Stephen Lane, 8th September 2012

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Hello all!

At last there was some decent weather, and looking at last year’s report we faired a lot better than last year. It was a better month for movements with the apron full to bursting near the month end. There was no particular reason for the sudden influx, although some were definitely here for the shooting.
A good scoop for us was LZ39A Albatros N202XX which was a Wick weather diversion on the 15th, more of that in the military section.
Work has finished on the South Apron strengthening and the changes to the terminal approach vehicle traffic lanes continue.
That’s all for now, catch you next month!

Stephen Lane, 8th September 2012.

Edited from the daily reports:
1st: A good start to the month with 3 first visits, partly due to poor visibility in Aberdeen. Two RAF King Airs made approaches this morning, ZK456 being a first visit, although the frame was previously here as G-RAFP in 2010. Danish S-92A OY-HKB arrived as an Aberdeen weather diversion while Cessna 182P G-OJHC came to spend the night here.

2nd: Another new helicopter to us today with Super Puma G-PUMR calling in twice.

3rd: Learjet 45 D-CNMB was a first visit today as was Gulfstream IV N317MJ, although the latter’s frame 1122 was last here as N226G in 1998.

4th: Learjet G-JMED was here for only the second visit; however PA46 G-GREY landed for the first time. We don’t get many Netjet Gulfstream 550s at Inverness and CS-DKG was the first to visit this year on its sixth visit since 2007.

5th: Eurocopter Colibri I-ZIAC has been noted passing by in recent days, but made its first visit today and G-EZUP was the 1st new EZY A320 to visit this month.

6th: As we no longer get Avantis on delivery it was handy to get an “in service” one with I-FXRI here for the 1st time. There were two other first visits being D-EAMN PA28 and S.92A G-CHHF, the latter calling in for training.

7th: Piper Cheyenne HB-LUF was a sole 1st visit today.

8th: First noted passing by on the 10th July, Dauphin G-CGGD made its first visit today while S-92A G-CGYW was here bashing the local circuit for the second time.

10th: Spitfire G-CCCA arrived today for its weekend displays at Fort George. Baron N23569 made its first visit here in 2000 and today returned for its second!

11th: Once the HAAR burnt back it was a corker of a day, and the Spitfire was joined by Mustang G-BTCD to display at Fort George. A brief 1st visit was made by Ce 172 EI-OFM at lunch time.

12th: A new PC-12 for us today with a visit from M-WINT, not to be confused with G-WINT! Mid afternoon brought R-44 G-MDDT for a first visit, and to round off a glorious hot, sunny day, G-EZWC, one of the latest A320s from Easyjet operated the evening Gatwick service.

13th: Very muggy today, but we had two nice bizjets with 1st visits by Gulfstream IV N818BA and Falcon 900B N22T. We did collect Dash Eights today with two going tech!

15th: Thanks to fog at Wick we took a stunning 1st visit today when L-39ZA Albatros N202XX diverted in. A second new visit that had planned to go to Aberdeen until he saw the fog there was Ce 560XLS EC-KPE. M-PREI made a first visit today, although the frame RB-60 has been here twice as G-PREI. To round off a great day was EZY A320 G-EZTC.

16th: Two Tucanos may well have been 1st visits today, but very smart Lancair Columbia N79HR certainly was as was Sting TL2000 45-QN (F-JFNL).

17th: Yet another EZY A320 today was G-EZWA.

18th: Today R-44 G-HTEL honoured us with a first visit, while the glorious weather just shines on!

19th: A first visit by G-ONIC a Sportstar Max that tracks on SBS! Easyjet swapped A319s on the Bristol and Luton, and the late Gatwick was yet another new A320 G-EZWB, the 5th this month!

20th: A few showers today but in general the nice warm weather continues. It was much quieter than yesterday with nothing new I am afraid.

21st: We seem to be welcoming a few PA46s lately, and although a previous visitor N22SY hasn’t been here since 2002. DR.300 D-EAJG was here for a first visit and Learjet D-CNMB was on its second.

22nd: That was an excellent day, at one point 6 on approach and 3 waiting to depart! There were three new Falcons at tea time with 7Xs VQ-BSO & VQ-BSP with 2000 G-FBJL.

23rd: Another busy day with another Gulfstream, CS-DKJ paying its 6th visit. There were two new to us, Cessna CJ2+ D-IEFA and Global Express D-AFAM.

24th: It remained busy today while the weather turned decidedly dreich. Netherlands Air Force Hercules G-273 made its 3rd visit on a brief call this morning. Most of the other movements were either Netjet or GAMA ambulances, but nothing new.

25th: It was a busy Saturday with three new to us with Ce 510 G-SSLM, Gulfstream 550 N77CP and King Air OO-OCA this evening.

26th: There were lots of comings and goings today, thinning out the North Apron a bit. Calling in for a couple of hours on its first visit was nearly new Citation 510 HB-VPM. Six year old Citation D-CFXJ CJ3 also called for the first time. Sadly there was an incident on Loch Gairloch in the late afternoon which involved 4 helicopters, three of which, G-SASA EC135, G-CGMU S.92A and XV699 Sea King called for fuel. The fourth was another Sea King from RAF Lossiemouth. My sympathies go to the relatives of the wee children who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy.

27th: A smaller number of movements but including Denim Air’s Fokker 50 PH-KXX on a first visit operating on behalf of Flybe on their Birmingham service.

28th: Sunny, warm and a little draughty today. It seems our recent biz fest is coming to an end with two departures and just one arrival in the log.

29th: The only visitor was Falcon 50 F-GPPF which has only been here once before on 22nd October 2004.

30th: Nothing of note.

31st: More coming and goings today including a first visit from Ce S550 D-CJJJ.

A registration in a green box, indicates that is the first visit of that aircraft with that registration, but the frame has visited with a different registration previously. A registration in a yellow box indicates that is the first visit of that aircraft, and if in purple, a first visit of type.


Jetstream G-JXTA has been here from 10.01.2007, it still remains parked on disused runway 19.
































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