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Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies

University of Kentucky

1313 Patterson Office Tower

Lexington, KY 40506-1072

Ph.D., English, The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY), 2012

Dissertation: “Brokering Literacies: An Ethnographic Study of Languages and

Literacies in Mexican Immigrant Families”

Committee: Ira Shor (Chair), Ammiel Alcalay, Rebecca Mlynarczyk

M.Phil., English, The Graduate Center, CUNY. Conferred with distinction, 2009
B.A., Creative Writing, University of Arizona. Magna cum Laude, 2003
B.A., English Literature and Composition, University of Arizona. Magna cum Laude,


Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

August 2012-Present

Translanguaging Tareas: Mexican Immigrant Families Brokering Homework Literacies

My current book manuscript is framed in ethnography, bilingualism, family studies, sociolinguistics and discourse analysis. Translanguaging Tareas studies a grassroots family literacy/community mentoring program that connected immigrant language minority parents with English language mentors who helped emerging bilingual children with homework and encouraged positive academic attitudes. The ethnography localizes accounts of literacies practices, language brokering, advocacy, community-building, and mentorship among Mexican-origin immigrant families at a struggling but stable neighborhood after-school program in New York City. I argue that for these families, dominant models of measurable school aptitudes and literacy practices fundamentally developed in course with social hopes of educational achievement, which the program supported. The program offered a model of family and mentor involvement for after-school educational programs assisting bilingual learners that value day-to-day translanguaging repertoires of immigrant families.

Confidence in Community Literacies

This book project speaks to the scholarly definitions and terms used to refer to linguistically diverse students, their social networks, and their literacy practices in everyday language and with narrative-driven explanations. I make specific suggestions for K-12 English teachers about how to reach and help emergent bilingual students become more confident readers and writers. I write from a position of understanding on the part of teachers, knowing well that not all are fluently bilingual or have formal professional development in teaching emergent bilingual students, and thus not always adequately prepared to meet the challenges of this increasing demographic of students in classrooms across the country. Confidence in Community Literacies directly addresses teachers who are learning about emergent bilingual students, offering these instructors suggestions for approaching, engaging, and partnering with students’ communities to design culturally sustaining pedagogies of resilience and hope that make productive use of the literacy abilities students bring to schools. The book also dares experienced teachers and those with bilingual abilities to further innovate and refine methods for translingual literacy measures and assessment strategies.

The Languages and Literacies of Latino Immigrant Families in Kentucky

This ethnography studies the homework intervention program sponsored by a public library and aimed at Latino elementary, middle, and high school students. The participants in this ethnographic research project are from ten Latin American-origin immigrant families interacting with eleven adult core volunteer staff at a community after-school homework assistance program in Fayette County, Lexington, Kentucky. The program offers free evening, after-school K-12 tutoring services that promote active family participation in education outside of a school setting. The program is sponsored by the branch of a public library located in a notoriously dangerous neighborhood in one of the city’s “Little Mexico” enclaves. For nearly a decade, the program has mediated between local Latino immigrant families and the larger Mexican community in the area, as well as between families and local institutions, primarily the formidable local public schools. As a safe space for families away from schools to speak about schools, the program offers one avenue for immigrant parents to discourse with one another and participate in their children’s educations openly in Spanish.

Black and Latino Male Dialogues About College

Currently in the proposal stages, this qualitative study will be guided by three related research objectives. The first objective is to identify the meanings African American and Latino males involved in a dialogue-oriented mentorship intervention assign to their college experiences at the University of Kentucky. The focus will be to identify how dialogues engage African American and Latino men attending the university, and how dialogues build community. This is important because although graduation rates appear to be on the rise, completion of college may still be regarded as a challenge. The second objective is to identify ways in which beliefs about these views are passed down through generations and potential influences they may have on those students currently attending the college. This objective was motivated by the belief that the Black and Latino Male Initiative dialogues increase academic self-perceptions, involvement, and increase the likelihood of dropping out, thus significantly increasing college success. The third objective is to identify how African-American and Latino masculinities involved in the Black and Latino Male Initiative dialogues view what it means to be a man and if this outlook affects their educational perceptions. The third research objective is important because many African American and Latino males feel pressures from peers who believe that being a high achiever and being intelligent is not masculine and may conflict with hegemonic masculine cultural norms.

