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472-10520-120 Street

Edmonton, AB

T5H 4L9

Cell (780) 554-6452


Danika Richard


Excellent health, honest, reliable, hard working, team player and works well with minimum supervision. Valid Class 5 Driver’s License with a clean driving record.


2009-2010 University of Alberta

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) After Degree

2004-2008 University of Alberta

Bachelor of Science; biology major, chemistry minor

  • 2004 High School Diploma at J.A.Williams High School

Teaching Experience

February 2002-August 2005 Lac La Biche Portage Pool

Work Experience (Field of Study)

May 2007-September 2010

Forest Entomology Lab Technician

  • Responsible for pinning, identifying, trapping, databasing and dissecting various forest insect pests and biodiversity of insects.

Databasing, filing, including co-editing of Microlepidoptera of Alberta, co-author of “Paraclemensia leafcutter moths in Alberta (Lepidoptera: Incurvariidae),” in progress.

Volunteer Experience

Professional Development

CTS Conference 2010

LEGO robotics course at the University of Alberta


Northern Teacher Student Bursary

Alberta Server Intervention Certificate (ASIP)

Rutherford Scholarship

Water Safety Instructor

Lifesaving CPR instructor

Standard First Aid level C

Lifesaving Instructor

National Lifeguard Standard



James Trodden 780-826 3111

Paul Froese 780-951-2461

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