St. Charles Gladiolus Days Races Sponsored By

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St. Charles Gladiolus Days Races

Sponsored By:

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The annual Gladiolus Days road race will be held on Saturday, August 29, 2015

at the St. Charles High School Track. Schedule is as follows:

The 3 mile race will be a course through St Charles beginning and ending at the St Charles Track and is intended to be for adults and youth of all ages and abilities.

Registration for the 3 Mile run/walk is 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM at the SCHS Track East of the High School

3 Mile Walkers begin at 9:00 AM, runners at 9:05 AM at SCHS Track

Awards will be at 9:55AM at the Track

Bring your children along to participate in the

Markie Fun Run Events at SCHS Track at 10:00 AM

In Memory of Jim and Markie Grebin
Walkers are free. To receive a race t-shirt please donate $12.

The pre-registration cost of $18.00 for runners includes a race T-shirt

Registration the day of the race is $20.00

There are age group awards for male and female runners

Proceeds go to a college scholarship fund for runners and continuing to improve our SCHS Track

Entry blanks will be available at St Charles City Hall this summer.

Contact Jon Arnold at 932- 3638 or
for more information.

Race: Circle One – * 3 Mile SC Walk 3 mile Run E-mail____________________________________________

Address______________________________City________________________ State_______ Zip______________

I agree to accept full responsibility for myself in case of bodily injury during the Gladiolus Days races. I will not pursue legal action against the organizers of the race, City of St. Charles, Gladiolus Days Markie Fun Run committee, or any other person or group associated with the races.

Signed______________________________________________________ Runner or Parent/Guardian if under 18
Mail to: Jon Arnold, 10995 Equine Dr., St. Charles, MN 55972 Phone: (507) 932-3638

or drop off at City Hall

Aid Station is hosted by the St Charles CC team and the SC Track Club.

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