University of Kentucky

Assistant Professor

Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies

Lexington, KY, August 2012-Present

  • Research focus in community writing, ethnography, and literacy studies in greater Lexington-area region

  • Pedagogical practices encapsulating student-led fieldwork into communities and multimodal digital writing

  • Service learning mentoring and integration of undergraduates with community service opportunities

  • Volunteer service to Lexington’s local Latino communities and connecting communities to the UK campus

Queens College, City University of New York

Graduate Teaching Assistant Fellow

CUNY Chancellor’s Fellow


Queens, New York City, NY, August 2006-August 2012

  • Instructed two sections of English courses each semester, topics ranging from introduction to composition, to creative non-fiction prose, advanced essay writing, and Latina/o and Latin American literatures and migrations

  • Incorporated multi-media texts for study in each class to expand the modes and genres of textuality and intertextuality through blogging

  • Maintained and implemented web discussion boards and blogs for further student interaction beyond the traditional classroom and to foster awareness of various modes of literacy

  • Consulted for the Composition Program in implementing new curricular standards for First-Year Composition

Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York

CUNY Chancellor’s Fellow


Manhattan, New York City, NY, August 2005-May 2006

  • Instructed three sections of First-Year Composition

  • Evaluated and assessed student performance of rhetorical analyses, textual interpretations, and researched arguments

  • Created syllabi and generated assignments for courses, including analyses of extra-literary texts such as Tlingit totem poles, advertisements, student newspapers, and oral narratives

Black and Latino Male Initiative, University of Kentucky

Faculty mentor

Lexington, KY, March 2013-Present

  • Mentored students and promoted the diversity program to further college retention for underrepresented students

  • Participated in monthly meetings with students to discuss topics relevant to their immediate experiences at the university and in the community

  • Advocated for BLMI program and students at 2013 Southern Regional Education Board Mentorship Institute

Kentucky Latino Education Alliance, Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Hispanic Outreach

Core Team member, communications workgroup, Promesa mentor, grant consultant

Lexington, KY, October 2012-Present

  • Core team chair for a cross-sector, cross-agency partnership dedicated to increasing the number of Latinos who obtain a high quality degree or credential in Kentucky

  • Fostered Latino postsecondary degree attainment in an effort to uplift the Latino community which will, in turn, enrich the overall Kentucky economy and insure a bright future for the Commonwealth

  • Evaluated grant proposals for sub-grant funding to local organizations serving the Kentucky Latino population

Latino Outreach Leaders, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

Volunteer Writing Instructor

Lexington, KY, September 2012-Present

  • Instructed writing workshops among 20 Latino high school students interested in collaborating on a book-length project showcasing their creative writing and artwork

  • Incorporated creative writing methods with text models from U.S. Latino Literature canon while encouraging young writers to explore their cultural identities through writing

  • Collaborated with the local high school teachers and staff to produce a publication written by and for local Latino youth

Lexington Public Library, Village Branch

Mentor, Family Literacy Consultant

Lexington, KY, August 2012-Present

  • Mentored and tutored local elementary, middle, and high school students with homework in Spanish and English

  • Partnered and implemented early child bilingual literacy program for pre-school-age children and parents

  • Formed working relationships between local Latino community, the public library, and the University of Kentucky Martin Luther King, Jr. Center

Oficina del Inmigrante Solidaridad e Información (OISI)

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Legal Clinic Volunteer

Lexington, KY, September 2012-Present

  • Participated in paralegal training for DACA legal clinics in region

  • Provided legal assistance and advice for DACA applicants

  • Translated materials and questions for DACA applicants and families

  • Met with local, state, and national politicians concerning immigration reform and raising public awareness

Shanghai University, Baoshan Campus

Summer Teaching Exchange Instructor

Shanghai, China, June 13-28, 2014

  • Instructed autobiographical composition to undergraduates studying English in exchange program

  • Extended digital literacies through use of social media and ethnographic methods for writing about identity and culture

  • Served as goodwill ambassador to faculty and students in China on behalf of the University of Kentucky

Booker T. Washington Academy (partnering with The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning)

Volunteer Homework Tutor, Homework Outreach

Lexington, KY, September 2012-May 2013

  • Served as homework outreach into local public schools for the Carnegie Center after-school support initiative

  • Tutored and mentored elementary school students with homework and school-related concerns

  • Assisted bilingual students with homework and translated Spanish and English for parents and teachers

Mexican American Students’ Alliance/Mexican Education Foundation

Mentor, English as Second Language Volunteer Instructor

Mott Haven, New York City, NY, 2006-2012

  • Volunteered as a mentor and English instructor for an after-school program serving Mexican American families living in NYC

  • Organized and assessed language skills in order to develop a bilingual curriculum incorporating significant elements of translation and family involvement

  • Instructed adult ESL courses

  • Actively charted the progress of literacy skills developed within bilingual family support framework

Queens School of Inquiry

Writing Instructor

Flushing, Queens, New York City, NY, Summer 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012

  • Planned and instructed a two-week intensive writing course for an 8th grade summer bridge program organized around the culture of higher education

