Subg. Ribes L. Sect. Berisia Spach (Alpine Currants) R. acuminatum (Hook. F.&Thomson) Jancz. Chase 3585 (K): its af426376

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TABLE 1. Taxa included in this study, with GenBank accession numbers. Following Messinger et al. (1999), taxonomy corresponds

to Sinnott (1985) with Grossularia subg. Hesperia and subg. Lobbia treated under Ribes. ITS sequences noted in boldface are from Senters

and Soltis (2003). Senters and Soltis provided the DNA for italicized sequences. Restriction site data are from Messinger et al. (1999).

Voucher information is cited as per Senters and Soltis (2003) or Messinger et al. (1999) when the data or DNA came from those sources.

Herbarium codes follow the Index Herbariorum, Eighth Edition. NPGR refers to the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm Repository.

UCBG refers to the University of California Botanical Garden. RBGE refers to the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

Subg. Ribes L.

Sect. Berisia Spach (Alpine Currants)

R. acuminatum (Hook. F.&Thomson) Jancz. Chase 3585 (K): ITS AF426376.

R. alpinum L. Arnold Arboretum 678–80E: ETS AY138021; psbA-trnH AY138094. Chase 3587 (K): ITS AF426378. NPGR 6640:

restriction sites.

R. diacanthum Pallas Arnold Arboretum 1852–81B: ETS AY138022; psbA-trnH AY138095; ITS AY138047. NPGR 34 (Messinger

315; OSC): restriction sites.

R. giraldii Janczewski Arnold Arboretum 609–74B: ETS AY138023; psbA-trnH AY138096. M. Mort s.n. (WS): ITS AF426381.

R. glaciale Wall. UCBG 91.0285: ETS AY138024; psbA-trnH AY138097; ITS AY138048.

R. komarovii Pojark. UCBG 91.078: ETS (1): AY138025. Arnold Arboretum 1094–82A: ETS (2): AY138026; psbA-trnH AY138098.

R. maximowiczii Batalin T. S. Elias 10940 (RSA): ITS AF426380. NPGR 267: restriction sites.

R. orientale Desf. Boufford et al. 28317 (A): ETS AY138027; psbA-trnH AY138099.

R. tenue Janczewski Boufford et al. 27604 (A): ETS AY138028; psbA-trnH AY138100. Chase 3610 (K): ITS AF426377.

R. vilmorini Janczewski Chase 3612 (K): ITS AF426379.

Sect. Calobotrya (Spach) Jancz. (Ornamental Currants)

R. affine H.B.K. M. Medina 2517 (NY): ITS AF426326.

R. brandegeei Eastwood s.c. 350568 (WS): ITS AF426331.

R. cereum Douglas UCBG 93.1213: ETS AY138013; psbA-trnH AY138087. NPGR 237.001: restriction sites. Ross 3425 (NY): ITS


R. ceriferum Coville and Rose s.c. 05017194 (MO): ITS AF426333.

R. ciliatum H. and B. Diggs 2625 (NY): ITS AF426327. NPGR 670.001 (Messinger 311; OSC): restriction sites.

R. dugesii Greenman Siplivinsky 3939 (WS): ITS AF426329.

R. glutinosum Benth. Chase 3594 (K): ITS AF426340.

R. indecorum Eastwood UCBG 86.0903: ETS AY138014; psbA-trnH AY138088. Mort 1370 (WS): ITS AF426336.

R. malvaceum Smith UCBG 91.1481: ETS AY138015; psbA-trnH AY138089. Johnson s.n. (WS): ITS AF426338.

R. mogollonicum Greene NPGR 294.001: ITS AF426332; restriction sites.

R. neglectum Rose Villarrea 4940 (NY): ITS AF426330.

R. nevadense Kellogg UCBG 89.1635: ETS AY138016; psbA-trnH AY138090. Mort 1373 (WS): ITS AF426339.

R. sanguineum Pursh UCBG 90.0193: ETS AY138017; psbA-trnH AY138091. Mort 1372 (WS): ITS AF426335. NPGR 46: restriction


R. tortuosum Benth Breedlove 62230 (MO): ITS AF426325.

R. viscosissimum Pursh Grimes 1878 (NY): ITS AF426334. NPGR 281.001 (Fredricks 394; OSC): restriction sites.

R. wolfii Rothrock Siplivinsky 4587 (NY): ITS AF426341.

Sect. Coreosma (Spach) Jancz. (Black Currants)

R. americanum Mill. NPGR 93: restriction sites. Nee 24196 (NY): ITS AF426375.

R. bracteosum Douglas UCBG 89.1645: ETS AY138033; psbA-trnH AY138103; ITS AY138049.

R. fragrans Pallas s.c. 4378976 (MO): ITS AF426373.

R. hudsonianum Richardson B. Ertter 3807 (NY): ITS AF426372.

var. petiolare (Douglas) Jancz. NPGR 278 (Fredricks 390; OSC): restriction sites.

