South African ska/Meerkat project 2nd Annual Postgraduate Bursary Conference

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South African SKA/MeerKAT Project
2nd Annual Postgraduate Bursary Conference
Monday 26 November 2007 to Friday 30 November 2007
The South African Astronomical Observatory, Cape Town




Monday 26 November 2007

08h00 to 14h00

  • Arrival of delegates from outside Cape Town

  • Check into overnight accommodation

16h00 to 16h30

  • Registration for all delegates at the South African Astronomical Observatory’s Auditorium

  • Refreshments will be served

16h45 to 18h40

Master of Ceremony: Dr. Bernie Fanaroff
16h45 to 16h55

Welcome by Prof. Phil Charles

Director: South African Astronomical Observatory
17h00 to 17h15

Opening of the conference by Dr. Bethuel Sehlapelo

Deputy Director General: Human Capital and Knowledge Systems

Department of Science and Technology

17h20 to 17h50

Address by Dr. Albert Van Jaarsveld

Vice-President and Managing Director: Research and Innovation Support and Advancement

National Research Foundation

17h55 to 18h50

Dr. Andrew Faulkner

Jodrell Bank Observatory

University of Manchester

European SKADS management team

Building an SKA capable Aperture Array - the Challenges



Tuesday 27 November 2007

08h15 to 10h20

Session Chairperson: Prof. Justin Jonas
08h15 to 09h15

Dr. Clive Dickinson

Staff Scientist: Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC)


Foreground contamination for CMB data analysis
09h20 to 10h20

Dr. Raffaella Morganti

Head of Astronomy


HI accretion and outflows in early-type galaxies: recent results and future prospects

10h25 to 10h45


10h50 to 12h40

Session Chairperson: Dr. Bernie Fanaroff
10h50 to 11h35

Prof. Roy Booth

Director: The Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory

New projects in astronomy and employment prospects for astronomers
11h40 to 12h00

Dr. Girish Kumar Beeharry

Mauritius Radio Telescope &

Senior Lecturer: Physics Department

University of Mauritius

Recent developments at the Mauritius Radio Telescope
12h05 to 12h20

Dr. Lerothodi Leeuw PD – RU

The radio and infrared diagnostics of local elliptical galaxies
12h25 to 12h40

Mr. Angel Rodrigues PhD - UKZN

Covariance of cosmological parameters and the use of the Tully-Fisher relation to constrain DE

12h45 to 13h40


13h45 to 17h05

Session Chairperson: Dr. Jasper Horrell
13h45 to 14h15

Dr. Alan Langman

Subsystem Manager: Digital Signal Processing, The MeerKAT Project

Smoking ROACH (Digital Backend for MeerKAT)

14h20 to 14h50

Dr. Isak Theron

Subsystem Manager: Feeds

EMSS / Digital Signal Processing, The MeerKAT Project

Thoughts on the art of producing high-fidelity reflector feed antennas
14h55 to 15h10

Mr. Samuel Ginsberg PhD (UCT)

Signal in noise detection using statistical techniques
15h15 to 15h30

Mr. Steven Liddell MSc (RU)

Optimizing digital filter banks
15h35 to 15h50

Mr. Jason Salkinder MSc (UCT)

Design of a low-cost data capture card for the Hubble Sphere Hydrogen Survey
15h55 to 16h10

Mr. Zwelitsha Magugwana MSc (UCT)

Mitigating the effects of imperfect analogue electronics
16h15 to 16h30

Mr. Andrew Woods MSc (UCT)

Software correlator acceleration
16h35 to 17h05

Prof. Bruce Bassett

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics: University of Cape Town

Research Astronomer: SAAO

Simulating the Cosmos



NOTE: Tuesday evening is a “free” evening. All dinner arrangements etc. are to be made by the delegates and to be paid for by the delegates and not the SKA Project.

Wednesday 28 November 2007

08h15 to 09h45

Session Chairperson: Ms. Anita Loots
08h15 to 08h45

Prof. Mike Inggs

Subsystem Manager: RF, The MeerKAT Project

RF Electronics challenges for the MeerKAT
08h50 to 09h05

Mr. Andile Mngadi PhD (UCT)

Investigation of a cryogenic receiver system
09h10 to 09h25

Mr. Mike Aitken MSc (UCT)

HTX based accelerator card for reconfigurable computing
09h30 to 09h45

Mr. Roufurd Julie MSc (UCT)

Phase calibrator for MeerKAT

09h50 to 10h20


10h25 to 11h55

Session Chairperson: Prof. Mike Inggs
10h25 to 10h55

Prof. Howard Reader

Chair of High Frequency Electronics

Department of Electrical Engineering

University of Stellenbosch

Recent RFI Mitigation and EMC Studies for MeerKAT
11h00 to 11h15

Dr. Rodney Urban PD (SUN)

Modeling and measurement for dish, lightning and earthing
11h20 to 11h35

Mr. Gideon Wiid PhD (SUN)

