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Learning and Growing in the Service of God HEADTEACHER: Mrs I Murphy

September 22nd 2014

Dear Applicant,

Lunchtime Assistant Vacancy
Thank you for your interest in the above post at our school. In addition to the Application Form enclosed a Job Description and Person Specification, which provide further details about the requirements of the job. If you decide to apply please note the following important points:

  • St. Gregory’s Catholic Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

  • This post is a permanent, part-time, term-time only position. The hours of work will be 11.30am – 1.00 pm or 11.50am – 1.20pm daily. The salary will be paid pro-rata to the actual hours worked (£7.26 ph).

  • All previous posts must be noted on the application form and if necessary, on a separate piece of paper. If Coventry City Council has employed you within the last five years, a reference will be taken form your last employing directorate.

  • A minimum of two references are required. We will not accept references from family members or those written in the capacity of a friend. We are also unable to accept ‘open’ testimonials, those addressed ‘to whom it may concern’ or any references directly supplied by the candidate.

  • If you have worked with children in the past, but your current post does not include this, we will require a reference from your employer when you last worked with children.

  • This post is exempted under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 therefore appointment to this post is expressly conditional upon the receipt of a satisfactory response from the Criminal Records Bureau. You should note that an unsatisfactory Disclosure would result in the withdrawal of the offer of employment. The successful candidate will also be required to provide evidence of their identity and qualifications. (Further details will be provided if you are called for interview.)

  • Do not include a CurriculumVitae with your application.

  • Completed application forms should be returned to the school as soon as possible.

  • The City Council operates a ‘No Smoking Policy’. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the school grounds.

  • The appointee will be required to sign the relevant Catholic Education Service Contract.

Candidates are required to disclose any relationship to any Elected Member or any holder of any senior office of this Authority or any member of the Governing Body or staff. Failure to disclose any such relationship and/or canvassing will automatically disqualify the candidate.
If there is anything else regarding this vacancy that you require further details about, then please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.
I look forward to receiving your application.
Yours sincerely,
Ina Murphy

Head Teacher

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