Succession Strategy Report

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Monday, 7th December 2009
New Horizons Community Enterprise

Succession Strategy Report

1. Purpose of Report

1.1 To provide background information on New Horizons Community Enterprise’s Succession Strategy beyond April 2011.

1.2 To seek Partnership endorsement of the development of the NHCE Succession Strategy for post April 2011, and to continue to work in partnership on its future development and delivery.
2. Background
2.1 Walsall’s New Deal for Communities grant funded programme ends on 31st March 2011. The Government is understandably keen to ensure that improvements brought about by the investment into deprived neighbourhoods are sustained for the continued benefit of the community. As such, it is requiring all NDC Partnerships to develop and implement a Succession Strategy at the end of the programme.
2.2 There are a number of specific criteria requirements set down by Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) and agreement by Walsall Council as the Accountable Body for the programme, is an absolute requirement. Similarly, support and endorsement from Partners is required and is of course necessary to ensure a meaningful strategy.
2.3 The Strategy is to be submitted to CLG very shortly and will be considered by the Cabinet in the next month. Partners will be aware of the developing Strategy through their involvement in the New Horizons Community Enterprise governance, and through discussions that have taken place. This is obviously an ongoing process and I am here seeking the Executive’s endorsement of its development, and an undertaking to work collaboratively with NHCE to implement the Strategy for the benefit of all.
2.4 Our proposed priorities and targeted outcomes follow on from our current programme where relevant and where there is an ongoing need. Our proposed outcomes are consistent with the Walsall Partnership’s chosen national indicator set and this will ensure synergy with the LAA, at our local level and add value to the work undertaken to meet LAA outcome targets.

2.5 A copy of a recent report to the NHCE Board of 11th November is attached (without the appendices). This provides a general background and context for you, although there have been one or two developments since, for example the time table for submission being deferred. There will be a brief presentation at the meeting and an opportunity to discuss further.

3. Recommendations
3.1 The Partnership Executive is requested to;

i. endorse the development and implementation of the Succession Strategy for NHCE

ii. to undertake to work collaboratively with NHCE to achieve agreed outcomes for the benefit of the local community and Partners.


Paul Rowlands

Chief Executive

New Horizons Community Enterprise

01922 712858

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