Slavko Popovic Bio

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Slavko Popovic Bio
Slavko Popovic 17 years old, is a student at Westdale Secondary School in Hamilton, and is a member of the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra. He has also played with Mississauga Youth Orchestra, Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and the Steeltown Symphony. Slavko has been studying clarinet since the age of nine. He is currently studying with Joseph Orlowski of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Slavko has also studied clarinet with Lorne Buick, and Stephen Pierre.

Slavko has already completed his ARCT Royal Conservatory of Music Exam. He has received awards from the Burlington Rotary Music Festival, OMFA Provincial Competition, Hamilton Philharmonic Young Performers Competition, Symphony Hamilton Young Artists’ Competition, and the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition. Slavko has been featured as a soloist with the Symphony Hamilton, the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Steeltown Symphony, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Slavko has performed with distinguished artists such as Peter Oundjian, Alain Trudel, James Sommerville, Stanley Drucker (former Principal Clarinet of the New York Philharmonic), Mitchell Estrin, John Barnum, Joaquin Valdepenas, Ward Stare, James Gaffigan, and Stephane Deneve.

In his free time, Slavko likes to compose music for both small and large ensembles. His Trio for Clarinet, Horn and Piano was commissioned by James Sommerville of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra for the “What Next” modern music festival in February 2011. Slavko is thrilled to be making his debut with the Oakville Symphony!

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