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ثانيا : الأبحاث ألمنشوره للسيد الأستاذ الدكتور/ احمد أحمد احمد سلام

قسم وقاية النبات- كلية الزراعة- جامعة سوهاج
List of published researches for Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Sallam

  1. Sallam, A.A.A.; Ibrahim; M.S.; and Nasr. I.N. (2006): Monitoring of organochlorine and organophosphorous residues in sediments of river Nile, Egypt. J. Agric. Mansoura Univ., 31 (4): 2451-2469.

  2. Sallam; A.A.A. (2006): Persistence of carbosulfan, chlorpyrifos-methyl and malathion residues in cucumber fruits grown in a greenhouse. Bull. Ent. Soc. Egypt, Econ. Ser., 32, 2006.

  3. Sallam, A.A.A.; M.T. Tantawy.; and I.M. El- Nabarawy (2006). Pesticide residues as affected by the crop and the spraying equipment (Abstract). 9th Arab Congress of plant Protection, in Damascus, Syria, 19 – 23 November. Pp. 23

  4. Naser, I. N., Sallam, A. A. A., and Abd El- Khair, A.A. (2007): Monitoring of certain pesticide residues and some heavy metals in fresh cow's milk at Gharbia Governorate, Egypt. Journal of Applied Sciences, 7 (20): 3038- 3044.

  5. Gabrowny, K.H., Frag, E.M., and Sallam, A.A.A. (2007): Involvement of paraoxonase (PON) in oxidative stress induced by chlorpyrifos in Albino rats. J. Egypt. Soc. Toxicol. Vol. 37, 71- 86.

  6. Sallam, A.A.A. (2008): Determination of profenofos and metalaxyl residues in green onion. J. Agric. Mansoura Unv., 33 (1): 351 - 358

  7. Sallam, A.A.A.; Kamel, A. H.; Selem, Z. M.; and Allam, R.O. (2008): Evaluation of certain insecticides and their alternatives against Aphis craccivora (Koch.) infesting broad bean and determination of pirimicarb residues in the pods. (Abstract). Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (Scientific Journal of the German Phytomedical Society (DPG)) Vol. 115, Pp. 138.

  8. Ezzeldin, H.A.; Sallam, A.A.A.; Helal; T.Y.; and Fouad, H.A. (2009): Effect of some materials on Sesamia cretica infesting some maize and sorghum varieties. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 42 (3): 277 – 290.

  9. Sallam, A.A.A., El-Massry, S.A., and Naser, I. N. (2009): Chemical analysis of mucus from certain land snails under Egyptian conditions. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 42 (9): 874 -881.

  10. Sallam, A.A.A.; Volkmar, C.; and El-Wakeil, N.E. (2009): Effectiveness of different bio–rational insecticides applied on wheat plants to control cereal aphids. Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection, 116 (6): 283- 287.

  11. Soliman, M.M.; and Sallam., A.A. A. (2009) ;Repellent, antifeedent and toxic effects of certain plant extracts on Cotton leafworm, Spodoptera lttoralis Boisd. A cta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica, 44 (2): 327-336.

  12. El-Wakeil N.E.; Volkmar, C. ; and Sallam, A. A. A. (2010): Jasmonic acid induces resistance to economically important insect pests in winter wheat. Pest Manag. Sci., 66: 594-554.

  13. El-Wakeil N.E.; Sallam, A. A. A.; and Volkmar, C. (2010): Ecological studies of frit fly Oscinella frit (L.) in summer wheat in central Germany and its control. (accepted).

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