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Knowledgeable HR and change management professional with extensive experience in an International business environment, enhancing corporate performance through skilled alignment of HR strategy, training programmes, and operations with company goals. Proven history of success evaluating company needs and designing customised training programmes that dramatically improve operations. Demonstrated skill in managing complex organisational transformation programmes, in response to evolving business needs. A knowledgeable leader and trainer, with talent for building, managing, and mentoring results-oriented teams, looking forward for Hr and Management Consulting opportunities.

Strategic Management  Management Consulting  Human Resources Consulting  Training Design & Delivery  Performance Management  Coaching & Mentorship  Change Management  Negotiations  Account Management  Personnel Development  Conflict Resolution 

Stakeholder Relations  Customer Service  Team Building & Leadership

Educational & Vocational Training Institutes & Organizations, Athens, Greece 2010-2013

International Management Studies is the agent of The University of Strathclyde, Business School in Greece, Athens. MF Group Oikonomotexniki is a leading company in organizing and delivering Executive Seminars in Athens, AchieveGlobal, Inc. is an International Training and Consulting company with presence in over 40 countries and staff of more than 1,000 employees worldwide.

HR Consultant & Trainer

Delivered expert strategy, planning, and guidance to enact positive change within high-level client companies functioning in an International business environment in areas including customer service, staff motivation and leadership, and change management. Performed in-depth interviews with all levels of client staff. Analysed employee satisfaction and client-facing outlook. Designed customised training programmes according to client needs; coached and mentored client management staff. Compiled and reviewed market reports to adjust training programme design according to industry needs.

  • Designed highly effective new seminars for Customer Care Executives and Hr Executives for the International Management Studies.

  • Designed and delivered highly effective new seminar for Athens International Airport educating new team promoters in support of high-profile Athens Spotlight Card project.

  • Enhanced cost-efficient operations at Michelin by implementing integration of call centre, credit, and IT departments.

  • Coordinated large-scale training and leadership programmes at companies including Boehringer Ingelheim, Hellenic Seaways, Roche, and Interamerican.

BIOIATRIKI SA, Athens, Greece 2008-2009

Medical clinic and diagnostic centres company with approximately 1,300 employees and 26 locations throughout Greece.

Health Unit Manager

Coordinated all phases of performance management, coaching, and development for 25-person diagnostic centre personnel. Orchestrated staff scheduling to optimise performance. Stepped in to resolve challenging technical support and administrative issues. Trained call centre staff and doctors in areas of customer service and interaction. Evaluated staff training and coordinated additional training with HR department when necessary. Managed insurance company invoicing. Assessed unit performance and delivered monthly reports to executive-level leadership. Ensured appropriate stocking of unit warehouse reserves.

  • Reduced non-paying accounts to 0.3 and increased unit turnover by 16% through skilled personnel training and motivation.

  • Established highly effective new call centre script, ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with corporate rules.

  • Inspired executive-level leadership to expand diagnostic centre operations and services through skilled management and leadership.

  • Created a guide to follow in recording the input of blood test results into computer, and posted on Intranet to ensure all units and diagnostic centres use the same procedures.


LANDFALL SA, Athens, Greece 2001-2007

Fashion and apparel importer of Coflusa SAU an International Fashion Company with approximately 1,600 employees worldwide. Camper operates 52 company-owned stores around North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as distributing to thousands of independently owned multi-brand retailers.

National Account Manager

Managed all aspects of delivery and showcasing for new collections. Attended international headquarters’ Conventions and selected shoes suitable to Greek market. Coordinated collection showings for clients and processed orders; ensured timely fulfilment. Managed invoicing and maintained client communications. Negotiated with clients regarding pricing and purchases. Performed sales forecasting and resolved problems for clients and stakeholders. Managed expedited customer service at global retail chain.

  • Supported growth of over 50% within 1st 24 months and sterling brand reputation among high-profile clients.

  • Dramatically decreased costs by coordinating transition from Grecian distributor to agency and outsourcing distribution to Coflusa SAU.

  • Oversaw openings of 2 new monobrand retail locations in Athens and 10 new department store locations.

NATIONAL SECURITIES, Athens, Greece 1998-2000

Securities division of National Bank of Greece, a global banking and financial services company with its headquarters in Athens, Greece. NBG is listed on both the Athens and New York stock exchanges. The NBG Group has 600 branches in Greece and 1,200 abroad.

Retail Department & Call Centre 1201 Manager

Oversaw all aspects of operations for 20-employee call centre handling over 3,000 stock orders daily. Planned, developed, and implemented comprehensive training program developing employee skills in areas of problem solving, communication, and performance. Stepped in to resolve challenging customer transactions. Managed stakeholder relations. Allocated workflows and assigned employee responsibilities. Oversaw evening operations and communicated with clients.

  • Assisted in achieving #1 rank for National Securities Co. among all Grecian security firms.

  • Led incorporation of National Bank client portfolio into National Securities services division.

  • Coordinated transition to updated ERP system, dramatically improving pilot testing and secure order processing.

NOTE: Additional professional experience includes Market Research Translator / Field Executive at Prisma Options Ltd. Details upon request.
Executive Master of Business Administration, International Business School, 2008

Dissertation: Measuring Service Quality Using Modified Servqual Model Instrument

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, School of Philosophy, 1994

National & Kapodistriako University of Athens, Greece

Diploma on Vocational Training: Specialisation in EU Issues, 1995

Manpower Employment Organisation, Centre of Vocational & Technical Training, Athens, Greece

Executive Secretary Studies: DIDACTA, 1992

Introduction to SPSS, 2007

Development of Administrative Capacities: Hellenic Management Association, 2008

Tools for Trainer Excellence: Achieve Global, 2011

Greek  English  French
Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint  SPSS  SAP


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