Structure in Monkey Equivalent Human Structure

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Posterior Structures involved in Saccades and Reaching

Structure in Monkey

Equivalent Human Structure

Putative Function


Likely IPTO

Saccade Goals

V6a / PRR


Reach Goals


mIPS (mid-posterior IPS), possibly lateral extending into inferior parietal.

Saccades: attention/ intention / integration


aIPS: Junction between anterior IPS and inferior parietal sulcus



mIPS (mid-posterior IPS), possible more medial in superior parietal.

Calculation of Reach Vector in Visual Coords,

Online monitoring of reach feedback signals


Angular Gyrus

Knowledge of left vs. Right,

Calculation of Reach Vector in Motor Coords.

Manual Pointing/Tool Use

Visuospatial Functions



MT+, posterior temporal occipital fossa

Visual Motion Processing

Brodman’s area 5

Multi-sensory Integration

S1 (B1,2,3)


Primary Somatosensory

Frontal Structures involved in Saccades and Reaching

Structure in Monkey

Equivalent Human Structure

Putative Function

Rostral Cingulate motor area (CMAr)

Rostral Cingulate zone (RCZ) anterior (RCZa)

Conflict monitoring

Caudal Cingulate motor area - ventral bank (CMAv)

Rostral Cingulate zone posterior (RCZp)

Selection for action

Caudal Cingulate motor area - dorsal bank (CMAd)

Caudal cingulated zone (CCZ)

movement execution (eg finger movements)

BA8: Frontal Eye Fields

Overlaps Dorsal Premotor; Intersection of the superior precentral sulcus with the superior frontal sulcus

Saccades & gaze shifts:

Internal / Voluntary,


Supplementary Eye Fields

Medial wall of frontal lobe

Paracentral sulcus

(controversy on location)

-border of the SMA and the pre-SMA

Saccades and eye-head Gaze Shifts: arbitrary rules & transformations

Cingulate Eye Fields

Posterior part of Anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) Controversy on location)

Eye Movement Control

Dorsal Premotor Cortex

Dorsal-Anterior to M1.

Visual Control of Reach

Visual and proprioseptive representations of arm position

Lateral Premotor Cortex

Representations triggered by attended sensory events

Pre-Supplementary Motor Area (Rostral portion of area 6)

Pre-Supplementary Motor Area

processing or maintenance

of relevant sensory information

-a sub-region of prefrontal cortex

Supplementary Motor Area (Caudal area 6a)

Supplementary Motor Area

- somatotopically arranged

map of the body

- e.g., rostral orofacial (border with pre-SMA), hindlimb caudal sites

Primary Motor Cortex (B4)

Dorsal part of precentral gyrus, anterior of central sulcus

Reach Implementation

Dorso-lateral Prefrontal Cortex

BA 45 and 46

Spatial Memory and Executive Function

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