Sudbrooke Gardening Club. Autumn Show

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Sudbrooke Gardening Club.

Autumn Show.

It’s good to say all classes apart from Chrysanthemums were contested.

The show tables were full in most classes to make it really challenging for judges Jane Seago and Barry Reeves who praised all exhibitors for the quality of their exhibits.

Best in Show trophy was awarded to Iris Whitaker for her colourful Physalis alkekengi ( grown for the seed heads ). Iris also won the cookery,handicrafts and photography category as well as exhibitor scoring most points

Other category winners were John Whitaker for vegetables and fruit and Mike Halliday for flowers.

Class winners included Jenny Rose, Ruth Marshall,Coral Evans, Jenny Williams,Rupert and Nicola Hadley and George Preece.

The junior section was well contested with an Autumn drawing from the youngest exhibitor Benjamin Picksley, the largest exhibit a pot grown Dahlia from Vaughan Whitaker and the most wonderful looking cakes from prize winners Freya and Georgina Hadley.

Lewis Budgen won the ‘Autumn’ drawing class with his hedgehog surrounded by real leaves and Ellison Boulter gardening club won the ‘something grown’class with a fine box of vegetables.

Well done to all exhibitors.

Next meeting is Monday 13th October, 7-30pm at the village hall.

This meeting is open to all residents.

Our speaker for the evening is Marvin Liddel whose subject is ‘bees’.

His talk is much broader than bee-keeping although he will bring along a hive and some dead bees for people to see.

He covers the usefulness of bees in the garden as well as honey production.

He will bring some honey and beeswax candles for sale.

If you wish to know more about the gardener’s best friend do please come along, Marvin is happy to answer any of your questions.

The meeting starts at 7-30pm and ends around 9-30pm.

Free tea, coffee and biscuits are available mid- way through the evening, a charge of £2 per adult will be made to help defray costs.

Mike Halliday

( Chairman ) Tel 01522 754686

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