Smaw questions

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SMAW Questions

  1. What does SMAW stand for?

  2. What steps should you do before beginning to weld?

  3. What are the five main groups of electrodes?

  4. What is the general rule of thumb when selecting an electrode?

  5. What are FAST-FREEZE electrodes?

  6. Where should electrode be stored?

  7. What is polarity?

  8. What does polarity affect in the welding process?

  9. When would you use reverse polarity?

  10. What is arc blow?

  11. How do you start an arc?

  12. What can happen to weld if the current is set too high?

  13. What is the length of arc?

  14. What should the electrode angle be?

  15. What does a weld look like if the travel speed is too slow?

  16. What does a weld like if the travel speed is too fast?

  17. What is peening?

Draw to diagrams that show both straight polarity and reverse polarity.

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