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September 4th, 2015

Dear Parents,
Young Voices Concert – Thursday 4th February 2016
We now have the date for our Young Voices Choir and if you would like your child to be a part of this wonderful experience then there is plenty to think about. Although

Young Voices is an amazing experience for all children, it is a long-term commitment with weekly rehearsals from October to February, culminating in a very long day rehearsal at the O2 Arena and an evening concert which finishes late.

Here is a list of what would be expected:

  • Attendance at weekly rehearsals – Thursday after school – 3.15 - 4.15pm

  • Learning the songs/dance moves off by heart (no sheets allowed on the night).

  • Tickets to be purchased through school at about£19.50 each (last year’s price/school does not make a profit on the price). No refunds will be available through school. .

  • Payment for tickets will be required by the 2nd rehearsal so that we can block book and get the best possible seats. Tickets bought later may not be seated with our block and may not have a good view of our children.

  • The concert day itself, is a long day for your child and they will need a packed tea with no glass bottles. Their day starts at 1.30pm, the concert starts at 7.00pm, ending at 9.15pm.

  • We have been instructed that parents will not be able to phone The Young Voices Office direct and all children must remain in their seats until the audience has dispersed. No school is allowed to leave early. The children will have to return to school by their coach in order to be collected. No Video or SLR cameras are allowed and could be confiscated by the arena.

  • The children will be taken to the concert by coach and there will an additional cost requested later, to help pay for this (TBC).

  • The Arena’s risk assessments and that of school will be available for you should you so wish. They will also be on our school web-site.

  • For the concert, all children are asked to wear a white T-shirt or a YV 2015 T-shirt (purchased at cost, only through school). Details will be sent home with your child’s acceptance letter and the home/school contract.

  • Children and their parents will be asked to sign a home/school contract, outlining commitment and behaviour standards.

Final choir numbers will need to be submitted by me by 30th Sept 2015 and I have provisionally booked places for a choir of 45 children. This is offered to all KS2 children. However, if numbers exceed this, a selection procedure may have to be implemented. Therefore please return you request form by Thursday 10th September 2015.

If accepted into the Young Voices choir, each child will need to sign a home/school agreement which covers issues such as the long-term commitment of the project (learning dance moves and songs really does take over your life!) and also, a behaviour element (to ensure all children benefit from the experience). If, after reading all these rules and regulations, your child is happy to put their names forward for consideration, please complete the request slip below. Please discuss what is involved with your child fully and ensure they are willing to make the long-term commitment before sending in. We will try to inform you of their success as soon as possible.
Please feel free to ask any further questions and you can also browse the web-site to learn more about Young Voices and enjoy hearing past choirs for yourself.

Kind regards,

Mrs Delsoldato & Miss Gavin

I give permission for .................................... in Year ..... to be considered for The Young Voices Choir.

Signed ...........................................................(parent/guardian)

"May God's love shine in our lives as we care and share and learn together."

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