Southern Two-lined Salamander

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Caudata (salamanders)

Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders)

Two-Toed Amphiuma

Amphiuma means

Southern Dusky Salamander

Desmognathus auriculatus

      ___ Southern Two-lined Salamander

Eurycea cirrigera

Salientia (frogs and toads)

Ranidae (true frogs)


Rana catesbeiana

Bronze Frog

Rana clamitans clamitans

Southern Leopard Frog

Rana sphenocephala utricularia
Microhylidae (narrow-mouthed frogs)

Eastern Narrow-mouthed Frog

Gastrophryne carolinensis
Bufonidae (toads)

Southern Toad

Bufo terrestris

American Toad

Bufo americanus

Fowler's Toad

Bufo fowleri
Hylidae (treefrogs)

Northern Cricket Frog

Acris crepitans crepitans

Southern Cricket Frog

Acris gryllus gryllus

Bird-voiced Treefrog

Hyla avivoca

Green Treefrog

Hyla cinerea

Northern Spring Peeper

Hyla crucifer crucifer

Squirrel Treefrog

Hyla squirrella

Common & Cope's Gray Treefrog

Hyla versicolor & Hyla chrysocelis

Upland Chorus Frog

Pseudacris feriarum



Testudines (turtles)

Testudinidae (tortoises)

Gopher Tortoise *

Gopherus polyphemus
Chelydridae (snapping turtles)

Common Snapping Turtle

Chelydra serpentina

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Macroclemys temmincki
Kinosternidae (musk & mud turtles)

Common Musk Turtle

Sternotherus odoratus

Eastern Mud Turtle

Kinosternon subrubrum

Striped Mud Turtle

Kinosternon baurii
Emydidae (pond, marsh, & box turtles)

Eastern River Cooter

Pseudemys concinna concinna

Eastern Painted Turtle

Chrysemys picta picta

Yellow-bellied Turtle

Chrysemys scripta scripta

Eastern Box Turtle

Terrapene carolina carolina
Trionychidae (softshell turtles)

Gulf Coast Spiny Softshell

Apolone spinifera aspera



Squamata; Lacertilia (lizards)

Iguanidae (iguanids)

Green Anole

Anolis carolinensis

Phrynosomatidae (spiny lizards)

Eastern Fence Lizard

Sceloporus undulatus
Teiidae (whiptails)

Six-lined Racerunner

Cnemidophorus sexlineatus sexlineatus
Scincidae (skinks)

Five-lined Skink

Eumeces fasciatus

Ground Skink

Scincella lateralis

Squamata; Serpentes (snakes)

Colubridae (colubrid snakes)

Eastern Worm Snake

Carphophis amoenus

Black Rat Snake

Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta

Gray Rat Snake

Elaphe obsoleta spiloides

Brown Water Snake

Nerodia taxispilota

Eastern Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula getula

Rough Green Snake

Opheodrys aestivus

Hognose Snake

Heterodon platyrhinos

Rough Earth Snake

Virginia striatula
Viperiidae (pit vipers)

Southern Copperhead

Agkistron contortrix contortrix

Water Moccasin

Agkistron piscivorous



Didelphimorphia (American marsupials)

Didelphidae (opossums)

Virginia Opossum

Didelphis virginiana
Cingulata (armadillos)

Dasypodidae (extant armadillos)

Nine-banded Armadillo

Dasypus novemcinctus
Eulipotyphla (insectivores)

Soricidae (shrews)

Southern Short-tailed Shrew

Blarina carolinensis
Cetartiodactyla (even-toed ungulates)

Cervidae (deer)

White-tailed Deer

Odocoileus virginianus
Carnivora (carnivores)

Usidae (bears)

American Black Bear*

Ursus americanus
Canidae (foxes, coyotes, & wolves)

Domestic Dog

Canis familiaris

Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes fulva

Gray Fox

Urocyan cinereoargenteus
Mustelidae (weasels & otters)

River Otter

Lontra canadensis
Mephitidae (skunks)

Striped Skunk

Mephitis mephitis
Procyonidae (raccoons)


Procyon lotor
Felidae (cats)


Lynx rufus

Domestic Cat

Felis sylvestris cattus

MAMMALS (cont.)

Chiroptera (bats)

Vespertillionidae (evening bats)

Evening Bat

Nycticeius humeralis
Perissodactyla (odd-toed ungulates)

Equidae (horses)


Equus caballus
Rodentia (rodents)

Muridae (mouse-like rodents)

House Mouse

Mus musculus


Odatra zibethica
Castoridae (beavers)

American Beaver

Castor canadensis
Sciuridae (squirrels)

Eastern Gray Squirrel

Sciurus carolinensis

Eastern Fox Squirrel*

Sciurus niger

Eastern Chipmunk

Tamias striatus

Southern Flying Squirrel

Glaucomys volans
Lagomorpha (picas, hares, & rabbits)

Leporidae (hares & rabbits)

Eastern Cottontail

Silvilagus floridanus
Primates (prosimians, monkeys, & apes)

Hominidae (hominids)


Homo sapiens sapiens
* Animals identified to date only in other areas of

Bibb County, Georgia

Animals identified to date only by call

Non-feral animals
Number of Identified Native Species: 60

Amphibians: 18

Reptiles: 24

Feral Mammals: 19





Upland Chorus Frog

An accumulating checklist of amphibians,

reptiles, and mammals of the

Wesleyan College Arboretum,

Macon, Georgia

Revised January 2015

Please submit additions and corrections to

Barry Rhoades of the Wesleyan

Biology Department.

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