Stephen Lane, 6th September 2013

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We were treated to continuing pleasant weather throughout August and just about managed to better last Augusts’ new visitors by 2 mainly thanks to a large amount of ‘single’ visitors. The down side is that we are still down this year on 2012 by 5 new visitors.
In my mind the star visitor this month and possibly for the year was the immaculate DC-3 N431HM that stayed with us for a few days while the family travelling in it stopped off on a tour of Scotland that took in Stornoway, Inverness, Wick and Edinburgh. With Swissair titles and highly polished fuselage it quiet correctly attracted a lot of admiring attention!
Let us hope the warmth and sunshine continues!

Stephen Lane, 6th September 2013.

Edited from the daily reports
1st: The month started with a first visit from Gulf 450 N461QS, and with fog over at Aberdeen there were three helicopter diversions on what turned into a very wet day here!

2nd: A busy day but it wasn't until late on until a new one turned up with Ce 172S G-TDRA arriving from Newtonards. Spanish visitors are uncommon in Inverness so although on its 4th visit Ce 550 EC-HRO is welcome, especially as it was last here in 2008!

3rd: On a day with no visitors of note I should point out that for the second Saturday in a row the Easy Gatwick was operated by a Titan Boeing 737, this week being G-ZAPZ.

4th: In spite of 4 1st visits there was one that shines out which is, of course the Swiss coloured DC-3 N431HM which is here until Wednesday morning. G-CJTV Ce 525A [525A-0083] has made numerous visits as G-EDCL and has changed operators to Arena Aviation since last here. Piper Aerostar N3641Y called for a fuel stop and finally on the tiny side was Jodel D.119 F-PLUQ.

5th: There were two new here today, R44 G-HGRB and the first Netjet Global 6000 to visit, CS-GLB, neither of which stopped very long at all!

6th: Another 4 new for us today, all arriving quiet late on. HB-VWJ Cessna 560XL was first in (although the frame has visited as OY-EKC & SE-RCL) followed not long after by Jodel F-BSIH and CAP 10B F-BXHT. Last in was one that has been buzzing around for a while, Lancair LC-41 N466M.

7th: A busy day with a very wet morning, the afternoon bringing 2 first visits from Gulf 4SP N808T and Beech F33A N69302. VANS RV4 G-BZPH was here for the second visit.

8th: There was another vintage special to visit tonight when 1946 Globe Swift N3719K diverted in due to fog in Wick. Earlier in the day Raven G-HECK made a first visit although the frame has called thrice before as G-ILLG.

9th: A slow day as you see, but still a treat in store as Spitfire G-CCCA arrived for its display at Fort George's "Celebration of the Centuries" tomorrow. I do not know when the Spitfire will fly, last year it was 1520, if I can find out I will post unless someone else discovers first! Finally near days end a first visit from SR22T F-HBRO.

10th: There were two new for us today being Challenger C-GOHG and Falcon 50EX LX-LXL.

11th: There were two new visitors today Jabirus G-PHYS and G-UKOZ. Sadly after their arrival one has gone tech and both are in the hangar tonight. The Spitfire G-CCCA again displayed at Fort George this afternoon before getting a drink of fuel and heading back to Duxford. A further wee one, Lancair LC-41 Columbia N79HR arrived today for its second visit as did CL.300 N300GP, while although on its 4th visit, Gulfstream 550 N528QS hasn't visited since 2008.

12th: Nothing of note!

13th: There was only Ce 510 G-FBKC noteworthy today, here on its second visit.

14th: An early first visit with Army Dauphin ZJ780, but that was it today. There were second visits by Commander 114B G-EMCA and Ce 525A G-CJTV. Eclipse EA 500 N117EA is back tonight and was the first of type to visit in 2010, the only other since has been N162DJ.

15th: A busy day but I fear our run of first visits has dried up, in fact there weren't even any second visits today!

16th: Nothing new again, but Swiss Air Ambulance Challenger HB-JRB was only on its second visit!

17th: A Challenger day today with a first visit from N347K and frame 5372 has been before as G-LVLV but now has the more exotic registration of A6-CPC.

18th: RV-7 G-CFET was a new visitor on a busy day while PA28 G-CLEA was calling for the second time.