Method of moment modeling and measurements in RFI studies
11h40 to 11h55

Mr. Paul van der Merwe MSc (SUN)

Modeling and measurements of cable trays for RFI mitigation

12h00 to 12h55


13h00 to 15h25

Session Chairperson: Mr. Kobus Cloete
13h00 to 14h00

Prof. Mike Jones

Professor: Experimental Cosmology

Oxford University

CMB, CBI and C-BASS - designing precision radio astronomy experiments
14h05 to 14h25

Prof. Derck Smits

Professor of Astronomy in the Department of Mathematical Sciences (Head of Astronomy Section)


The modeling of OH masers in star-forming regions
14h30 to 14h45

Dr. Kurt van der Heyden PD (UCT)

HI Surveys with MeerKAT
14h50 to 15h05

Mr. Ryan Warne PhD (UKZN)

The Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect as a probe of hot gas in the local universe
15h10 to 15h25

Mr. Faustino Nhanombe MSc (UKZN)

Large-scale structure and galaxies detected in radio surveys

15h30 to 15h55


16h00 to 17h15

Session Chairperson: Dr. Adrian Tiplady
16h00 to 16h15

Ms. Tana Joseph MSc (UCT)

Towards an HI census of local SDSS galaxies
16h20 to 16h35

Mr. Edward Elson PhD (UCT)

Quantifying the properties of NGC 1705 and NGC 2915 using HI synthesis observations
16h40 to 16h55

Ms. Alett de Witt PhD (UNISA)

Observations and modeling of Herbig Haro Objects
17h00 to 17h15

Mr. Sean Passmoor PhD (UKZN)

HI clustering and evolution of faint continuum sources

NOTE: Wednesday evening is a “free” evening. All dinner arrangements etc. are to be made by the delegates and to be paid for by the delegates and not the SKA Project.

Thursday 29 November 2007

08h15 to 10h45

Session Chairperson: Dr. Alan Langman
08h15 to 09h15

Prof. Arnold van Ardenne

Director Emerging Technologies: ASTRON

SKADS Coordinator

The use of aperture arrays in radio astronomy
09h20 to 09h50

Mr. Willem Esterhuyse

Subsystem Manager: Antenna structure, The MeerKAT Project

Developing a low cost dish for MeerKAT
09h55 to 10h25

Dr. Adrian Tiplady

Assistant Project Scientist. The MeerKAT Project

MeerKAT Science
10h30 to 10h45

Mr. David George MSc (UCT)

The design and implementation of a carrier card for the Karoo array telescope

10h50 to 11h10


11h15 to 13h15

Session Chairperson: Mr. Willem Esterhuyse
11h15 to 12h00

Prof. Justin Jonas

Project Scientist: SA SKA Project

The Making of MeerKAT
12h05 to 12h20

Ms. Madele van der Walt MSc (SUN)

Wideband low cross-polarisation horn feeds for reflector antenna arrays
12h20 to 12h35

Mr. Tope Karem MSc (UCT)

A low cost design of next generation SONET / SDH networks with multiple constraints
12h40 to 12h55

Mr. Tongai Mugadza MSc (UCT)

Optimum design of antenna dishes (shells) for large space telescopes
13h00 to 13h15

Mr. Nicolaas Joubert MSc (SUN)

Numerical design optimization for MeerKAT

13h15 to 14h00


14h05 to 17h15

Session Chairperson: Prof. Roy Booth
14h05 to 14h25

Prof. Pieter Meintjes

Associate Professor: Physics Department

University of the Free State

The UFS multi-wavelength astrophysics programme – Potential MeerKAT projects
14h30 to 15h00

Dr. Jasper Horrell

Subsystem Manager: Computing, The MeerKAT Project

MeerKAT Computing Challenges
15h05 to 15h20

Ms. Faith Hlungwe MSc (RU)

Calibrator sources for MeerKAT / SKA
15h25 to 15h40

Ms. Kim McAlpine PhD (RU)

Performance modeling of the MeerKAT using sky simulations
15h45 to 15h55

16h00 to 16h15

Mr. Pheneas Nkundabakura PhD (UFS)

Search for possible Synchrotron-Compton High Energy Blazars among the unidentified egret sources
16h20 to 16h35

Ms. Renee Hlozek MSc (UCT)

Detection, classification and parameter estimation of cosmic transients
16h40 to 16h55

Mr. Roger Deane MSc (UCT)

An investigation of the link between star formation and neutral hydrogen content in the candidate HI giant galaxy NGC 1512
17h00 to 17h15

Ms. Nicolette Pekeur MSc (UCT)

HI properties of galaxies in the local volume


Braai at SAAO

Friday 30 November 2007

09h30 to 10h00

Prof. Mike Jones

10h05 to 10h30

Prize Giving – Prof. Mike Jones

Best MSc presentations

Best PhD presentations

Best overall presentation

10h30 to 10h45

Closing and thanks

Prof. Justin Jonas

10h50 to 11h15


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