Student Rental Regulations for Universal Studios Costume Dept

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Student Rental Regulations for Universal Studios Costume Dept

  1. Students must provide a copy of their current student ID (front and back) and a letter from their school stating that the film student is currently enrolled and naming the title of the project. Student hours are 7am to 3pm Monday through Thursday, the check out process must be completed by 3pm. No Student Rentals after 3pm or on Fridays.

  1. Student must handle payment at the time of rental AND leave a deposit. We accept cash or credit card for payment and deposit. No student checks will be accepted. Security deposit is equivalent of the replacement value of the clothing.

  1. Students must contact Victoria at 818-777-3514 to close out their accounts. Students whose names are listed on the school letter are responsible to close their rental account, no exceptions. If account is left unattended for 1 week after the expected return date all outstanding charges including the full replacement value of all outstanding items will be billed and payment will be taken from the security deposit. There will be no refunds and no exceptions.

  1. High end garments and those with sizeable replacement values are off limits for student rentals. (Values set at department’s discretion)

  1. Students must make sure any prior damages are noted on their paperwork by stock personnel. Once the items leave the department, students are responsible for all losses and damages. When returning items students must remain in the department until the check in process is complete. All used items must be returned DRY CLEANED. Any items returned dirty and/or wrinkled will be charged a dry cleaning fee.

  1. Student pricing is 50% off the regular rental rate, with NO APPROVAL PERIOD, special pricing is only in effect if all the above stated requirements are FULFILLED. Minimum rental is $35.00 (no discount) plus tax.

I, ________________________________ have read and accept the above rules and regulations.
100 Universal City Plaza, Edith Head Building 8166/4th floor, Universal City, CA 91608.

Office: 818-777-3514 Fax: 818-866-1842

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