Some endemic and relict species in mountain of jablanica, macedonia

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Hristovski Nikola,1 Nastevska Irena1, Kuznecova Galina2, Nastevska Sofija1

1Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences, 7000 Bitola, Macedonia,, 2V. N. Sukachev Institute of Forest SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk, Russia,1,

The mountain Jablanica is located in West Part of Macedonia in the border between Macedonia and Albania. From geological view it is half pat limestone and other part is silicate granit stones. In this moutain are widespread a lot of plants. Some of them are endemic and other are glaсial or tertiary relicts.We will mentioned some of them such as: Fritilaria macedonia, Gentiana verna and Gentiana asclepidaca, Atropa beladona, Achillea arbotanoidea, A.holosericea, Sideritis raiseri, Echium vulgare, Crocus jablanicensis, Pinguiculablacanica, P. cristalina, Pinus peuce Griss, Crocus cvijici, C. scardicus, Lilium albanicum, L. martagon, Orchis simia and others. The wood from Ohrid Lake up to 800 m are distributed oak Querqus, until between 800-900m altitude is mixed wood of Querqus and Fagus and over 900 m.a. is distributed Fagus up to alpine part where is distributed individiul trees of Pinus peuce a tertiary relict whis is widespread up to the top of the Mountain. The Makedonian pine Pinus peuce refers to the endemic and relict pines of the Tertiary period. It is widespread in the Balkan Peninsula: in Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Greece. This is a fast growing, stable, beautiful pine tree, it can be found in many gardens and parks. This widespreda is more vacantly the last 30 years as a result of global warming, such as it is case in Pelister, Kajmakcalan and other mountains in Macedonia.

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