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Galápagos Islands & Ecuador
June 29th – July 11th, 2008
LEADERS: Luke Tiller & Juan Carlos Calvachi

Andean Teal

Anas flavirostris andium

A few seen in a trout pond after Thermos Spa visit

Yellow-billed Pintail

Anas Georgica

A few seen in same trout pond.

Black Vulture

Coragyps atratus

A few seen from Juan’s Yard

Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle

Geranoaetus melanoleucus

One spotted from the coach by Annette as we left Guango Lodge

Variable/Puna Hawk

Buteo poecilochrous

One or two at our first stop on the road up to Papallacta

Carunculated Caracara

Phalcoboenus carunculatus

20+ soaring and then many in a tilled field on the way to the Thermos Spa

American Kestrel

Falco sparverius

Juan's Yard and around Quito

Andean Guan

Penelope montagnii

Grounds of Guango Lodge

Andean Gull

Larus serranus

Several foraging in a freshly tilled farm field with Caracaras

Eared Dove

Zeniada auriculata

Common around Quito and in the garden at El Jardin

White-collared Swift

Streptoprocne zonaris

Seen from Juan's Yard on the first day

Sparkling Violet-ear

Colibri coruscans

Garden at El Jardin

Speckled Hummingbird

Adelomyia melanogenys

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Mountain Velvetbreast

Lafresnaya lafresnayi

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Collared Inca

Coeligena torquata

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Buff-winged Starfrontlet

Coeligena lutetiae

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Tourmaline Sunangel

Heliangelus exortis

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Black-tailed Trainbearer

Lesbia victoriae

Juan's Yard

Tyrian Metaltail

Metallura tyrianthina

Thermos Spa & Feeders at Guango Lodge

Chestnut-breasted Coronet

Boissonneana matthewsii

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Buff-tailed Coronet

Boissonneana flavescens

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Western Emerald

Chlorostilbon melanorynchus

Juan's Feeders

Shining Sunbeam

Aglaeactis cupripennis

Feeding on flowers around Thermos Spa

Great Sapphirewing

Pterophanes cyanopterus

Road above the Thermos Spa

Sword-billed Hummingbird

Ensifera ensifera

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Long-tailed Sylph

Aglaiocercus kingi

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Golden-breasted Puffleg

Eriocnemis mosquera

Feeders at Guango Lodge

White-bellied Woodstar

Acestrura mulsant

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Montane Woodcreeper

Lepidocolaptes lacrymiger

Grounds of Guango Lodge

Azara's Spinetail

Synallaxis Azarae

Seen badly at first stop near Papallacta

Chestnut-crowned Antpitta

Grallaria ruficapilla

Whistled in to feeder at Guango Lodge by Alex

Vermillion Flycatcher

Pyrocephalus rubinus

Juan's Yard

Tawny-rumped Chat-tyrant

Phyllomyias uropygialis

Grounds of Guango Lodge

White-crested Elaenia

Elaenia albiceps

First stop on the way to Thermos Spa

White-throated Tyrannulet

Mecocerculus leucophrys

Grounds of Guango Lodge

White-banded Tyrannulet

Mecocerculus stictopterus

Grounds of Guango Lodge

Cinnamon Flycatcher

Pyrrhomyias cinnamomea

Grounds of Guango Lodge

Tufted Tit-tyrant

Anairetes parulus

First stop on the way to Thermos Spa

Rufous-breasted Chat-tyrant

Ochthoeca rufipectoralis

Grounds of Guango Lodge

Brown-backed Chat-Tyrant

Ochthoeca fumicolor

Along road above Papallacta

Tropical Kingbird

Tyrannus melancholicus

Guayaquil Airport

Red-crested Cotinga

Ampelion rubrocristatus

First stop on the way to Thermos Spa

Great Thrush

Turdus fuscater

Everywhere around Quito

Gray-breasted Martin

Progne chalybea

Guayaquil Airport

Brown-bellied Swallow

Notiochelidon murina

Flying near Guango

Blue-and-white Swallow

Notiochelidon cyanoleuca

Juan's Yard

Mountain Wren

Troglodytes solstitialis

Grounds of Guango Lodge

Spectacled Whitestart

Myioborus melanocephalus

Thermos Spa & at Guango Lodge

Cinereous Conebill

Conirostrum cinereum

Juan's Yard

White-sided Flowerpiercer

Diglossa albilatera

Thermos Spa

Masked Flowerpiercer

Diglossopis cyanea

Feeders at Guango Lodge

Black Flowerpiercer

Diglossa humeralis


Rusty Flowerpiercer

Diglossa sittoides

Juan's Yard

Blue-and-Black Tanager

Tangara vassorii

Thermos Spa

Gray-headed Bush-Tanager

Cnemoscopus rubrirostris

Grounds of Guango Lodge

Superciliared Hemispingus

Hemispingus superciliaris

Grounds of Guango Lodge

Plain-colored Seedeater

Catamenia inorta

First stop on the way to Thermos Spa

Rufous-collared Sparrow

Zonotrichia capensis

Everywhere around Quito

Southern Yellow-Grosbeak

Pheucticus chrysogaster

Juan's Yard

Hooded Siskin

Carduelis magellanica

Grounds of Guango Lodge

Saffron Finch

Sicalis flaveola

Juan's Feeders

Pale-naped Brush-finch

Atlapetes pallidinucha

Stripe-headed Brush-finch

Buarremon torquatus

Road above the Thermos Spa


Status notes for Galápagos species:

