So Far Away Running head: So Far Away ( a ballad by Avenge Sevenfold)

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So Far Away

Running head: So Far Away ( A ballad by Avenge Sevenfold)
So Far Away ( A ballad by Avenge Sevenfold)

Lauren Collingsworth

Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Author’s note: This paper was produced for Professor Dziadek’s English 1301 class.


The death of a friend caused the birth of an amazing song to be written and produced in his honor. They wrote this song to help get feelings out to “The Rev” to make them feel better and this also helped them cope with the lose of their might as well be brother.

The figure 1.1 This Figure represents Avenge Sevenfold mourning the loss of James Owen Sullivan “The Rev” . The three in the picture are Synyster Gates, lead guitarist, Zacky Vengeance, rythm guitarist , and M. Shadows. (Google,2010)

So Far Away ( A ballad by Avenge Sevenfold)

In 2009 the passing of a well known rock star sparked the birth of a song in his tribute written by his life long friend Synyster Gates and is performed by their band Avenged Sevenfold. James Owen Sullivan “The Rev” died December 28th at 28 due to his “poly drug intoxication due to combine effects of oxycodone(OxyContin), oxmorphone (a metabolite of oxycodone), diazepam(Valium), nor diazepam( a metabolite of diazepam) and alcohol” (Wiki,2011). The band has been performing and producing music since they were 18 years old starting with their first album Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet. The song “So Far Away” by Avenge Sevenfold (A7X) was written in honor of their recently deceased drummer, James Owen Sullivan or aka “The Rev”.

The opportunity for persuasion arrived when “the Rev” passed away and the band, as a whole, still had a lot of feelings to get out to him.

The possible historical occasion that can give rise to the text is the musicians in the industry abuse of drugs. We all know that the world of rock and roll is not always glamorous. Many musicians in the rock industry have struggled or passed away from drug abuse. In an interview with the drummer in theater This song could be used to show some drug addicts how their family members and close friends would feel if this happened to them. So the historical occasion is the war on drugs and the deaths caused by drugs.

The writer of this wonderful song dedicated to the late drummer of the band Avenge Sevenfold is the bands lead guitarist and “The Rev’s” life long friend, Synyster Gates. Synyster Gates doesn’t really have credibility as a writer for this song is his first attempt and success at song writing. But he makes it ethos by saying “ How can I live without the ones I love” referencing something personal in his life to relate himself to this song.

This song was written to praise the friendship that Synyster Gates held with “The Rev”.

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