Southern Choctaw High School

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Southern Choctaw High School

“Marching Chiefs”

10941 Highway 17 
Gilbertown, AL   36908
Will Pierce, School Phone: 251-843-5645

Director of Bands School Fax: 251-843-5649

Band Booster Meeting

September 15, 2014

President Mark Kelley welcomed everyone attending, and called the meeting to order at 6pm.

There were 17 in attendance for the meeting.

    • Total attendance for August 25, 2014 meeting was 26.

    • There was no old business to discuss.

  • New Business

    • World’s Finest Chocolate – Director Pierce informed everyone that the chocolate candy bar fundraiser would be held in October. Participation is not required, but very much encouraged. ½ of the profits will go into the band’s main account. ¼ will go into a uniform account, and the remaining ¼ will go into separate student accounts, and will be available for uses such as participation fees, Spring trip, and Honor Band trips.

    • Flag football – Tuesday, September 30th 7:30pm. Plans are being made for a “Powder Puff” football game to be held during Homecoming week , on the SCHS football field. The Marching Chiefs Band will receive all the profits from the game, including concession stand sales.

    • Fall Festival – October 25th

2 games/booths may be run by the band at the up-coming Fall Festival.

The “Coke Toss” will be run by Katie Barefield and Lee McIlwain, along with color guard members.

A “Jail/Bail” was decided on for the 2nd booth. Drum Major Mallarie Mosley will ask band members to work as “Jailers.” Judi McIlwain said a cattle trailer could possibly be provided by her family.

  • Director’s Report – Mr. Pierce

    • Band Fees/Balances

A notice was recently passed out to students who have remaining band fee balances.

Progress reports were recently sent home with students. Teachers were contacted if a student’s grade in other subjects did not meet expectations.

    • Student Accounts

Separate student accounts will be created using a portion of individual student’s sales from up-coming fundraisers, and will be available for uses such as participation fees, Spring trip, or Honor Band trips.

All-State try-outs will be held in January. There are a number of students in our band who should try for All –State. A list of music requirements for All-State may be found on the band’s web site.

    • Important dates:

      • September 27 – Daleville Marching Festival

An itinerary for the Daleville competition will be posted on the web site when our band’s competition time is confirmed. Bands will begin performing around lunchtime, with an awards ceremony to be held at 9pm.

      • October 2 – Homecoming Parade

The Homecoming parade will be held in Gilbertown on Thursday, Oct. 2, at 5pm. Line-up will be by the Go-Co at 4:30. Beginner band members may march and carry signs in the parade.
October 4 – Demopolis Competition

The Bands on the River competition will begin around 2pm, and last for about 4 hours. Trophies will

be awarded, including a Grand Champion trophy. Our band has a good chance of receiving an


Our band will participate in the Gordo Marching Festival. This is a very large marching band competition.

      • December 5 – Gilbertown Christmas Parade

Band boosters will have a concession stand in Gilbertown on the day of the Christmas parade. Band boosters will need to donate concessions/baked goods to sell.

      • See calendar section on the band’s website at

  • Concession Stand – Kim Mosley reported that the band booster concession stand made a total of $481.00 at the first home game against CCHS. Baked goods and candy will be needed to sell at the next home game on the 26th. There is a sign-up paper for anyone who is interested in working a shift in the concession stand.

  • Next Band Booster Meeting: Monday, October 6, 2014 @ 6:00pm

  • Adjournment

When there was no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 6:48pm by President Mark Kelley.

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