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Awareness Program for Conservation of Threatened Wetland Birds of Chitwan National Park (CNP), Central Nepal

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Paras B.Singh


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Rufford Small Grants Programme, UK

Preliminary Visit

Permission was taken from Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation for 14 months to conduct this program in the bufferzone of Chitwan National Park (CNP). Preliminary visit was made in Meghauli, Jitpur, Parsadhap, Sisabas, Sajhapur, Dharmpur, Andrauli, Kasharah, Gitanagar, Devnagar, Bharatpur, Beeshazari Lake area, Sahuraha, Laukhani areas from November 12 to 27, 2008. During this visit, Headmasters, Eco-teachers, Member of eco-club, Secretaries of Village Development Committee, Members of Youth clubs, Members of Bufferzone Committee, Chief Warden, Rangers, Game scouts were contacted and their advice for the program were noted and target audience were selected accordingly.

Poster Publication

Two kinds of posters were published to generate the awareness on Nationally Threatened Wetland Birds and Importance of Wetlands among the target audience. The poster which contains the information on 11 Threatened Wetland Bird Species; Lesser Adjutant (Leptoptipos javanicus), Baer’s Pochard (Aythya baeri), Sarus Crane (Grus antigone), Comb Duck (Sarkidiornis melanotos), Black Stork (Ciconia nigra), Painted Stork (Mycteria leucocephala), Black headed Ibis (Threskiornis melanocephalus), Asian Openbill (Anastomus oscitans) Darter (Anhinga melanogaster), Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus) and Watercock (Gallicrex cinerea) was published on December 15th 2008. Another poster which contains the information on Importance of Wetland and livelihood was published on January 28th 2009 in coordination with 9 organizations (6 national and 3 international) to mark the World Wetland Day 2009. The poster was published with a slogan of World Wetland day; Upstream Downstream: wetlands connect us all with a Nepalese theme of wetland conservation. Also, Nepali language was used in posters to make understandable among general public.

Student Teaching Program at Meghauli Area, Beeshazari Lake Area and Sahurah Area

Twelve schools were selected for this purpose. To date, the school teaching program has been conducted in total of 9 schools. Five schools; Janaki Higher Secondary School, Sarswati Secondary School, Shree Sajhanpur Secondary School, Devjyoti Lower Secondary School and Saradpur Higher Secondary School are respectively located at Meghauli, Jeetpur, Sanjhapur, Dev Nagar, and Saradpur. These schools were selected based on their nearness to important wetland; rivers (Rapti and Narayani) and Lake (Beeshazari) of Chitwan. Similarly, four other schools; Juwani Secondary School, Bachyauli Secondary School, Malpur Secondary School, Chitrasari Lower Secondary School are respectively located at Jhuwani, Bachyauli, Malpur and Chitrasari around Sauraha. These schools are located inside Budhi Rapti, Dhugre and Rapti Rivers. The program at Sauraha area was conducted in coordination with Bird Education Society (BES), our partner organization. All schools lies near and around wetlands of National and International Importance. Conservation Awareness Program was conducted for three full days (1130hrs to 1600hrs) in each school. Students were taught on the topic below for two days and last day was followed by field visit to nearest forest and wetland site for the site observation and bird watching.

  • Wildlife of Nepal.

  • Bird; Evolution, Characteristics, Importance, Types.

  • Status of birds in Nepal.

  • Threats to Birds.

  • Extinct birds of Nepal within last 100 years.

  • Globally and Nationally Threatened birds of Nepal.

  • Wetlands; Importance, Important wetland of Nepal, Conservation Issues.

  • Status of Wetland Bird in Chitwan.

  • Movie: Birds and Wetland.

At the end Student Teaching Program, Brochure of all Protected Areas of Nepal, Books (Birds of Nepal, Protected Area of Nepal), Posters of Globally Threatened Bird and Conservation News Letter were distributed for school library and poster of Threatened Wetland Birds of Nepal were distributed to each Student. The brochure, book of Protected Area of Nepal and Conservation News Letters were supported by Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation. Additionally, Dhaphe and Munal Newsletter were supported by Bird Conservation Nepal. A total of 636 students participated in school teaching program. Slide show presentation, poster presentation, chart paper presentation and field visit to different wetland sites were adopted as teaching method.

Training /Workshop at Meghauli

Wetland Bird Conservation Awareness Training and Workshop was conducted in Meghauli Chitwan from February 5th to 9th 2009. The participants were invited from Beeshazari Lake Area and Meghauli Area. Meghauli Area includes Jeetpur, Sajhanpur, Sisabas, Adrauli, Dharmapur, Parsadhap and Meghauli. The main objectives of the awareness training/workshop were:

  • To raise conservation awareness on wetland birds of Chitwan National Park and its Buffer Zone Area.

