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Stentor String Instruments:

Lovemore Music is exceptionally proud of our relationship as the exclusive Southern Africa agent for Stentor string instruments. Based in the United Kingdom, Stentor has been manufacturing acoustic stringed instruments since 1895.

Stentor Student outfits are supplied complete with case, bow, rosin & fine tuners.


The Stentor I range offers all violin sizes from 1/16th to full size instruments supplied with rosewood chinrest and tuning pegs.

Stentor II, available in 1/4 to full size instruments are , manufactured with ebony finishes.

Handmade Violins:

Stentor produce two hand made models; the Elysia and Arcadia. They offer excellent value for the more advanced player with selected tonewoods, fine quality carving and a spirit varnish. These handmade instruments posess an even front and flamed maple back, and are “set up” with Tonica strings, however, the strings of your preference can be purchased and fitted to the instrument of your choice.

Franz Sandner:

The workshop of Franz Sandner in Germany has a history of several generations of craftsmen producing high quality student and orchestral violins, violas and cellos. All instruments are produced under the supervision of the Sandner family. These are magnificent handmade instruments with a smooth, warm tone quality. Violins are fashioned with either a natural or distressed finish.


The Stentor II range of violas is manufactured with ebony finishes in 15" and 16" models, both of which are supplied with a case, rosin and bow.


The Stentor II student Cello, available from 1/4 to full size instruments, incorporate inlaid purfling, ebony finishes, and a tail piece with 4 fine tuners. Supplied with a padded bag incorporating shoulder straps, bow and rosin; this is the ultimate student instrument.

Handmade Cellos:

The Stentor range of handmade cellos, The Elysia and The Arcadia are individually hand crafted from selected figured tonewoods.

The front of The Elysia is of selected narrow grain spruce and finished in hand applied traditional varnish whilst The Arcadia, is a truly superb instrument finished in hand applied traditional shellac varnish.

Double Basses:

Stentor Basses:

Stentor produces an exceptionally affordable and cost effective instrument for the budding enthusiast, beginner or intermediate player.

Andrea Zeller:

This is a 3/4 instrument with a solid spruce table, maple back, sides and neck, finished in an amber gold varnish. It has an ebony finger board and tailpiece and full plate machine heads.

All of our string instruments are set up and checked by our strings specialists before being released from our stores.

Yamaha Electric Violins:

Yamaha’s technically sophisticated range of silent violins has a wonderful acoustic tone and playability.

The SV 120, a fullsize instrument equipped with four fine tuners, has a neck and bridge of hard maple, whilst the body is constructed from spruce.

The SV200 second generation Silent Violins has a simple to use EQ system which provides an enhanced acoustic tone, or dry signal. Under the bridge pickups provide greater dynamic range while the on-board pre-amp is virtually noise free for recording or amplifying.


Student Bows:

Our all-embracing range of student bows encompasses all orchestral string instruments; Violin and Cello bows from 1/16 to 4/4, Three Quarter & Full Size Double Bass and Full Size Viola Bows are readly available.

Intermediate Bows:

Upgrade your bow for greater control, balance and tone quality. Our range of intermediate bows offers a cost effective alternative to a professional bow.

Hand Crafted Bows:

For the ultimate in playing pleasure select your “bow for life” from our extensive range. Visit us and test them for yourself to find the bow that best suits your playing style.

We stock hand made bows for both Violin & Cello.

Bow re-hair and repair work:

Our string technicians undertake all bow re-hair tasks on site at our workshop.

We can effect most repair work on cracked wooden instruments as well as positioning of sound posts, restringing and the cutting of bridges to match your instrument's design.

For accessories such as strings, rosin, cases, shoulder rests, mutes and the like visit our accessories section.

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