R. janczewskii Pojark. Chase 3597 (K): ITS AF426370.

R. nigrum L. NPGR 215.001 (OSC): ITS AF426374.

R. viburnifolium A. Gray UCBG 65.1431: ETS AY138034. NPGR 762.001: ITS AF426371; restriction sites.

Sect. Grossularioides (Jancz.) Rehd. (Spiny, or Gooseberry-stemmed Currants)

R. lacustre (Pers.) Poiret Lesica 4710 (NY): ETS (1): AY138018; ITS AF426366. Arnold Arboretum 777–93A: ETS (2): AY138019;

psbA-trnH AY138092. NPGR 45: restriction sites.

R. montigenum McClatchie Bugham & Miller s.n. (WS): ETS AY138020; psbA-trnH AY138093; ITS AF426367. NPGR 864.001

(Messinger 254; OSC): restriction sites.

Sect. Heritiera Jancz. (Dwarf Currants)

R. erythrocarpum Coville and Leiberg NPGR 860.001 (Messinger 249; OSC): ITS AF426342; restriction sites.

R. howellii Greene NPGR 449.001 (Messinger 333; OSC): ITS AF426343; restriction sites.

R. glandulosum Grauer UCBG 89.0750: ETS (1): AY138035. Schultheis 589–00 (YU): ETS (2): AY138036; psbA-trnH AY138105.

NPGR 231: restriction sites. Chase 3605 (K) ( 5 R. prostratum L’Her.): ITS AF426345.

R. laxiflorum Pursh NPGR 439: restriction sites. Goodrich 19052 (WS): ITS AF426344.

Sect. Parilla Jancz. (Andine Currants)

R. andicola Jancz. Friere-Fierro 2577 (NY): ITS AF426368.

R. fasciculatum Sieb. & Zucc. UCBG 88.0615: ETS (1): AY138043; psbA-trnH AY138104. Arnold Arboretum 1879: ETS (2):

AY138044. Chase 3592 (K): ITS AF426346.

R. ovalifolium Jancz. Gentry s.n. (MO): ITS AF426369.

R. valdivianum Phil. Messinger 314 (OSC): restriction sites.

Sect. Ribes L. (Red Currants)

R. himalense Decaisne Boufford et al. 28903 (A): ETS AY138037; psbA-trnH AY138106. s.c. 04714258 (MO): ITS AF426369.

R. manshuricum Komarow Arnold Arboretum 67–7: ETS AY138038; psbA-trnH AY138107. Chase 3599 (K): ITS AF426320.

R. petraeum Wulfen Chase 3604 (K): ITS AF426318.

R. rubrum L. Arnold Arboretum 1119–78A: ETS (1): AY138039; psbA-trnH AY138108. Arnold Arboretum 214–96: ETS (2):

AY138040. Schuhwerk 7039 (NY): ITS AF426321.

R. sativum (Rehbeh) Syme Missouri Botanical Garden: ITS AF426323.

cv. ’Diploma’ NPGR 747 (Thompson 46; OSC): restriction sites.

R. spicatum Robs. Chase 3609 (K): ITS AF426322.

R. triste Pallas UCBG 94.1114: ETS (1): AY138041. Arnold Arboretum 407–94: ETS (2): AY138042; psbA-trnH AY138109. Messinger

314 (OSC): restriction sites. Baldwin 2269 (WS): ITS AF426319.

Sect. Symphocalyx Berland. (Golden Currants)

R. aureum Pursh UCBG 56.0948: ETS (1): AY138030. Arnold Arboretum 460–81A: ETS (2): AY138029; psbA-trnH AY138101.

NPGR 769: restriction sites. Clement 26 (WS): ITS AF426382.

R. odoratum Wendl. UCBG 86.0126: ETS (1): AY138032. Arnold Arboretum 1192–74A: ETS (2): AY138031; psbA-trnH AY138102.

NPGR 691: restriction sites.

Subg. Grossularia (Mill.) Pers.

Sect. Grossularia (Mill.) Nutt.

R. aciculare Sm. A.K. Skvortsov sn (A): ETS AY137976; psbA-trnH AY138060; ITS AY138050.

R. alpestre Wall. ex Decne. Boufford et al. 28437 (A): ETS AY137975; psbA-trnH AY138059. Chase 3586 (K): ITS AF426349.

R. burejense F. Schmidt NPGR 259.001: ETS AY137977; psbA-trnH AY138061; restriction sites. Messinger 260 (OSC): ITS


R. curvatum J.K. Small R. Kral 53094 (GH): ETS AY137979.

R. cynosbati L. Arnold Arboretum 1108–78A: ETS (1): AY137981; psbA-trnH AY138063; ITS AY138051. Schultheis 590–00 (YU):

ETS (2): AY137980.

