Steering Committee Meeting July 28, 2010 Facilitator’s Report Alabama Rain Barrel Project

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Steering Committee Meeting
July 28, 2010
Facilitator’s Report

  • Alabama Rain Barrel Project: Hosted workshop for ADEM employees after work on July 2. Workshop was well received with over 25 employees attending. Will host workshop for Coca-Cola employees on August 15th. Will host a rain barrel workshop in Selma as part of the Sustainability Workshop to be held in September. Working with other basins to expand project throughout state. In discussion with Montgomery County Master Gardener’s to assist with workshops in Montgomery. Also in discussion with Tallapoosa Facilitator about doing joint workshops in Montgomery area since part of Montgomery County is in the Tallapoosa basin. Really need help to continue program at pace of the last year.

  • Ida Bell Young/White Slough Stream Restoration: Wetland plants and trees are surviving and we are learning about which plants do best in Montgomery Counties tight clay soils. Applied to Hyundai for grant for bridges to span floodplain but we were turned down because the request was too large. We are reapplying for a single bridge so that the request will be smaller. Also working on other grant applications to help fund a bridge crossing. This is a big need to protect wetland and stream.

  • NEMO Presentation – Working with Coosa and Tallapoosa CWP to pull together a NEMO presentation for Wetumpka, Millbrook and Tallassee. This project will be partially funded by a 319 grant for the Coosa River.

  • River Clean-Up – Working with Hands-On River Region to put together a river clean-up for October 9th. This may be on the main river channel or possible Catoma and Cypress Creeks. More information will be forthcoming.

  • Cypress Creek and Pond – Working with the Montgomery Tree Committee, the city of Montgomery and the US Army Corp of Engineers on stream restoration of Cypress Creek and the protection of Cypress Pond. The COE is currently working on a Feasibility Study to determine their involvement. The MTC and city are working together to request proposals for a Master Plan for the entire area including the work in coordination with the COE.

  • Genetta Ditch – Working with the City of Montgomery and Barge-Waggoner on a 319 Application for stormwater wetlands and stream restoration on portion of Genetta Ditch on Fairview Avenue.

  • Prattville Rain Garden – Working with the City of Prattville to design and install a rain garden at a city park to treat stormwater from a parking lot and to educate citizens about stormwater issues. Additional partners will likely include Master Gardeners and NRCS.

  • Coca Cola Site – Coke is currently without a plant manager because Terry Sharp now works for Coke International. Worked with Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood to plan a conceptual design but project is on hold but will be promoted to new plant manager. Also looking at proposing for 319 Funding if we can effectively show load reductions.

  • Legacy Grant – Final report due August 30.

  • WWF Grant – Final report due in August. Will explore extending grant application.

  • Alabama Water Resources Association Conference – Will be speaking about the Alabama Rain Barrel Project at the conference, September 8-10.

  • ACES Green Infrastructure Design Courses – Will attend 2-4 of these design courses scheduled for August.

  • Hooked on the Alabama River Lure Repainting – Lure will be repainted this Friday and Saturday in conjunction with the BassMasters Pro Classic on the Alabama River. Weigh-in for champion on Friday and Saturday. Article to be in Montgomery Advertiser this week.

  • Dates of Interest:

Clear Water Alabama, Auburn (I think), October 6-7
ACES Green Infrastructure Design Courses:

Bioretention/Permeable Pavement, August 18 & 19, Tuscaloosa; Wetlands/Swales/Spreaders/Strips, August 25 & 26, Tuscaloosa; Stormwater Financing, August 10, Auburn
Alabama Water Resources Association Conference, Orange Beach, September 8-10
Sustainability Workshop, Selma, September 21-22

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