Split-Disbursement Payment Option Available for Dod travelers

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Split-Disbursement Payment Option Available for DoD Travelers
The Department of Defense has introduced a new payment option for its travel cardholders through the deployment of upgraded software. Known as "split-disbursement," this option allows DoD travelers to elect a split-disbursement when submitting their travel settlement. Using the upgraded Integrated Automated Travel System (IATS 5.0), part of the payment is sent via electronic funds transfer to the travel card contractor, and the rest, forwarded directly to the travelers' designated account.
Used correctly, the split-disbursement option eliminates the cardholders' burden and cost of writing and mailing personal checks for travel payments. In addition, the use of direct deposit speeds the reimbursement process and reduces both administrative costs and account delinquencies. While this payment option will benefit all DoD travelers, it will be of particular value for those on long-term temporary duty submitting interim travel settlements, as it allows the travel card contractor to be paid directly.
Split Disbursement is not uncommon in the private sector. Several Fortune 500 companies have used similar practices for decades. Recognizing the private-sector successes and as part of the ongoing reform of its travel and transportation payment practices, DoD and the travel card contractor worked to make the split-disbursement option available to all DoD travelers paid through the IATS 5.0, the Integrated Paying and Collection System, the Automated Disbursing System and the STANFINS Redesign - Subsystem 1.
Travelers wishing to elect the split-disbursement option simply need to determine the amount charged to their travel card during the billing period and specify that amount on the travel voucher (DD Form 1351-2) in block 3c. For example, if $300 is charged to the DoD travel card for official business expenses and the split-disbursement option is used, the traveler designates this in block 3c as "SPLIT $300." In the event that less money is designated than needed to cover charges to the card, the traveler is responsible for paying the difference. Likewise, if more money than necessary is designated, the travelers' card account will be credited to cover future travel expenses. The traveler also has the option to request payment of the credit by contacting the travel card contractor using the customer service number (1-800- 492-4922).
IATS 5.0 software will be released for deployment to the field offices currently using a previously issued version of IATS by the end of September.

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