R. divaricatum Douglas UCBG 85.1596: ETS (1): AY137982; psbA-trnH AY138064. Chase 3591 (K): ETS (2): AY137983; ITS


R. echinellum (Coville) Rehd. Arnold Arboretum 234–96: ETS AY137984; psbA-trnH AY138065; ITS AY138052.

R. formosanum Hayata Wang 1096 (MO): ETS (1): AY137985; ITS AF426354. RBGE 19934301: ETS (2): AY137986; psbA-trnH


R. grossularioides Maxim. RBGE 19592035: ETS AY137987; psbA-trnH AY138067; ITS AY138053.

R. hirtellum Michx. UCBG 86.0125: ETS (1): AY137988. Schultheis 588–00 (YU): ETS (2): AY137989; psbA-trnH AY138068. Chase

3595 (K): ITS AF426353.

R. inerme Rydb. Layser 1770 (UW): ETS (1): AY137990; ITS AF426356. Arnold Arboretum 225–80A: ETS (2): AY137991; psbAtrnH


R. missouriense Nutt. W.R. Smith 11396 (GH): ETS AY137993; psbA-trnH AY138071. Solomon 859 (WS): ITS AF426348.

R. niveum Lindl. Messinger 226 (OSC): ETS AY137994; psbA-trnH AY138072; ITS AF426351. NPGR 777.001 (Messinger 226;

OSC): restriction sites.

R. oxyacanthoides L.

subsp. oxyacanthoides NPGR 139.001: ETS (1): AY137996. Alverson 1645 (WIS): ETS (2): AY137995; psbA-trnH AY138073.

Peterson & Annable 4440 (WS): ITS AF426383.

subsp. cognatum (Greene) Sinnott Woodland s.n. (WS): ETS AY137978; psbA-trnH AY138062; ITS AF426357.

subsp. irriguum (Douglas) Sinnott RBGE 19794064: ETS AY137992; psbA-trnH AY138070; ITS AY138054. NPGR 773.001

(Messinger 221; OSC): restriction sites.

subsp. setosum (Lindl.) Sinnott Arnold Arboretum 1395–83A: ETS AY137998; psbA-trnH AY138075. Lackschewitz 7845 (UW):

ITS AF426352.

R. rotundifolium Michx. Mitchell & Barbour 10,112 (NYS): ETS AY137997; psbA-trnH AY138074; ITS AY138055.

R. stenocarpum Maxim. RBGE 19698970: ETS AY137999; psbA-trnH AY138076; ITS AY138056.

R. uva-crispa L. UCBG 87.0719: ETS (1): AY138001. Arnold Arboretum 1404–80B: ETS (2): AY138000; psbA-trnH AY138077.

Hill 20953 (NY) ( 5 R. grossularia L.): ITS AF426350.

Subg. Hesperia A. Berger

R. amarum McClatchie UCBG 89.1081: ETS AY138002; psbA-trnH AY138078.

R. californicum Hook. and Arn. UCBG 82.1692: ETS AY138004; psbA-trnH AY138080; ITS AY138057.

R. menziesii Pursh Messinger 233 (OSC): ETS AY138006; psbA-trnH AY138082; ITS AF426364. NPGR 769.001 (Messinger 233;

OSC): restriction sites.

R. roezli Regel Nelson s.n. (WS): ETS AY138007; psbA-trnH AY138083; ITS AF426365.

var. cruentum (Greene) Regel NPGR 772.001 (Messinger 217; OSC): restriction sites.

Subg. Lobbia A. Berger

R. binominatum A.Heller Messinger 260 (OSC): ETS AY138003; psbA-trnH AY138079; ITS AF426359. NPGR 867.001 (Messinger

260; OSC): restriction sites.

R. lobbii A. Gray UCBG 85.1496: ETS AY138005; psbA-trnH AY138081. Smith Jr. 7443 (WS): ITS AF426361.

R. velutinum Greene Annable 2503 (NY): ETS AY138011; psbA-trnH AY138085; ITS AF426358. NPGR 865 (Messinger 255.1;

OSC): restriction sites.

R. watsonianum Koehne Patrick s.n. (UW): ETS AY138012; psbA-trnH AY138086; ITS AF426360.

Sect. Robsonia Berland.

R. speciosum Pursh UCBG 84.0004: ETS (1): AY138008; psbA-trnH AY138084. Mort 1371: WS: ETS (2): AY138009; ITS AF426362.

NPGR 901.001: restriction sites.

R. thacherianum Johnson s.n. (WS): ETS AY138010; ITS AF426363.


Itea virginica L. New York Botanic Garden 76/98C: ETS AY138045; psbA-trnH AY138110. Messinger 337 (OSC): restriction sites.

Ware 94 (WS): ITS AY231368.

I. ilicifolia Oliver UCBG 86.0414: ETS AY138046; psbA-trnH AY138111; ITS AY138058.

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