowers from early summer to autumn. 60cm x 60cm. Sun / part shade.

  169. Tweedia caerulea * C - Absolutely wonderful! Clusters of sky-blue star-shaped flowers all summer & autumn, & the softest, most strokeable leaves imaginable! Very therapeutic! 1m. Sun.

  170. Ugni molinae *** S - Evergreen with small, glossy leaves & fragrant, pink-flushed white flowers in late spring. Aromatic, dark red berries follow in autumn. Prefers a sheltered spot. 1m x 90cm. Sun / part shade.

  171. Uncinia rubra *** P - Grass-like, evergreen foliage - rigid, shiny & a very attractive greenish-red. Dark brown-black summer flower spikes. 30cm x 35cm. Sun / partial shade.

  172. Verbena bonariensis *** P - A must for every garden! A ‘see-through’ plant - tall, stiff stems, few leaves & non-stop lilac flowers throughout summer & autumn. Attracts butterflies & self-seeds. 2m x 45cm. Sun / partial shade.

  173. Veronica prostrata *** P - Semi-evergreen & mat-forming with spikes of lovely pale blue flowers in early summer. Good ground cover. 15cm x 40cm. Sun / part shade.

  174. Vestia foetida *** S - Superb! Evergreen with glossy leaves & eye-catching, pendant, tubular, pale yellow flowers with long stamens in spring & summer. 2m x 1.5m. Sun / part shade. Shelter from cold winds.

  175. Viola labradorica ***P - Simply delightful! Semi-evergreen, purple-flushed, dark green leaves & lavender flowers in spring & early summer. Self-seeds. 8cm x 15cm. Sun / shade.

  176. Waldsteinia ternata *** P - Semi-evergreen & mat-forming with saucer-shaped, bright yellow flowers in late spring & early summer. Good ground cover. 10cm x 60cm. Part shade / shade.

  177. Weigela florida ‘Folliis Purpureis’ *** S - Purple-flushed, dark green leaves & funnel-shaped pink flowers in late spring & early summer. Compact.Very attractive! 1m x 1.5m. Sun / part shade.

  178. Zauschneria californica ‘Dublin’ *** P - Super! Bushy & spreading. In summer & autumn, has a profusion of non-stop tubular flowers of a stunning orange-red. 30cm x 45cm. Sun.

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