E = Endemic species

e = endemic subspecies

B = Breeding

BE = Breeding Endemic species

M = Migrant

V = Vagrant

I = Introduced




Galápagos Penguin

Spheniscus mendiculus


One bird in water off Bartolome and close looks at one perched on lava near Pinnacle Rock

Waved Albatross

Phoebastria irrorata


200+ at Punta Suarez, many involved in bill clacking and other courtship displays.

Blue-footed Booby

Sula nebouxii

B e

Common in most places.

Nazca Booby

Sula granti


Seen in various locations, perched on Espanola

Great Frigatebird

Fregata minor


Floreana Island, Breeding North Seymour

Magnificent Frigatebird

Fregata magnificens

B e

Common throughout the islands even in downtown Santa Cruz

Dark-rumped Petrel

Pterodroma phaeopygia


A few seen during open water crossings between the islands.

Galápagos Shearwater

Puffinus subalaris


See around many islands where ‘flocks’ sometimes numbered in the hundreds.

White-vented Storm-petrel

Oceanites gracilis galapagoensis

B e

Common in the waters everywhere. One found stunned by the crew on the boat.

Wedge-rumped Storm-petrel

Oceanodroma tethys

B e

Often seen in the wake of the Millennium while traveling.

Band-rumped Storm Petrel

One bird seen whilst watching Dolphins off Floreana

Red-billed Tropicbird

Phaethon aethereus


A good dozen on Espanola and North Seymour - one of the islands most beautiful birds

Brown Pelican

Pelecanus occidentalis urinator

B e

Common the start

Cattle Egret

Bulbulcus ibis


A flock of 100 flying between islands around Isla Champion early AM

Great Egret

Ardea alba


Flyby Santa Cruz Harbor

Great Blue Heron

Ardea herodias cognate

B e

Santa Cruz Harbor

Galápagos Heron (Lava)

