Steven Broughton

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Steven Broughton

Staffordshire Legal Services From the Public Sector, for the Public Sector

Steven is a qualified Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives, who has branched out in to management. Steven has experience in business planning, project management, business process re-engineering, financial management, performance and quality management in a customer focussed service delivery environment.


  • Steven has managed various IT related projects for Derbyshire County Council generating £60k efficiency savings.

  • Steven, whilst at the Home Office helped Lincolnshire to maintain its position as one of the top performing criminal justice areas in the country.

  • Steve, whilst attached to Nottinghamshire Police’s Identification Suite, helped save £400k in planned expenditure by identifying more efficient working practices.

Current role
Steven joined Staffordshire County Council in October 2013 having previously been the Business Manager for Derbyshire County Council Legal Services. Steven has over 10 years’ experience of legal practice management. Steven as a Team Leader (Practice Management & Customer Support Centre), provides effective and efficient strategic management and business support to Staffordshire Legal Services and takes an active managerial role as part of the Operational Management Team.

  • Full understanding of Local Authority procedures.

  • Strong customer focus.

  • Proven ability to influence the actions and motivations of different stakeholders, at different levels across a range of functions and organisations.

  • Ability to apply evaluative judgement to problem solving and decision making.

Professional Qualifications and Memberships
Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives – 1999

Steven is passionate about what he does and strives to create and maintain positive can-do working environments. Steven is particularly interested in the changing face of local authority legal service delivery and the transition to an increased commercial focus.

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