19th: Today Netjets sent two of their big ones, both on only their second visits, CS-DKE Gulf 550 and CS-GLB Global 6000. D-CFLY, Ce 560XLS is on its 3rd visit but PA28-28R SE-GVR is here on its 7th annual visit having been her every year except 2011 since 2006! Nearly at close of play, S-92A G-CHYG saved us from an empty day by making approaches as a first visit here!

20th: A first visit today from PA32 HB-PQN and second visits from D-ITIP, LX-LXL, N132SD and G-CHYG.

21st: There was a HAAR to start the day and one blew in again this evening. In between it was busy enough but nothing new arrived!

22nd: Three new visitors of the smaller variety today with Commander N6048B, Turbo Saratoga N88NA and Skyhawk G-RMCS. The Saratoga visited in 2004 in the guise of G-PAPS.

23rd: Weather wise a very strange day being overcast and warm at 21c and when the breeze slowed it was decidedly muggy. Frequently teasing me up and down to Wick tracking on SBS, S-92A LN-OED finally paid us a first visit for some circuit training tonight.

24th: A busy Saturday that produced Citation XL N210VS on a first visit. Ulster Flying Club sent three aircraft in on a Jolly that was postponed from last Saturday due to the bad weather. One of them, Tecnam G-UFCL was a first visit.

25th: It turned into a cracking day once the murk cleared and it was still +18 at 1800! The Ulster Flyers got away and then another Ce 172S G-ENNK arrived for its first visit. Mid afternoon came a first visit from CJ2 D-IKBO.

26th: The weather was glorious all day and we clocked up another 3 new to us! 125 D-CLBH being the first and the next was Swiss Mooney HB-DFA. Basically a white aircraft but the tail portrays a chart of Zurich airport and its surrounds. Apparently this was applied by its previous owner who made and distributed aviation maps. Trinidad N33NW is here for its annual visit and the third new visitor was Cessna 182T G-DAVZ. 

27th: More biz jets today, but none were new to us. There were 3 second visits: Ce 525 N665CH has made one previous visit in 2006, D-CHAT Ce 525B one in 2012 and G-EYUP in February this year. However all was not lost as SR20 G-CIRU was here for the first time!

28th: ATP SE-KXP made a first visit during the night substituting for the usual Loganair SAAB. It has visited before in a previous life as G-MANA and possibly G-LOGH although my records do not go back to that time of its life. It turned into a busy day with ERJ G-RJXK visiting for the first time on a charter. It was a bit of a clear out although Challenger A6-CPC didn't go for long! The three letter ICAO code 'GSH' belongs to Gama Aviation FZC Abu Dhabi and the R/T is "GAMAMENA", although while the controller here was using it the pilot preferred "Golf Sierra Hotel"! Aerostar N3641Y made its first visit on the 4th when heading South and it fuel-stopped at tea time before heading back over the big pond. To round off the day there was a first visit from Mooney M20J OO-LVT.

29th: We are lucky as it is staying busy with a 'new to us' PC-12 F-HANN from Le Bourget this morning while this afternoon Challenger 604 [5474] appeared as C-FBEM. This was the 4th visit of this frame which has visited previously at the same time of year as C-FXCN in 2008, 09 & 2011.

30th: Another busy day with Netjets sending two Gulfstreams. The first, N468QS, a Gulf 450 was here for the first time, while Gulf 4SP N424QS was here for the second time, the first being 12 years ago, 29.05.2001. The North Apron cleared out a lot, leaving it a little bare!

31st: A6-CPC didn't make it back last night and duly returned at mid-day. The only visitor today was the interesting Beech 200T King Air N2UW operated by the University of Wyoming. With a large nose probe and all sorts of gadgets stuck on and hanging off it used in atmospheric research, it was heading home back to the US after passing through here southbound on the 22nd June.


A registration in a green box, indicates that is the first visit of that aircraft with that registration, but the frame has visited with a different registration previously. A registration in a yellow box indicates that is the first visit of that aircraft, and if in purple, a first visit of type.


Jetstream G-JXTA has been here from 10.01.2007, it still remains parked on disused runway 19.























NJE 024H


Ce 560XLS







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