  • Introduced students to the variations of conceptualizing the importance of college and how economics structure inequality among educational institutions

  • Guided students to produce a “personal statement” for use in college admission applications

Instituto Heslington—New York/Mexico

English as Second Language Instructor

Tehuacán, Puebla, Mexico, June-August 2008

  • Planned and implemented English lessons for intermediate and advanced level students focusing on poetics, reading, phonics, and writing comprehension

  • Developed models of critical literacy for applying limited English usage in familiar cultural contexts

  • Conducted research with teams of students concerning questions of immigration, legal status, and economic opportunities within Mexico and abroad


Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky, 2012-Present

UK Core 380: U.S. Citizenship: Composing Autoethnography (2 sections)

English 205: Composing Ethnography (1 section)

WRD 111: Composition and Communication II (2 sections)

WRD 110: Composition and Communication I (2 sections)

Reading and Writing News

Arts & Sciences 100: Mexington, Kentucky (1 section)
Graduate Teaching Fellow, Queens College, CUNY, 2006-2012

English 391: Senior Seminar: Literatures of the Americas (1 section)

English 384: Aspects of the Novel: Narratology (1 section)

English 379: Transnational/Post-Colonial Literature: Trans-Latina/o Literatures

(1 section)

English 363: Global Literature: Experimental Hispanic Literatures (2 sections);

Latin American Literature in English (1 section); Inventing the Americas:

Rhetorics and Literatures (1 section)

English 255: World Literature: Latina/o Literatures; Migrations Across the

Americas (4 sections)

English 211: Non-Fiction Prose: Autoethnography and Narrative (1 section)

English 200: Advanced Essay Writing: Genre, Theory, and Voice (1 section)

English 120: Composition II: Literacy and Technology (1 section)

English 110: Composition I: Ethnographic Composition (12 sections),,

Adjunct Lecturer, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY, 2005-2006

English 101: First-Year Composition (3 sections)

  • Rane Arroyo Poetry Prize, 2013

  • Society for Hispanic Humanistic Anthropology Ethnographic Poetry Competition, honorable mention, 2013

  • Nominated by Blue Mesa Review for Sundress Press Best of the Net poetry anthology, 2012

  • Finalist Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize, 2012

  • Distinguished Work in Composition and Rhetoric Dissertation Award, English Department, CUNY Graduate Center, 2012

  • Conference on College Composition and Communication Scholars for the Dream Award, 2012

  • English Department, Graduate Center CUNY, Morton Cohen Award for Dissertation Research, 2011

  • Graduate Center CUNY Dean K. Harrison Award Recipient, 2005, 2011

  • CUNY Graduate Center Advocate Poetry Contest Winner, 2011

  • Poetry Society of America “Bright Lights, Big Verse: Poetry of Times Square” Poetry Award, 2008

  • University of Arizona College of Humanities Distinguished Senior Award, 2003


  • Conference on English Education Cultural Diversity Grant ($500)

  • Education Abroad Program Start-Up Grant, 2014, University of Kentucky ($1,200)

  • Cross-Disciplinary Research Collaboration Diversity Grant, 2013-2014, University of Kentucky, College of Arts and Sciences ($1,200)

  • Conference on College Composition and Communication Scholars for the Dream Travel Grant Recipient, 2012 ($750)

  • Modern Language Association Travel Grant Recipient, 2012 ($500)

  • Northeast Modern Languages Association Travel Grant Recipient, 2011, 2012 ($250)

  • Graduate Center CUNY Doctoral Research Grant Recipient, 2010-2011 ($800)

  • Graduate Center CUNY Doctoral Research Travel Grant Recipient, 2007, 2010 ($600)


  • National Council of Teachers of English Cultivating New Voices Among Scholars of Color Fellowship Recipient, 2014-2016

  • American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education Conference Faculty Fellowship Recipient, 2013

  • Queens College CUNY Graduate Assistant Fellowship A, 2009-2012

  • Queens College CUNY Writing Research Fellowship, 2010

  • Honorable mention, Ford Foundation Fellowship, 2008

  • Graduate Center CUNY Graduate Teaching Fellowship, 2006-2009

  • Graduate Center CUNY Chancellor’s Fellowship Recipient, 2005-2009

Book Manuscripts and Major Projects in Progress

Translanguaging Tareas: Mexican Immigrant Families Brokering Homework Literacies (proposal in progress).
This ethnography argues that for immigrant families, homework practices expand emergent bilingual students’ translanguaging repertoires as they develop experiences communicating English language schoolwork to Spanish dominant parents and siblings.
The Languages and Literacies of Latino Immigrant Families in Kentucky (drafting).

