Strategy name: Fernald technique skill area: Spelling and Vocabulary strategy

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STRATEGY NAME: Fernald technique

SKILL AREA: Spelling and Vocabulary

STRATEGY: The Fernald technique is a procedure that combines the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile modes of learning. Some have called this the VAKT approach. It is used with LD kids to teach spelling and vocabulary words. These are the procedures used in this approach.

1. The teacher will write the word to be learned in large letters on the board, saying the word as she writes it.

2. The child will write the word on a card using a crayon. He also says the word as he is writing it.

3. The child traces the letters with the forefinger of his dominant hand, while saying the word and each of its letters. He does this a minimum of three times.

4. The child stands up and traces the word in the air, saying the word aloud and its letters.

5. With a partner, they trace the word on each other’s backs 3 times.

6. He traces it on his hand 3 times.

7. He takes a paper and writes the word, writing and saying the word aloud. He can use model word if he needs help remembering it.

8. Without the model, he writes the word, writing and saying the word aloud. He then checks his writing by looking at the model.

9. If the child is unable to write the word in step eight, he should repeat the process.

SOURCE: Dr. Linda Reetz, University of South Dakota, Handbook for Sped 731.

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