Subject: Beginning Strings Date: October 6, 2008

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Subject: Beginning Strings

Date: October 6, 2008
Unit Essential Question: How do we demonstrate proper instrument position and bow hold on the violin?

Lesson Essential Question: How do we demonstrate a proper pencil bow hold?

Thinking Strategies: Discussion, Cooperative Learning/Pairs

Teaching Strategies: Demonstration/Modeling, Guided Practice, Collaborative Pairs, Independent Practice

Summarizing Strategies: Performance Based, 3-2-1

Assessment: Performance

Concepts & Objectives:



perform on at least one instrument (alone and in groups) using proper techniques



recognize the different instruments within the string family



understand the proper care and maintenance of the instrument



identify the different parts of the instrument and bow



identify the names of the strings



recognize a characteristic tone on each of the instruments



recognize and demonstrate correct playing positions: arco, pizzicato, right hand, sitting, standing



perform with equal fluency across all four strings



demonstrate down bow/upbow



demonstrate the ability to play with good intonation using appropriate fingers



demonstrate the ability to perform two and three note slurs and ties



perform a G,D, C major scale



perform in all parts of the bow (upper, lower, and middle)



understand note and rest values (whole -eighth)



understand 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time signatures



define and understand: clef, measure, sharp, flat, natural, slur, tie, repeat sign, leger line, up/down bow



demonstrate independent performing by playing in two and three parts

Materials: Pencil, Visual aid (pencil bow hold pictures), Pencil bow hold checkpoint assessment sheet, Bow hold bunny props, violin and bow

  • Review open hand bow hold (model)

Fran Bunny: poor fingertip bowhold)

    • Refer to bow hold photo for checkpoints (below)

  • Demonstrate steps of pencil bow hold (non verbal), discriminating between right and wrong versions (do what I do, guided practice)

    • Set helper hand (left hand)

    • Thumb

    • Middle fingers

    • Pinkie

    • Index finger

    • Repeat process 1-2 times as needed (guided practice); Bert vs. Fran

  • Refer to pencil bow hold photos for assessment checkpoints (dry erase board, handout)

  • Independent practice (summarization performance)

    • 15 second bow hold challenge

    • Discussion/ evaluation

  • Guided practice. Student model leads while I circulate through classroom.

  • Independent practice in collaborative pairs

    • Alternating teacher/student roles (have students evaluate one another using assessment sheet

  • Closing/ summarization exercise

    • Preview of next class: bow hold on real bow

      • Refer to bow hold picture and demonstrate on real instrument

    • 3-2-1 exercise:

    • On back of assessment sheet list 3 checkpoints of a pencil bow hold

    • List the two characters that represent correct and incorrect versions of the bow hold

    • List one question you have about the bow hold

5th Grade Beginning Strings
Pencil Bow Hold Checkpoints

4=Exemplary 3=Proficient 2=Developing 1= Does not demonstrate

Bent Thumb 1 2 3 4

Round Fingers 1 2 3 4
Middle and ring fingers 1 2 3 4

touch pencil inside first joint

Middle fingers form a circle 1 2 3 4

with thumb

Round pinky on tip 1 2 3 4
Pointer finger touches 1 2 3 4

pencil between first and

second joint

Fingers evenly spaced 1 2 3 4

Bert Bunny

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