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As a school, we are committed to providing each child with a learning experience that enables them to build a pathway to their future. This work is underpinned by the fact that our learners are 21st Century students and as a contemporary school we need to ensure access to a 21st Century learning experience.

Over the last decade significant changes have occurred in the way information and communication technologies (ICT) has been used to support each child’s learning experience. A contemporary learning experience now very much involves the use of ICT. This has further developed as:

  • Curriculum, pedagogy and assessment have become more reliant on ICT.

  • Teachers have become more confident in the use of ICT in the classroom.

  • Students and parents expect more in terms of the use of ICT.

  • Text books become increasingly available in ebook form.

  • The number of resources that are available on-line has increased.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines under which a student owned netbook can be used at school.

The Netbooks will be used to enhance each child’s learning by allowing students to:

  • Access, use create and publish digital and online information

  • Develop knowledge, understanding and skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem solving

  • Collaborate with others

  • Use laptops as a tool to manage their work and learning

  • Develop age-appropriate ICT skills, including the responsibilities of online citizenship

  • Accept responsibility for their personal actions when using ICT and for the care of their laptop.


Pakenham Secondary College has opted to introduce a student owned Netbook program from 2015. It is recommended that Year 7 students entering the college will purchase a Netbook. It is expected that, if properly looked after, it will last for at least three years. Year 10 students will also have the opportunity to purchase a device to have available for the start of the 2015 school year. This plan will be rolled out so that by the beginning of 2018 it is envisaged that each child will have their own netbook.

It is recommended that students purchase a standard device, which for Pakenham Secondary College is a Lenovo Think Pad 11e, Celeron (2.3GHz) processor, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD hard drive, Windows 8, computer bag complete with a 3 year onsite warranty. It can be purchased, by parents, from our preferred supplier, JB Hi Fi Educational Solutions (formerly known as Network Neighbourhood). This group is listed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development on its preferred supplier panel.

Parents will be able to purchase the Device on line. It can be paid for in full using a credit card option while some parents may choose to use the finance option which will be arranged through “Flexigroup” as organised by the Netbook supplier. The finance option is organised by the supplier and is independent of the College. It will be each parent’s decision as to whether or not they take up the finance option.

Funding and pricing arrangements will be reviewed and endorsed by school council on an annual basis.

The benefits of students having the same device and purchasing the laptop from the preferred supplier are:

  • Full on-site warranty for 3 years

  • No cost for Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Published and 80 educational software titles.

  • Full onsite software support.

  • ebooks can be purchased instead of a hard copy of the text books.

  • Student only carries a small laptop computer, not a backpack full of textbooks.

Under current licensing agreements, the Microsoft suite (eduSTAR primary image) can be placed on Student owned / leased devices provided they are capable of running the Windows operating system (PC or MacBook) - iPad or Android devices are ineligible and incompatible with the Microsoft Suite. Only one student owned device will be loaded with the software and rights to access the software will cease once the student exits the College and is no longer able to connect to the School’s Network.

The school will be required to:

  • Record student owned 1:1 devices on the school computer census under: Funding Type – “Student owned” and Allocation Type “BYOD”

  • Record all 1:1 devices in the SIPS school ICT inventory (This must be managed by the Specialist Technician)

  • Record the student ID, device type, device serial number if the school loads Microsoft Software; or the edustar primary image on student owned / leased netbook


Some students and their families may elect not to use the preferred device and instead choose an alternative model. While this is not preferred option, the College does recognise that this an option some parents may select.

A non-standard device can only have access to Colleges Wireless Network provided:

  • Current anti-virus software is installed

  • The student login details on their computer will need to be identical to their login details to their school account.

  • The student password is identical to their school account

Without access to the network students will be unable to access their home folders; internet, or printers while they are at school. Additionally, the school will be unable to offer hardware support, no DEECD software will be installed, and additionally no on-going software support will be made available.

Ratified by College Council

August 2014

Review Cycle


Review Date

August 2015

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