  • To disseminate the knowledge on value of birds and wetland conservation among teachers and youth community and member of bufferzone.

  • To enhance capacity development on Bird Identification Technique among youths, nature guides and teachers.

  • To pass on the message among general people and students of this sector through teachers and youths in the form of conservation ambassador.

Twenty nine persons were participated in the training program. Among them 7 participants were teacher from seven different schools (Janaki Higher Secondary School, Shree Sajhanpur Secondary School, Devjyoti Lower Secondary School, Kajiman Lower Secondary School, Shree Rastriya Primary School (Sisabas), Shree Rastriya Primary School (Adrauli),) 1 participant was member of Buffer Zone User Committee (Meghauli Buffer Zone User Committee), 19 participants were the members of 9 Youth Clubs (Sanghatik, Srijana, Jeetpur, New Jyoti, Dev Adrasa, New Everest, Sadabahar, Evergreen and Janaki Youth Clubs) and two participants were nature guides (Rhino Lodge and Chittal Lodge). Total 11 participants represented Tharu tribes. Participants were taught on following areas:

  • Wildlife of Nepal, Threatened Wildlife of Nepal.

  • Birds; Types, Evolution, Importance, Threats, Extinct Birds.

  • Wetland Birds of Chitwan, Threatened Wetland Birds of Nepal , their habitats and threats.

  • Role of Youth, Teacher and other influential members of Community on Conservation.

  • Key for Bird Watching and Technique for bird identification.

  • Status of Wetland Birds of Chitwan and Roles of teachers and youths for their conservation.

  • Wetlands, Important Wetlands of Terai and threats.

Slide Show Presentation, Poster Description and Distribution, Field Visit and Documentary Film Shows were methods adopted during training session to convey the message of wetland and wetland bird conservation among the participants. Total 12 types of posters were displayed on the wall of the training hall which comprised posters of Ramsar Sites of Nepal (Poksundo Lake, Rara Lake, Gokyo Lake, Gosaikunda, Koshi Watershed, Godhaghodi Lake), posters of threatened birds (Globally Threatened birds of Nepal, Threatened Wetland Birds of Nepal, Critical Vultures), posters on theme of World Wetland Day 2009 (Upstream and Downstream: Wetlands connect us all) and posters of Gharial Crocodile. Poster presentation was included in each day every after two slide show presentations. Documentary films; Wetlands and Livelihood and Life of Bird were shown among the participants.

Participants were taken to Bethari River and Chitwan National Park for onsite identification of wetland vegetation, invasive species, impacts of agricultural pollutants and Bird identification. The participants were taken for bird watching from Meghauli to Tiger Tops to Tented Camp (12 km) so that they could observe forest, wetland and grassland birds. Factsheet of wetlands of Nepal (Nepali Version), Booklet on Simsar (Wetland), Booklet on Protected Areas of Nepal (Nepali Version) and Birds of Nepal (Nepali Version) were distributed to each participant at the end of the program along with certificate of the training program. The posters and factsheets of Ramsar Sites of Nepal, posters of Gharial Crocodile and documentary film were supported by WWF-Nepal.

Quiz Contest

A Quiz Contest Program was conducted in Sahaurah in February 2nd 2009 to celebrate World Wetland Day. Total 14 schools were invited from the program targeted areas (Meghauli, Jeetpur, Sajhapur, Parsdhap, Dev Nagar, Saradpur and Sahurah area. Among them 9 school were participated for competition. There were four students (2 girls and 2 boys) were participated from each school. A speech on World Wetland Day 2009; Upstream and Downstream: Wetlands connect us all, and importance of wetland and water bird were delivered from representative of different NGOs before the starting of quiz contest. Prizes were distributed according to winner’s category. NRs. 3000 for each participant with four books (Birds of Nepal Books: Nepali Version) for first winner, NRs 1500 with Four Booklets (Garden Bird) for first runner up, NRs 1000 with four books (Protected Areas of Nepal) for second runner up and NRs 900 with four postcards (Wetland Birds) for consolation were respectively granted to winners of the Quiz Contest. Books and booklet were supported by Bird Conservation Nepal.

FM Radio Program

The FM Radio Program; Conservation Campaign (Samrachhan Abhiyan) has been broadcasting from Vijaya FM 101.6 MHz, Gaidakot, Nawal Parasi district to convey the message of conservation among the general public. The FM Radio station is located within the Chitwan Valley. The program will be continuing for one year. This program is combined effort of Rufford Grantees of Nepal whose projects are focused on Chitwan Valley and surrounding areas.
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