Stephens County Board of Commissioners P. O. Box 386 37 w tugalo Street Toccoa, Georgia 30577

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Stephens County Board of Commissioners

P.O. Box 386

37 W Tugalo Street

Toccoa, Georgia 30577

(706) 886-9491

Fax (706) 886-2185
Stanley London, Commissioner Phyllis Ayers, Administrator

Dean Scarborough, Commissioner Beth Rider, County Clerk

Michelle Grafton, Commissioner Brian Ranck, County Attorney

Dennis Bell, Chairman

Debbie Whitlock, Vice Chairman
Job Opening

EMA/E911 Director
The Stephens County Board of Commissioners is accepting applications for the position of EMA/E911Director. The EMA Director position has primary responsibility for the development, maintenance and implementation of plans to respond to emergencies and disasters, regardless of their nature. The EMA Director is also responsible for the operation of the EMA on a day-to-day basis, which includes but is not limited to budget preparation and maintenance as well as supporting the Stephens County Rescue Unit. The Director of Homeland Security, Georgia Emergency Management Agency, must also approve the person selected for this position.
The E911 Director position performs supervisory and administrative functions associated with managing the E911 center. Duties include but are not limited to; overseeing, administering, and managing daily operations of the E911 Communication Center with respect to ensuring quality service to internal and external customers with emergency and non-emergency requests.
The E911 Director will have the duty of prioritizing and assigning work schedules, conducting performance evaluations, ensuring that all employees are trained, and that all policies and procedures are followed. Also, this position will plan for staffing needs and make hiring, termination, and disciplinary recommendations. The E911 Director will assist in the development of the department’s annual operating budget and will be responsible for the research and recommendations for the implementation, maintenance and supervision of the E911 and CAD communications systems and the development of long term goals for programs and equipment for the department.
This position should have the knowledge of applicable federal and state statutes, local ordinances, departmental policies and procedures needed in the performance of duties and knowledge of the geography and road systems of Stephens County and dispatching procedures, and radio codes used by the Police, Sheriff and Fire Departments.
Minimum qualifications include an associate’s degree with emphasis in emergency communications, telecommunications or a related field; supplemented by five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in emergency communication services. Must possess or be able to obtain Certified Emergency Manager status within two (2) years of appointment. Ability to prepare emergency response plans; capable of responding to emergencies, travel and attend training as needed. Experience in dealing with the public and teambuilding are a plus.
Applications and/or resumes will be received at or mailed to, the Stephens County Board of Commissioners; Attn: Patsy Browning, Human Resources; 37 West Tugalo St. PO Box 386; Toccoa, Georgia 30577 or email to The deadline for submitting an application is the close of business on April 15, 2016.
Stephens County is a Drug Free Workplace.

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