Size: 3-15mm (1/8’’-5/8’’)

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Family: Salticidae
Common Name: Jumping spiders
Size: 3-15mm (1/8’’-5/8’’)
Physical Characteristics:

Cephalothorax: Distinct eye pattern with four large frontal eyes.

Abdomen: Normally elongated generally has distinct markings created by hairs on the abdomen.

Legs: Thick and stout as compared to other spiders, often hairy.

Habitat: During the day these spiders are often found stalking prey in open sunny areas. During the evening they hole up in debris, under bark stones or leaves.
Web Type: None, jumping spiders stalk their prey and use only a anchor line for capturing prey. They create silken shelters in wood debris and in leaves during the night when they are resting but create no true web.
Fun Fact: Salticids have the best vision of all arachnids, and are able to see in a complete circle around themselves at any given time.

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