Sony Playstation Repair Procedures

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Sony Playstation Repair Procedures

PSX 9000 series

Firstly check all the fuses for a continuity and when powered up the correct voltages. Have a frequency counter and make sure the correct frequency is

displayed at the external oscillators. Also check the voltage regulators for correct output.

The 9000 series is almost the same as the 7502. The problems found in the 7502 can be applied to the 9000 series.


This board suffered from dry joints on the CPU 2 Meg RAM. The problem was that when the shielding was screwed down tight it

would bend the board. The Memory was across the bend in the board. Then dry joints would form and when powered up the PSX 900 series

would boot into a blank black screen.

• Blank screen at power up, check for ROM (IC102) writes with scope (pin 125 of CPU) when reset button is pushed. If static write then

replace ROM. If ROM writing data is OK then replace the CPU. Also check for CPU to memory writes (Pins 46 to 49 CPU). If ACK

writes are static or if nothing on scope the 2 Meg ram could be faulty or have dry joints. – Replace 2 Meg Memory, CPU or ROM.

• When powered up the machine keeps resetting, like if you have pressed the reset button. The PSU has a fault. – Replace PSU.

Optical Block problems

• No spin, No laser spot, Voltages ok. – CN702 pin12 should have 3.5v. If not Check Resistor near pin 12 for an open circuit. If so then

replace. Also applies to SCPH 7502 models.
Sony Play-station Repair Procedures

PSX 7502, 7002 series


• Freezing up for a few seconds, then un-freezing, some sound working while frozen – IC203, IC103 reflux or replace

• Boot in to first screen and menu screen ok. Boot from CD in to PSX black logo screen, flickers – IC103

• Looks like Monitor not tuned in. See some of the logo – IC502 replace or D501, D502, D503

• At fist boot screen orange diamond has unusual triangles, PSX logo screen has jumbled writing – IC106 or IC103, IC203 replace

• Orange diamond at boot with jingly audio, graphics fault – GPU replace

• Green screen at power up – PSU replace

• Black screen and hums – IC103 replace

• White Screen, Sound ok, Seems to be booting ok – IC201

• Slow boot, no sound, stuck on logo – PS603 replace

• Look like the monitor need retuning at power up – IC204 replace

• Boots in to logo screen, then stops, sound ok – PS601 replace

• Boots up ok, takes a long time to go through boot screens, Movies slow, games slow – IC732 replace

• Machine resets when door switch is pressed - PSU faulty

• Orange diamond to the left of screen at first boot screen, un readable text in PSX logo screen – IC103 reflux or replace

• Black screen at power up, sound hums - IC103 reflux or replace

• Long spike type of triangles in games and at the PSX logo screen – IC103 reflux or replace

Optical Block Problems

No laser, OB movement and spin – Check PS603 for continuity

• CD in fast spin at power up – Q609 replace or IC722 faulty

• No lens movement, laser ok, spin ok – IC732 reflux or replace

• No laser, spin ok, lens movement ok – IC732 replace or Q609 (3.5v regulator)

• Not reading CD `s - IC722 or IC732

• Reading as CD Audio when data CD inserted – check for track and SMD damage near IC732

• Jerking movies – replace OB or reflux IC732 or replace

• OB clicking after a few minutes of play – OB replace

• Some CD `s loading and some don’t – Check for missing SMD around IC732 (near chipping points)

• No spin, laser ok, lens movement ok – IC732, IC722 replace

Audio problems

Abnormal sound at boot, no spin from OB – PS603 faulty

• Abnormal sound at boot, not loading menus. Seems to lock up randomly – IC103 reflux or replace

IC layout

IC722 – Focus/tracking coil drive, Motor drive for optical block

IC723 – RF amp laser drive

IC732 – Digital Audio signal processor

IC310 – DRAM for Audio

IC502 – Video digital to ....ogue converter

IC402 – Audio Amp

IC 204 pin outs

Pin 1 - 53.203 Mhz

Pin 2 – Ground

Pin 3 – 17.733 Mhz

Pin 4 – 17.733 Mhz

Pin 5 – 67.737 Mhz

Pin 6 – 4.433 Mhz (FSC) to pin 15 of IC502

Pin 7,8 - 3,4volts +


PS601 = 8v+, PS602 = 8V+(Pads), PS603 = 8v+, PS604 = 3.5v+, PS605 = 3.5v+ (cursor).

