Speech at the Expo 2010 Promotion Reception By yang xiong

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Speech at the Expo 2010 Promotion Reception

By YANG Xiong

Member of the Shanghai 2010 World Exposition National Organizing Committee

Executive Deputy Director of the Shanghai 2010 World Exposition Executive Committee

Vice Mayor of Shanghai

March 28, 2007

Dear Representatives,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m extremely delighted to meet you here in the blossoming season of spring. May I, on behalf of the National Organizing Committee and the Executive Committee of the Shanghai 2010 World Exposition, and Shanghai Municipal Government, extend you the warmest welcome and the sincere gratitude for your presence.
With the large-scale consensus and support of the international community, we won out as the host of the World Exposition 2010 on December 3, 2002. This is as a matter of fact the first time for a registered world exposition to be held in a developing country. The 184-day event is estimated to attract over 200 countries and international organizations as participants, and 70 million people both home and abroad as visitors. We are determined to organize a successful, splendid and unforgettable event by pooling the efforts of the whole country and the wisdom of the world.
March 2006 saw our government extend official invitation to 191 member states of the United Nations and 60 inter-governmental organizations, NPOs and NGOs, among which, 110 countries and 15 international organizations have confirmed their participation. The organizations you are working for are all of global impact, and the work you are committed to is closely connected with the theme of the Expo. I believe that our cooperation and exchanges are to be fortified through the event. Next, my colleagues will brief you the different dimensions of the Expo preparation.
I’d like to conclude by inviting the organizations you’re with to participate in the Expo 2010 at the earliest possible time once again. Welcome to Shanghai in 2010.
Thank you!

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