This monograph details the literacy practices of Latino-Latin American families as they receive educational support at a public library located in an emerging immigrant enclave.

Published Books

Living Out Loud: Our Stories, Our Struggles 2 (editor). Wrdography/Amazon, 2014.
Living Out Loud: Our Stories, Our Struggles 1 (editor). Wrdography/Amazon, 2013.
The Xicano Genome: Ulises, los Panhcos, e Ysrael (novel in verse). Editorial Paroxismo,

The Pocho Codex: Piercing an Amurkan Poetic Historiography (novel in verse). Editorial Paroxismo, 2011.


Six Poems from the Codex Mojaodicus (poetry). Seven Kitchens Press (2014).
Transnation Translation (poetry). Centrifugal Eye, 2012.
Peer-Reviewed Articles
“Translanguaging Las Tareas: Emergent Bilingual Youth Language Brokering Homework in Immigrant Families.” Language Arts (2014).

“Arguing Academic Merit: Meritocracy and the Rhetoric of the Personal Statement.” Journal of Basic Writing (2012).

“Brokering Expectations: Negotiating Language, Power, and Education in Mexican Immigrant Families.” Literacy in Composition Studies (abstract accepted, article submitted).
Book Chapters Published

“Language Brokering in Practice: Linguistic Power, Biliteracy Events, and Family Life.”

Readings in Language Studies, 2012. P.C. Miller, J.L. Matzke & M. Mantero (Eds.), pp. 151-173. Grandville, MI: International Society for Language Studies.
“‘Education Not Deportation!’: The Pedagogical Possibilities of Teaching DREAMer Rhetoric to Emergent Bilinguals” DREAM Act Activists and Teacher Allies (accepted). S. Wong, A.M. Foerster, L. Dodson, & E. Gosnell (Eds.).
Conference Proceedings

“Brokering the Immigrant Bargain: Negotiating Language, Power, and Identity in Mexican Immigrant Families.” CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies Second Annual Conference, John Jay College, City University of New York, 2013.

“Brokering Community: Addressing Mexican Immigrant Community Needs and Facilitating Community Involvement.” National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies Annual Conference, 2013.
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“The Many Modalities of Qwriting Experience: Blogging Composition at Queens

College.” Revisions: A Zine on Writing at Queens College, vol. 8 (Spring 2011):

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The Twentieth Century and Beyond, From 1900 to World War II. Toronto, ON:

Broadview Press, 2007.

Web Archives

“Race in the UK Classroom.” Race and composition pedagogy resources, 2013.

“The UK Ethnography Database.” Collection of University of Kentucky student ethnographies, 2012.
“Mexington, Kentucky.” Fieldwork from community engagement in Kentucky Latino communities, 2012.
“Recalling the Past: Morenci Mine Strike of 1983.” Defining the Southwest History

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  • Co-organizer, Latino/a Caucus Workshop, College Conference on Composition and Communication, 2014

  • Stage 1 Proposal Reviewer, College Conference on Composition and Communication, 2013

  • Panel Chair, “Writing Center Training, Performative Silence, and Informational Visualization.” Panel chair. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Las Vegas, NV, 2013


  • Faculty Mentor for University of Kentucky Black and Latino Male Initiative, 2013-Present

  • Member, Undergraduate Studies Committee for the Division of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies, 2012-Present

  • Member, Planning Committee for University of Kentucky, College of Arts and Sciences Passport to the World: Year of Mexico, 2013-2014

  • Faculty Participant, Oaxaca, Mexico program site visit for University of Kentucky Education Abroad and Exchanges, 2013

  • Grant Reviewer, Kentucky Latino Education Alliance, Bluegrass Community and Technical College, 2012

  • Member, Placement Committee for the Graduate Center, CUNY English Department, 2012

  • Member, Admissions Committee for the Graduate Center, CUNY English Department, 2011

  • Member, Syllabus Planning Committee for Queens College, CUNY First-Year Composition, 2009-2012

  • Member, Queens College, CUNY Freshman Year Initiative, 2008-2012


  • Aztlån Reads, 2013-Present

  • Core Team Chair, Kentucky Latino Education Alliance, 2013-Present

  • College Language Association, 2013-Present

  • Latin American Studies Association, 2012-Present

  • National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies, 2012-Present

  • Board Member, Asociación de Hispanos Unidos—Lexington Hispanic Association (AHU), 2012-Present

  • Rhetoric Society of America, 2011-Present

  • International Society for Language Studies, 2010-Present

  • Modern Language Association of America, 2007-Present

  • National Council of Teachers of English, 2006-Present

  • College English Association, 2006-Present

  • Northeast Modern Language Association, 2010-2012

  • Board Member, Mexican American Students’ Alliance, 2006-2010

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