IC502 outputs

Pin 3 = Red out, Pin 4 = Green out, Pin5 = Blue out, Pin 6 = Y out, Pin 7 = C out, Pin 8 = V out
Sony Play-station Repair Procedures

PSX 5000 series

Optical Block problems NOTE!!!! Optimal RV703 position 11 o’clock

• No vertical movement or spin – Try replacing the OB then re-flow IC305, IC704 then replace also check S301 (switch)

• CD in very fast spin, even at power on – Re-flow IC704, IC305 or replace

• Jerking Laser movement – replace IC704

• Disk spins up then no change at boot, disk then stops – Replace IC704

• Not loading, keeps pining at same speed then stops, starts again – IC303, IC305

• Will not read CD’s also clicks when reading- Replace OB and also IC704, IC305, IC706

• No OB movement no laser – Check the 3.5V rail, if no then replace Q611 or check PS601 (fuse) or change IC706

• Weak movement in Laser OB – Replace IC704

• Spin twice then stops – Replace IC701, First check OB, CN702

• Hang on hardware boot and No OB movement, No laser – Replace IC706, IC305, PS601 fuse.

• Reading as audio CD when data CD inserted – IC706 blown or tracks damaged or RV703 (variable pots). Set at 11` o’clock position

• No laser – (3.5v Regulator) Q609, Q610, Q611, C740, IC703

• Laser stuck on at switch on, movement ok – IC703, IC304

• Disk spins up as to boot then slows, spins up then slows – IC701

• OB sled runs to opposite end at switch on - IC701

• When warm black and white vertical stripes on screen, O.B at the end of sled, clicking loudly. – X101 replace

• Spin up ok at first boot. After a while the laser starts to dim then go completely out. CD stops. Reset machine and CD spins twice then stops. – Q609 faulty 3.5v regulator,

5-volt regulator faulty. First change OB!

• Jumpy graphics in movies and sound sticking – replace OB or IC308

• At first spin OB clicks once – IC701

Misc problems

• Hardware boot very slow – Check pin 8 on IC708 for 3.5v, Pin 5 for 1.7v If no volts then replace Q611 transistor on side (B). Make sure that the 5V rail is also up too.

• Power supply!

No picture, Audio OK – IC 501

Irregular sound, sticking graphics – Change OB or replace IC308

• No hard ware logo but echo sound – Replace IC103 (CPU)

• Low or distorted sound – Replace IC310, check pin 6 of IC402 for output.

• Loads all but games, IC103, 203,IC304

• “Please insert disk” on screen – IC305, IC706

• Hang on first hardware screen – IC305

• No 8 volt to CN 701 – PS602

Audio problems

• Sound jingly at boot – IC308

• Noisy sound – IC310, IC402

• Check pin6 of IC402 for 16.000 Mhz

• Very distorted Audio in movies only. Games Audio ok – IC305 replace

• No sound at boot screens and at Hard ware Menu, Movies and games OK – IC310 replace

Graphics Problems

• Vertical faint lines surrounding text at hardware logos in – GPU failure or loose pins of IC201 or DAC joints

• Corrupt wording Software logo, then blank – IC305

• At boot or switch on, graphics like the TV is off frequency – check fuse (PS605)

• Black screen up on boot- Check X201, GPU (53.203MHZ) oscillator, CPU (67.737MHZ) oscillator for output or replace, Re-flow GPU, CPU, Mask ROM or IC305.

Try re-flowing main memory. Some times it could be the power supply!

White screen at boot, sound ok – IC201

• Random black triangles, only in games – Re-flow or replace IC103

• No colour – X201 off frequency or IC501, check IC501 pin 6 for 3.58 MHZ and also pin 153 of IC203 for 4.433 MHZ

• Picture freezes when selecting games – IC 106,7,8,9, IC103

• Jumping unstable graphics – Replace IC201, IC203

• Black and White, No colour – replace X201 also check pin 156 of GPU for approx 4Mhz

• Sticks on Hardware Logo, Echo sound at end – replace IC305 or CPU Blank after copyright/piracy screen – IC304

• Jumping and unstable graphics – IC201 or IC203 reflux or replace

• Blank, black picture on screen, Sound at boot ok – IC501 replace

• No picture, or at first SONY screen, and a long Echoed sound at boot - IC103 (CPU) reflux or replace

• Random Black triangles in games only – IC103 reflux or replace

• At first power up, or at reset, Graphics is like if the monitor isn’t tuned in correctly – PS605 fuse high resistance

• Hard ware boot ok, Spin up ok, text missing at SONY logo screen, then stops – IC305

• Boot logo ok, PSX logo ok, then blank screen – IC103 reflux or replace

• No text in Hard ware screen and Menu screen – Replace CPU

Cursor related problems

• No Port 1 and port 2 cursor – PS605 5XXX card 0 or 1 error – D107, check all diodes for short.

Clocking points

1. Pin 68 of IC701, (4.19 Megs) to pin 14 of IC304 (mclk)

2. Pin 89 of IC308, (16.9344 Megs) to pin 6 of IC402. Pin 77 of IC305 and pin 62 of IC701.

3. Sys clock to pin 83 of IC701 (33.868 Megs).

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