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Sophia Antipolis, 25...28-MAY-1999

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Agenda Item: 6.5

Title: Proposal for UMTS packet architecture stage 2

Date 25.5.1999

Source Nokia


We see a need for a detailed stage 2 description of the UMTS packet (or internet domain) architecture. Without such an architectural document, there would be a serious risk that the different stage 3 protocol are not in line. The content of this document should be in line with the decision made and recorded in 23.20. This document should be ready in very short time scale.


There are two main options:

1/ Creating a new specifications

Creating a new specification will allow to have a clear description of the UMTS packet architecture. However, it will require to duplicate procedures which are applicable for both UMTS and GPRS, and therefore maintaining the alignment would be a constant editorial problem.

Also this specification should be ready on a very short time frame.
2/ Adding UMTS specific part to 03.60

As there is many similarities (2 MM, optional Gs,…) between UMTS packet side and GPRS, 03.60 is providing a good structure where to add UMTS packet stage 2 description.

There is an interworking requirement between UMTS packet side and GPRS, having them describe in a single document will offer a natural place for describing 2G-3G interworking.

Additionally part of the future improvements (e.g. related to QoS, Multimedia messaging,…) could be applicable for both UMTS and GPRS. If we keep both in the same document, we will ensure that the future improvements will be kept in line when applicable.

There is an obvious risk that this combined document would become unclear or confused. In order to evaluate this risk we have copied (on next page) the table of content of 03.60 and discussed section by section which one could be common, and which one would require a new UMTS description.

Considering the document in annex , we see that the most practical way to progress the work would be to add the stage 2 UMTS packet architecture description in the existing GSM 03.60 specification.

We would like S2 delegates to decide:

  • Which document should describe the stage 2 UMTS packet architecture description?

  • Which group will be responsible of this document (S2?, N1?)

Annex: Commented 03.60 table of contents


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