Smith So Mr Smith – one minute of general knowledge questions starting…now. What’s another name for a farrier or metalworker? Smith

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Good evening. I’m Milkov Magnesium. Welcome to a special edition of Mastermind. We have invited back for your delight three of our best contenders for another test of their general knowledge.
And may I have our first contender.

And your name please? Smith

So Mr Smith – one minute of general knowledge questions starting…now.
What’s another name for a farrier or metalworker? Smith

Correct. Which former Labour leader John died in 1994? Smith

Correct. What’s the surname of Will the actor and singer who starred in Men in Black? Smith

Correct. The well known High Street stationer and bookshops is W.H.?


And son… that’s near enough.

What’s the missing word in the expression “smashed to –ereens”? Smith

Correct. What comes after “word” to mean someone skilled at creative writing? Smith

Correct. What’s the most common native English surname? Smith

Correct. The actress born in 1934 who appeared in Room with a View and Sister Act is Maggie? Smith

Correct. The winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was Michael who?


Correct. The leader of Rhodesia in the 1970s was Ian? …

…And you may answer. Smith


And at the end of that round Mr Smith, you’ve’ scored 10 points and no passes.
And our next contender.

And your name please? Pass

Right Mrs Pass – your general knowledge questions start …now!
What do you call a sideways throw to a team mate in rugby? Pass

Correct. What do you call a ticket that allows free travel by bus and train?


Correct. What is it called when a man makes a romantic approach to a woman? Pass

Correct. A well-known children’s party game is what the parcel? Pass

Correct. What is the act of over-taking another vehicle such as a car or lorry known as? Pass

Correct. What’s the word for missing one’s turn in a game? Pass

Correct. What’s the opposite of an examination failure? Pass

Correct. In the game of Monopoly you get two hundred pounds for doing what to Go? Pass

Correct. It links Pakistan and Afghanistan…

I’ve started so I’ll finish… and is called the Khyber? Pass


And at the end of that round Mrs Pass you’ve scored 9 points with (remarkably) 9 passes!
And our third and final contender please.

And your name please madam? Actually it’s my dog

who’s answering the questions

And what’s his name? Rough

OK So err, Rough the Dog your minute starts…now.
What’s the sea like in a violent storm? Rough

Correct. What’s the frilly 16th Century neck collar called? Ruff

Correct. What’s the uncut area outside the fairway in golf? Rough

Correct. The wading bird Philomachus Pugnax is more commonly known as what? Ruff

Correct. In card games, what’s another name for trumping? Ruff

Correct. A European perch and an Australian salmon share what name?


Correct. The opposite of the smooth face of a tennis racket is what?


Correct. A sharp or hash tasting wine is called what? Rough

Correct. To sleep outdoors under a hedge or doorway is called sleeping what? Rough

Correct. An uncut diamond is also known as what? Rough

Correct. A miscarriage of justice...

…is known as what kind? RRRR

I need an answer from you now… Rough


And Rough the Dog you’ve scored 11 points and you are today’s winner.

Congratulations, you’ve won a crystal glass dog bowl.

Thank you for watching our special edition of Mastermind. Goodbye!

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