Butorides striatus


Now lumped with Striated Heron

Striated Heron

Butorides striatus


Santa Cruz Harbor

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

Nycticorax violacea

B e

Santa Cruz Harbor – part of a heron grand-slam

Greater Flamingo

Phoenicopterus rubber

B e

Dozen plus birds in the lagoon on Floreana

Galápagos Pintail

Anas bahamensis galapagensis

B e

Santa Cruz 'tortoise farm' and another couple of spots

Galápagos Hawk

Buteo galapagoensis


A pair of Espanola were most notable and co-operative

Paint-billed Crake

Neocrex erythrops


Santa Cruz farm lane

Galápagos Rail

Laterallus spilonotus


Several heard and a pair? Very well seen at Media Luna, Santa Cruz

American Purple Gallinule

Porphyrula martinica

Santa Cruz farm lane

Common Moorhen

Gallinula chloropus


Viewed from Witter home on San Cristobal

American Oystercatcher

Haematopus palliates galapagensis

B e

Four seen at Puerto Egas on Santiago and also seen on Fernandina

Semipalmated Plover

Charadrius semipalmatus


Puerto Egas and Santa Cruz Harbor

Hudsonian Whimbrel

Numenius phaeopus hudsonicus


Lagoon at Puerto Egas

Wandering Tattler

Heteroscelus incanum


On rocks at Espanola near albatross runway

Ruddy Turnstone

Arenaria interpres


Espanola and scattered around other islands

Black-necked Stilt

Himantopus himantopus


Flamingo Lagoon Floreana

Lava Gull

Larus fuliginosus


Santa Cruz harbor and flyovers around town

Swallow-tailed Gull

Creagrus furcatus


Fairly common around many islands, including one chick on North Seymour

Common (Brown) Noddy

Anous stolidus galapagensis

B e

Very common from the start

Galápagos Dove

Zenaida galapagoensis


Fairly common on most islands – many at Los Gemelos

Dark-billed Cuckoo

Coccyzus melacoryphus


A few seen at the ‘tortoise farm’ on Santa Cruz

Smooth-billed Ani

Crotophaga ani


Common on Santa Cruz

Galápagos Flycatcher

Myiarchus magnirostris


Fairly common on most islands

Galapagos Barn Owl

Tyto Alba punctatissima


One at the lava tubes on Santa Cruz

Galápagos Mockingbird

Nesomimus parvulus parvulus

B e

Common on Santa Cruz

Floreana Mockingbird

Nesomimus trifasciatus


A couple of pairs seen while circumnavigating Isla Champion on the Millennium

Española Mockingbird

Nesomimus macdonaldi


Several birds seen while walking the trails at Punta Suarez

San Cristobal Mockingbird

Nesomimus melanotis


Many at the Tortoise breeding facility

Mangrove Warbler

Dendroica petechia aureola

B Ne


Large Ground-finch

Geospiza magnirostris


Medium Ground-finch

Geospiza fortis


Seen well in farm at first stop on Santa Cruz and many other spots

Small Ground-finch

Geospiza fuliginosa


Common on most islands


Geospiza scandens intermedia

B e

On arrival at Baltra airport amongst other places

Large Cactus-finch

Geospiza conirostris conirostris

B e

On the way back from the walk at Punta Suarez

Vegetarian Finch

Camarhynchus crassirostris


A particularly co-operative bird at our stop near the farmland on Santa Cruz

Large Tree-finch

Camarhynchus psittacula psittacula

B e

At our stop near the farmland on Santa Cruz

Medium Tree-finch

Camarhynchus pauper


Seen during inland exploration on Floreana

Small Tree-finch

Camarhynchus parvulus parvulus

B e

Warbler Finch

Certhidea olivacea cinerascens

B e

Various spots on Espanola

Warbler Finch

Certhidea olivacea luteola

B e

Seen during walk up to Media Luna on Santa Cruz quite common in some places.

Woodpecker Finch

Camarhynchus pallidus pallidus

B e

At our stop near the farmland on Santa Cruz



Galápagos Tortoise

Geochelone elephantopus


At least a dozen of the Santa Cruz subspecies seen at the private range on Santa Cruz.

Black (Pacific Green) Turtle

Chelonia mydas


Young in pools at Puerto Egas

Marine Iguana (Fernandina)

Amblyrhynchus cristatus cristatus

B e

Hundreds moving to the sea and feeding on exposed algae at Fernandina.

Marine Iguana (Santa Cruz)

Amblyrhynchus cristatus hassi

Around the harbor in Pto Ayora

Marine Iguana (Espanola)

Amblyrhynchus cristatus venustissimus

B e

Many brightly colored iguanas in large congregations around the shore of Espanola.

Land Iguana

Conolophus subcristatus


First seen at Baltra airport

Santa Fe Land Iguana

Conolophus subcristatus

Good numbers of walk to Sea Lion Colony North Seymour

Lava Lizard

Microlophus albemarlensis



San Cristobal Lava Lizard

Microlophus bivittatus


Common on San Cristobal

Floreana Lava Lizard

Microlophus grayi


Seen during the inland excursion on Floreana

Espanola Lava Lizard

Microlophus delanonis


Seen among the lava rocks at Punta Suarez on Espanola

Galápagos Fur Seal

Arctocephalus galapagoensis


2 seen hauled out at Puerto Egas

Galápagos Sea Lion

Zalophus californianus

B e

One at Pto Ayora Fish Market the first of many.

Galápagos Shark

Carcharhinus galapagoensis

1 seen by David and Meaghan while snorkeling

Diamond Sting Ray

Dasyoctis dipterura

Several seen in shallow waters at white sand beach on Punta Cormoran

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Grapsus grapsus


Many on lava rocks at shoreline around islands

Ghost Crab

Ocypode gaugichaudii

Galápagos Hermit Crab

Calcinus exploratory


Mangrove Lagoon at Rabida

Large Painted Locust

Schistocerca melanocera


Galápagos Bee

Xylocopa darwini


Spotless Ladybug

Cyloneda sanguinea


Monarch Butterfly

Danaus plexippus

Galápagos Sulphur Butterfly

Phoebis sennae marcellina


Galápagos Blue Butterfly

Leptodes parrhasioides


Spot-winged Glider

Pantala hymenaea

Yellow Paper Wasp

Flying Fish

Seen on crossing between San Cristobal and Santa Cruz

Galápagos Scorpion

Juan found one along trail at Puerto Egas.

Fish and other sea life seen while snorkeling at various locations:

Black Striped Salema

Reef Coronetfish

Blue-chinned Parrotfish

Azure Parrotfish

Yellowtail Surgeonfish

Streamer Hogfish

Mexican Hogfish

Guineafowl Puffer

Hieroglyphic Hawkfish


White-tailed Damselfish

Flag Cabrilla

Moray Eel

Brown Chromis

Bi-colored Parrotfish

Spinster Wrasse

Large-banded Blenny

Stone Scorpionfish

Giant Damselfish

Blue-chinned Barberfish

Sea Cucumber

Chocolate-chip Sea Star

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