Steps to compile and run a C++ Program

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Steps to compile and run a C++ Program
Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Operating System: Windows

Step 1. Start the Microsoft Visual C++ programming environment by clicking Start, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Microsoft Visual C++.

The following is the startup screen for the Visual C++ environment.

The icon in the upper left under the File choice is pressed to obtain an editor window.

When typing the C++ program source code no elements will be highlighted since the editor treats the source code as a text file at this point.

If you wish the keyword highlighting to be activated you should explicitly save the file as a .cpp file. See the explanation a few pages ahead.

After typing the C++ source code it should be saved as a .cpp file. The name should be somewhat original. This does not include lab1.cpp, program1.cpp, or assignment.cpp. The .cpp extension is necessary for the following steps to work correctly since the compiler expects that extension for source files it should compile.

After making the correction you should build the executable.

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