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Master prover: Danny Dushan Ron
The proving was done in Israel on the 14th August, 2011, with 9 female participants. All of the men refused to participate in the proving (12 participants were invited for the weekend; three men withdrew because their female partners refused to allow them to be in a spiritual experiment with so many women, for fear it would become a party. One religious man, a student, refused because he realized that the showers are common to everyone, being held out in wild nature). The proving was held in the Galilee over the weekend.

The remedy was made by Superpharm Pharmacy, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Pharmacy email:

The remedy was made from the yolk of the egg and a feather - from two separate captive birds – both females. The reason for taking both and egg and a feather is that the ostrich can’t fly at all. The power of this poultry is in her legs and her remarkable power of surviving. The yolk brings the remedy an additional essence of this poultry.

The main issue that arose in the proving, unfortunately, is MEN FUCK: men tend to fuck everything and to spoil everything. Women tend to act stupidly. They described their behaviour on many occasions in life as stupid, for example: concerning work, home, friends, family, and education.
The abuse of women for fun, commercial, trading, reproduction, slavery, pornography, etc.

The provers talked a lot about whether polygamy is better than monogamy and some said that they preferred not to get married and some said they preferred to be single mothers and change the spouse often. Some were very into traditional marriage.


Both to be a polygamist, and also to live their lives by their own free choices.


(Some said that they preferred not to get married and some said they preferred to be single mothers and change the spouse often.


By the boss at work, the men at home, the professors; All men are restricting them.

Delusion: she is made a slave; of men who control the systems.
Fear of violence:

They remembered incidents of violence towards them from the past. For example, aggressive or rude behaviour of the team in the hospitals during labour. They said it was like a rape.

Fear of terrorists (during the proving they slept in a tent in a village in a rural area.)
Fear aggression, abuse, rude behaviour.
Sympathetic, feeling ↔ unfeeling.
Growing up in family that does not support or protect. Or the opposite: a traditional family in which the men dictate the life of the women; what they can or can’t do or what they can be.
Fear of:

Violence, animals, shooting, dark, men, and fire.

Afraid of fire in the fields, (it is the hot season in Israel) they feared fire in the forests and fields. This was not a common fear for them.

Dreams: escaping, running fast.

Dreams: danger, migrating away from Israel.
Anxiety; feeling that something bad is going to happen, palpitation of heart, anxiety with difficult breathing.

Alert feeling; with anxiety.


Freedom in sex.

Libertinism; of women: the shower we had during this proving was outside in a tent made of straw, the women felt they wanted to be on a naturist beach, (the idea of being naked and free.

Sexual desire was increased and they talked about it openly.

On the other hand some women were afraid of the openness. Or of men.

Naked, feminine behaviour, being attractive to men; on the other side: sexual abuses, frigidity, fear of men.

Dreams: amorous, of sexual intercourse, 3 provers dreamed of a black, strange man, with big lips that kiss them all over the body and one prover reached an orgasm.
Fertility and the opposite: Infertility

Delusion: she has neglected her duty; to family, husband, children, work/employer.

Homesickness, missing the family especially their brothers and sisters, but not their parents.


Cheerful and dancing:

Dancing and singing along, energy of fun, happy; they wanted to sleep near one another, laughing.

Pains in the arms, legs, as of growing pains (one of the provers said that it is like the growing pains they used to have as a child.)
Pain in the neck and shoulders
Pain in the sinuses between the eyes, the ethmoid (ethmoid sinuses are located inside your skull, between your eyes and immediately above your nose)
Head pain; mainly between the eyes and forehead. Pressing pain.
At the end of the proving all of the provers, before they knew about the remedy, felt huge anger and disappointment that all women live in the world of men.

Danny Dushan Ron, PSHom

Director of research and development

Adiv – Homeopathic Solutions Centre

Tel Aviv, Israel


Phone: 972.52.828.7090

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